Best Golf Rangefinders to Buy 2024

We’re excited to share our in depth review guide of the best golf rangefinders to buy in 2024. Below you’ll find the best golf rangefinder brands including Bushnell which has several rangefinders on today’s 2024 review list.

Each model will produce similar results so if you’re just looking for a cheap, basic rangefinder to get distances to the pin, then check out the low budget options.

Skip to a specific golf rangefinder review:

  • Bushnell Pro X2
  • Bushnell V4 Laser Rangefinder
  • Precision Pro NX7
  • TecTecTeco VPro500
  • Bushnell Hybrid GPS
  • Bushnell V3 with Jolt
  • Bushnell Pro X7
  • Nikon Coolshot 20

And after these reviews, we also have a rangefinder buyer’s guide with question and answers section you can scroll through and learn more.

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Bushnell Pro X2

bushnell pro 2 rangefinder

Bushnell has gained a place in the heart of many as an industry leader as far as Rangefinders are involved. Their Bushnell Pro X2 makes it in the top of the list as one of the best golf rangefinders 2023.

This rangefinder comes with the state of the art technology making it highly durable, usable and with high performance. To complete this golf rangefinder review, let’s dive into its most incredible features to see if it’s really worth spending on.

Dual Display Technology (DDT)

This is the most incredible technology ever use in rangefinders. To use this technology, you only need to press the Mode button to switch between the attractive colors toggles in the display. You can either switch between a bright red, vivid display and the sharp black display. This technology allows you to change to the most visible color depending on the lighting conditions.

Pinseeker JOLT Technology

This feature comes with a vibration which gives user feedback (jolt) when the rangefinder detects the pin. With this technology, you cannot miss a target or get the wrong distance to a tree.

Slope compensation technology

When you want to hit the right target on an inclined or declined hole, it is close to impossible if your rangefinder doesn’t come with the slope compensation technology. The slope calculating rangefinders are useful for both amateurs and experienced golfers as they can use them in their practice rounds.

Slope Switch Technology

Slope Switch Technology now allows users to easily switch between two modes which results in a quick and user-friendly experience.

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Performance Review


Bushnell Pro X2 comes with rubber casing for protection against falls and bumps, comes with a comfortable grip and is waterproof.

The different display colors allow for proper visibility in any lighting conditions. All these features make this rangefinder very user-friendly for a wonderful experience.


One of the most notable things about rangefinders is the accuracy. Pro X2 doesn’t disappoint either when it comes to accuracy. It comes with a range of 5-1300 yards with accuracy ranging to ½ a yard.

The Pinseeker JOLT technology ensures the user shots the pin accurately. The slope compensation technology also ensures maximum accuracy.


Bushnell Pro X2 is deemed as the most durable rangefinder thanks to its metal construction making it very sturdy. Its waterproof feature makes it suitable for playing under any weather condition.

This is indeed the best rangefinder ever made with the most incredible features. Its durability, accuracy and high performance make it worth the price.

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Bushnell Tour V4 Laser Rangefinder

bushnell tour rangefinder review

Bushnell still makes it on the top of the list for their rangefinders with this Tour V4. Owing to the success of their Tour V3, the Tour V4 comes with more improved features to make it better than its predecessor. The rangefinder is a perfect combination of speed, accuracy, size and the JOLT technology.

Key features

Pinseeker with JOLT Technology

With the JOLT technology, a golfer plays with no doubt as he is able to feel the exact t distance. It comes with short vibration pulses that confirm that the laser has locked onto the flag.

Slope compensation technology

Whether you are playing in an incline or decline slope, you don’t have to worry because Tour V4 comes with slope compensation technology which calculates and adjust the yard according to the slope.

Slope-switch technology

This technology allows the golfer to utilize slope to get compensated distances around the course. They can toggle in and out of the patented slope function.

Battery life

Battery life is another thing worth mentioning in this rangefinder since it affects its performance. Tour V4 is far much better than previous rangefinders which ha issues with their battery life. This one comes with a CR-2 3-volt lithium battery which has been reported to last 40+ rounds. You can see if the battery is low on the IoB viewfinder screen.


