How Far Do Average Golfers Hit the Golf Ball?

How Far Do Average Golfers Actually Hit the Ball There is something very satisfying about your driver or your iron making sweet contact with the ball and hitting it a long distance away. Distance is important from a technical point-of-view as well because the further you hit the golf ball, the closer you get to […]

Choking Down on the Club Grip Can Improve Your Golf Swing

What does Choking Down on the Club Mean? Choking is a word that usually sounds like it has something to do with a health hazard. But, in golfing, choking down is not a bad thing. In fact, it is considered to be a simple fix to a host of issues in the golf swing. Choking […]

How to Practice Golf in the Winter

How to Practice Golf in the Winter Thanksgiving is over and it is now December. Winter has set in and the weather outside isn’t exactly conducive for golf, especially if you are located in an area that experiences cold weather. Winter can last a few months but you need to be on top of your […]

3 Things to Do Before Every Tee Shot

Are You Doing These 3 Things Before Hitting Your Drive? It’s common for most golfers to drive up to the next hole, grab their driver, walk onto the tee box, tee it up and let it fly. But before you quickly hit your tee shot, you should first consider 3 important setup steps to help […]

Simple Methods to Find Club Distances at the Golf Course

How to Find Club Distances at the Golf Course Did you know that the average golfer doesn’t know their accurate golf club distances with each club in their bag? Most golfers think they have an idea, but if we test them, they would be off by as much as 10-15 yards! No wonder your golf […]

How to Hit a Draw

How to Hit a Draw (2022 Golf Swing Guide) A draw is a golf shot that curves during its flight. For right handed golfers, a draw will curve from right to left and for left handed players the ball would draw from right to left. This curve is pretty to watch occur when you hit […]

Driving Range Drills: Practice with Purpose

Golf Drills for the Driving Range Do you ever wonder why you hit great drives on the driving range but can’t transfer that success over to the golf course during your golf round? This is a question I began asking myself during my journey to scratch golf and I worked hard to study the cause […]

9 Types of Golf Shots Explained (Draw, Fade, Low, High)

9 Types of Golf Shots Explained In this video I explain the 9 types of golf shots you can practice at the driving range and once you feel confident in your ability to pull off each shot type, you can begin using them on the golf course in unique situations to hit the optimal shot. […]

Correct Golf Stance Setup: Complete Guide

The golf stance is the first step to a successful golf swing and shouldn’t be taken fore granted. If you’re struggling to make consistent contact and hit straight golf shots, starting with your stance can be a first step for change. The golf stance is made up of different components: Shoulder position Spine tilt (posture) […]

How to Fix Your Slice (Golf Swing Help)

In this video I share the 5 tips to help you fix your slice golf swing yourself. To start off fixing your slice, you need to understand how the golf swing functions and why you’re slicing the golf ball. A slice is caused by the club face being open relative to your swing path. So […]