Best Golf Gifts to Buy (Top 5 Things Golfers Need)

Best Golf Gifts

With the new year kicking off and the holidays over with, now is a great time to buy golf gifts at big discounts. January is also the golf off-season for many cities so stores are offering equipment, balls, golf gloves, clothes, shoes, etc at huge price reductions.

Today we will list some awesome golf gift ideas you can look for on sale to gift friends or family during birthdays and upcoming holidays this year.

You also could gift someone access to our golf training programs which come with download PDFs they can read, worksheets they can print, and step by step instructions on how to complete the program to improve their golf scores. Click here to learn more about them.

Top 5 Golf Gifts to Buy a Golfer

#1: Rukket Chipping Net for At Home Golf Practice

 golf gift chipping net

Every golfer could use a fun, indoor chipping net to practice their short game skills from the comfort of their home. We recommend the Rukket Chipping Net because it’s a pop up net making it easy to set up and take down in seconds. It’s also a fold up net making storage a non-issue in the person’s home who will be receiving this golf gift.

As you see from the photo, it has three slots to chip golf balls into making chipping practice more fun and challenging. It also comes with foam golf balls to avoid breaking things with real golf balls.

Lastly, this chipping net is super affordable making it ideal for someone looking to spend under $50 on a golf gift.

Click here to see current pricing on Amazon

Golf Storage Bag / Organizational Trunk

golf gym bag

Our next recommended golf gift is a 9 x 15 inch trunk for golfers to store their golf shoes, clothes and accessories when traveling. It has various compartments to keep all the golf accessories organized.

This is an important gift that golfers will love as every golfer will need a traveling suitcase for their golf materials.

It’s also very affordable if you choose the Jef World of Golf Trunk Locker option we’re recommending. But there are also more expensive golf suitcase bags on Amazon as well.

Click here to learn pricing of this golf gift on Amazon

Golf Balls – Pro V1

titleist golf balls gift

A golf gift list can’t be without golf balls. This is a necessity every golfer has to play the game they love and some golfers tend to lose more golf balls than others unfortunately, so this works out by restocking their supply.

In terms of which golf balls should you buy as a gift, any golfer will love the Titleist Pro V1 golf balls. These are the best golf balls in the game and will put a smile on the persons face you’re gifting them to.

Picking out cheap, less expensive golf balls could be a mistake so you can’t go wrong by choosing Pro V1 as the ball of choice for gifts.

During sales, you can find a dozen box for under $40, but usually these golf balls sell for around $50. Another trick is to shop for older year models such as the 2016 or 2017 Pro V1 ball instead of the newest 2019 Pro V1 golf balls.

Click here to see prices on Amazon

Golf Socks by Par 4

golf socks

Our next golf gift is a fun socks! You’ll always be on the green with these fun and funky golf socks.

For your inner golf-loving self, you can enjoy the view of the course anytime, until that wonderful day comes when you can grab your clubs for real.

Make your feet happy with these durable, high-quality socks. They are made from super-soft materials that will form snugly to your feet. Made in Korea from 50% cotton, 48% polyester, and 2% Spandex.

Men’s crew sock that fits shoe size 7 to 13, approximately.

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Garmin Approach S20 GPS Watch

garmin approach s20 golf watch

Our final golf gift choice goes to the Garmin Approach S20 GPS Watch. This golf gift will surely put a smile on the receivers face and make you their favorite gift of the day.

The Garmin S20 Golf Watch has GPS capability built into a beautiful watch face design to give golfers accurate yardage information to the green, bunkers, hazards, as well as individual shot distance tracking.

It auto recognizes golf courses and when the golfer moves from hole to hole. Battery life is very long and it serves as a fitness tracking device in addition to a golf rangefinder if they want to track calories, steps, and other fitness metrics too.

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Before you go, make sure to check out these golf practice plans! Each has proven drills to help you improving your scoring and build a strong short game! They make a perfect golf gift.

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