Bushnell Tour V4 is very user-friendly. You only need to press the power/fire button once, and you turn it on. Press the primary button and hold it until you see the reading in the lens. The unit automatically turns back off after 30 seconds after you release the power button.


  • Compact and fits easily in your pocket
  • Shoots quickly
  • Pinseeker allows for easier target acquisition
  • Water resistant
  • 5-1000 yards range


  • Too small and light making it hard to steady
  • yard accuracy which is not good compared to ½ yard newer models
  • 5x magnification compared to 6-7 on the newer models

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Precision Pro NX7 Laser Rangefinder

precision pro rangefinder review

The new rangefinder in the market, NX7 laser rangefinder is not left behind when it comes to accuracy, zoom, battery life and the ability to lock onto the intended target. It is also lightweight and feels good in your hands.

These are previously some of the things that most people look for, but before we tell you whether you need to buy it or not, let’s take a deeper look on what makes it one of the best rangefinders in the market.

Accurate and easy to use

These are the first things golfers look for when finding a rangefinder. NX7 rangefinder is accurate within one yard of any target. It can also measure distances to the 1/10 yard.

It is simple to use. You simply need to push a button on top of the device to lock onto a target. You will then see a circle with crosshairs. You hit the button again after placing it on the desired target. The crosshairs will blink until the yardage is found and displayed.

Target acquisition technology (TAG)

This technology prevents the device from picking up objects in the background while you try to hit the desired target. It can pick up targets that are up to 400 yards away.

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Fast speed is very important in laser rangefinders. You don’t need to go through the frustrations of taking forever to lock onto the target and give you accurate and reliable yardage. With Precision Pro NX7, you will get the yardage reading in less than a second after you lock onto the desired target.

6x Magnified

You need a great view of your intended target, and the rangefinder ensures you get exactly that with its 6x magnetic view. This zoom is far better than most rangefinders in the market. You will get a clear view from a far distance and lock the crosshair better on the flag pin.

Multiple distance types

You can easily switch how you measure the distance to the intended target with NX7. You only need one push of a button and measure distance either in meters or yards and what you choose in completely tournament legal.

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TecTecTec VPRO500

vpro 500 rangefinder review

If you need something cheaper without compromising on the qualities of the best rangefinder, the VPRO500 rangefinder is here to ensure you get nothing but the best.

TecTecTec Company, though a new name in the golf industry, is establishing a reputation through its VPRO500 rangefinder which comes at a pocket-friendly price with good performance.

So, what makes this rangefinder worth considering?


You don’t need to guess the distance with VPRO500 since it measures up to 540 yards within 1 yard. The multilayered optical lens gives you a complete picture to help you up your game.

6x magnification

The 6x magnification ensures this rangefinder measures distance clearly to help you pinpoint your distance accurately hence improve your game.

Three different modes

The Pinseeker mode lets you measure overlapping targets accurately, first priority mode perfect displays the distance of the closest subject and the scan mode helps you check the distance for hazards.


This rangefinder is highly portable thanks to its lightweight. It also comes with a waterproof body and a shock-resistant case.


  • Very affordable
  • 6x magnification
  • Excellent customer support


  • Not as accurate as other models
  • No company track record

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Bushnell Hybrid GPS

bushnell hybrid gps rangefinder review

Bushnell finds another space again in the list of the best rangefinders 2023 with their hybrid rangefinder. This rangefinder comes with a host of features including Pinseeker jolt, information display, and cutting-edge technology.

Pinseeker JOLT technology

The main function of this technology is to help you find the pin. When the laser finds the pin, the finder will vibrate to confirm that you’ve hit your target.

The Bushnell App

This app provides you with information display to give you data on the hole. The app does not add on the price tag as it comes free of charge.


This golf rangefinder review will not be complete if we don’t touch on its performance. So, apart from the features, let’s also touch on the performance bits that contribute to its greatness.

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The Bushnell hybrid rangefinder is very natural to use as it’s shaped to fit perfectly in the human hand. It comes with a water-resistant casing and a durable built enabling it to stand the rainy weather as well as serve you longer.


