Best Bluetooth Speakers to take on the Golf Course

Best Bluetooth Speakers for Golf

Everyone enjoys music, including athletes like golf players. Whether it helps them get rid of the tension during a game or it gets them psyched to play, it has its place on the golf course.

You may agree that music is food for the soul and is quite necessary as it enhances athletic performance on the field. You can either play music from your Smart phone or any other device.

But to fully enjoy the immersive experience of music, it has to come with a great sound quality. Although tunes can be enjoyed while streaming through phones, the sound quality cannot be compared to that of a Bluetooth speaker device.

The bluetooth’s wireless technology allows you to exchange data files (music) from a phone(or any sound- playing device) to it across a short distance.

A Bluetooth speaker is usually portable and can be placed in the golf cart or even attached to a golf bag. Here are several kinds of speakers that are sound and suitable for the golf course;

Best Portable Speakers to Play Golf With

#1: UE BOOM 3

golf speaker

This Bluetooth speaker is known for its quality omnidirectional speaker i.e It has consistent sound quality and your sound isn’t limited to the direction the speaker is facing. So you can enjoy your tunes wherever you are on the golf course.

With its strong wireless capabilities, it is able to pair with up to eight Bluetooth-enabled source devices, connecting up to two source devices at the same time.

Sonic sound, deep bass, one-touch music control, waterproof, light weight (21.4 ounces), battery life of up to 15 hours.

Its numerous features and capabilities are tested and trusted as it has been through series of rigorous tests, multiple fall trials and even water tests and still packs a Sonic punch. This product is rated one the best for golf course use.

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outdoor speaker

MIATONE 60W is a portable speaker with titanium subwoofer and a wireless outdoor mode. It is completely waterproof and can be submerged 1m under water for minutes without being damaged.

It has awesome sound quality and a battery life of 8-10 hours.

With a rich sound, over 50 yards of Bluetooth connectivity, wireless range and full bass, you are sure to have an immersive sound experience.

Although not as highly equipped as the UE boom, it has quite the capabilities and is rated one of the best Bluetooth speakers for the golf course. It is small in size making it quick and easy to carry about.

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#3: JBL FLIP 4

jbl speaker

The JBL flip 4 is an awesome sound carrier and has high technology. Just like the UE BOOM, it has 360 degree sound and deep bass quality which is able to give you the top notch sound you deserve.

It is fully waterproof, with over 50 plus yards of bluetooth connectivity and works with(can be connected to) Siri and Google.

Producing a smooth and clear audio sound, it gives you the musical feel you need to keep your adrenaline pumped for a game.  With a battery durability of up to 12 hours, it offers you high quality audio playtime while delivering an awesome stereo sound.

With this compact speaker, you are sure to keep the ball rolling and the tunes jamming before and after a game. Having its exterior made with durable and waterproof fabric that comes in six different colors, The JBL FLIP 4 is considered a next generation in the Flip series.

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rockform speaker

Magnetic portable wireless speaker, IPX7 waterproof, shock and dustproof, deep bass Sonic sound and 24 hour battery life. All these amazing features in just one compact speaker.

The G-ROK is an all purpose, all weather musical companion suitable for your needs. It produces loud and clear sound that can be heard from anywhere on the golf course.

The best part is that it can last up to 24 hours after charge. So you can keep vibing to your tunes even after the game.

With fast connectivity and wide wireless range, this speaker has all it takes to hit the golf course.

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golf speakers

The upside golf comes with an advanced technology having a magnetic instant mount. So you don’t have to worry about it falling off the golf cart. It contains magnetic strips that gives it a firm hold to where you place it.

It also comes with a long lasting battery life of 20 hours upon recharge making it a lot more convenient since you don’t have to worry about charging it.

SuperX7 PRO outdoor waterproof speaker, deep bass stereo sound, 200ft wireless range, these features are what makes the upside golf bluetooth speaker super and desirable. Fit for the golf course as it is lined with dust and waterproof fabric to keep it from damage during use.

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golf speaker bluetooth

This is a waterproof IPX7 wireless speaker with 20W stereo sound. It delivers incredible sound with enhanced bass and omnidirectional sound.

With bluetooth 5.0 and wireless stereo connectivity, the EDUPLINK operates with advanced technology and has an ultra long lasting battery life of 20 hours, giving you an enjoyable playtime while on the field.

Stable and quick pairing with two portable bluetooth. It is suitable for outdoor and even home use.  Nothing is more convenient than having your device do exactly what you want, when you want it.

The EDUPLINK has one-touch control and rapid response. Giving you quality sound and convenience.

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wireless speaker

This portable speaker with stereo pairing and 5.0 bluetooth is one of the choicest bluetooth speakers for golf players. With up to 100ft wireless range connectivity, IPX5 rainproof, dustproof and splash proof, the ORAOLO M91 is suitable for outdoor activities like golf.

It has amazingly clear sound and a battery durability of 20 hours after recharge. It has a passive speaker on the back side which allows it to produce a rich bass sound giving you that immersive sound feel you need.

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Final Words on Bluetooth Speakers for the Golf Course

The things that make a great bluetooth speaker are its connectivity, wireless range capabilities, battery life and rich sound. Without these, the speakers are almost not suitable for use.

These speakers listed above are equipped with all these amazing features and are suitable and convenient to keep the music jamming for golfers on the course.  Giving them the morale boost they need to be on their best.

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