Titleist TS2 Women’s Driver Review


Titleist Women’s TS2 Driver

One of my favorite drivers to recommend to female golfers is the new 2018 Titleist TS2 Women’s Golf Driver.

It is the best Titleist driver built to date and also the fastest driver thanks to a redesign of the head shape. You’ll love all of the technology they’ve packed into this driver so let’s explore it below in today’s review.

At the end, you’ll find a list of our best golf practice plans as well to download and follow for improving your golf scores.

Titleist TS2 Women’s Driver Features

Crown Design

Starting off with the crown, Titliest has designed one of the thinnest, titanium crowns allowed in the game. It saves them weight that can be redistributed elsewhere in the driver to maximize speed, increase launch, and reduce spin rates.

Speed Chassis Reconstructed

Titleist took time completely reconstructing their speed chassis in the driver to ensure every bit of speed could be maximized through the driver design as a whole.

Variable Face Thickness

The face of the driver is what delivers energy and speed to the golf ball. Titleist worked to improve their variable face thickness design pattern on the driver’s face to increase face flex and deliver faster ball speeds.

More Aerodynamic Shape

The driver head is 460cc and comes in a more modern shape.

The newly designed head shape has 20% less drag, allowing air flow to be smoother as the club cuts through, thus increasing speed and distance off the tee.

Center of Gravity

The center of gravity is fixed in the TS2 Women’s Driver but it still offers an adjustable swing weight that can be changed to promote different shot types.

The center of gravity was positioned deeper and lower into the club head to increase launch while reducing the spin rate on the golf ball.

Sound & Feel

Overall, I thought the TS2 Driver feels solid and fast. Contact with the golf ball is more muted since most Titleist Drivers are known for a higher frequency sound when making contact.

I also liked the feedback you get when you’ve mishit on the face. But the new design and technology makes the TS2 more forgiving so feedback can feel like you’ve mishit sometimes but the ball still flies pretty straight which can confuse you at first.

How Much Does the Titleist TS2 Women’s Driver Cost?

You can buy it on Amazon currently for around $450. It’s a high price to pay for one golf club, but the performance of your driver can definitely make or break you golf round. Hitting longer, straighter drives down the fairway can make the game much easier on your approach shots. It’s also a high quality driver used on the professional tours.

Check the current price on Amazon for the TS2 Womens Driver

Are You Slicing Your Driver? Watch This

While buying a new driver may help your golf swing some, the core issue could be getting your swing fundamentals dialed in first before spending money on new equipment. Here’s a starter video of how to stop slicing your driver. More on our YouTube channel here.

Practice Plans – Download & Complete These!!

Thanks for reading our review of the Titleist Ts2 Women’s Golf Driver. Make sure to check out our resources below that golfer’s love following to improve their scores quicker. We’ve helped thousands of golfers and look forward to helping you too!


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