There is nothing to worry about in terms of accuracy as this rangefinder is capable of identifying targets from four hundred yards away.

Bushnell Hybrid GPS is just one of a kind. It’s a great product with amazing benefits that ensure you get what you need to improve your confidence and up your golfing skills.

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Bushnell V3 with JOLT

bushnell best rangefinder

This rangefinder has been in the market for a while now but still remains very competitive thanks to its amazing features and incredible performance. The Pinseeker technology and the JOLT vibration feature make it worth your budget.

Pinseeker technology

This feature helps it isolate the flag from other objects. It shows an icon with a circle flag when it notices multiple potential targets. When you see the icon, the distance reading should be the object which is closer.

Slope feature

This feature makes the assumption that you’re aiming at a target leveled with your position hence not uphill or downhill from you. The slope feature figures out how much uphill or downhill is and calculates the real distance to your target.

Battery life

This is another feature worth mentioning. You need good battery life for maximum performance. V3 ensures the battery will last you up to 40+ rounds and will show you IoB when the battery is low in the viewfinder screen.


The Bushnell V3 rangefinder is very easy to use. You only need to press the power/fire button once to turn it on. Aim at your target and press the primary button. Hold until you see the distance reading in the lens. The unit will turn back off automatically in 30 seconds after you release the power/fire button.


  • Compact size
  • Pinseeker makes target acquisition easy
  • Water resistant
  • 5-1000yard range


  • 5x magnification compared to 6-7x in the newer models
  • A little fragile
  • yard accuracy compared to the ½ yard on newer models

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Bushnell Pro X7 Golf Laser Rangefinder with JOLT

best rangefinder budget

The Bushnell Pro X7 rangefinder has been in the market for a while now but still shines as one of the best rangefinders for 2023.

What makes it continue to shine is the 7x magnification with an accurate 550 yard. Its success in the market has earned it a tittle as the most powerful rangefinder in the world.


7x Magnification

7x magnification is so far the best in the market. This magnification enables you to shoot the flag from a range of up to 550 yards. You can clearly see the slope to help you pick better targets.


The extra 7x magnification provides extra accuracy level from 5 to 1 yard for maximum confidence.


You only need 300 yards to shoot a perfect distance. The extra weight, however, helps to stabilize it if you have shaky hands when shooting.

Pinseeker technology

This technology has been around for a while now, and it’s what most golfers are looking for when buying their rangefinders.


You don’t have to worry if your rangefinder drops on water or you have to use it on rainy condition. The waterproof case ensures it’s well protected.

E.S.P technology

The Extreme Speed Precision technology is designed to help you get your readings faster. It is very fast, and you’ll get your reading right away

Vivid Display Technology

This technology ensures it adjusts the display based on the light around you. It comes with four settings BRT1-BRT4 with 4 being the brightest.


The Pro X7 is very user-friendly and comes with minimized buttons. You only need to press the power button, aim to your target and hold until you get your reading. You only need to hold the down Mode to adjust the brightness to the level you want.

Click to see current price on Amazon for this rangefinder

Nikon Coolshot 20

nikon coolshot 20 rangefinder review

Our final review of the best rangefinders to buy in 2023 is the Nikon Coolshot 20.

Nikon Company is best known for cameras and accessories and to add on their technology, they have decided to bring some of their expertise to the golf industry by making this Coolshot 20.

This rangefinder is one the smallest in the market, but its size doesn’t compromise on the performance. Here’s what we love about this rangefinder.

Key features


One of the most impressive things about this rangefinder is that it’s easy to use. It is ideal for any golfer who wants to keep everything simple and hassle-free.

8 second shoot time

This rangefinder doesn’t come with the Pinseeker technology like the Bushnell ones. However, you can still get the perfect distance with the 8-second you get when scanning the target area.

Size it comes in a very small, compact size which can fit perfectly in your pocket or the palm of your hands and save you some extra space.


It comes with rainproof protection to enable you to use it even on rainy weather.

6x magnification

The 6x magnification is enough to help you see your target clearly for maximum confidence.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Simple to use
  • Small and compact size
  • Rainproof
  • 6x magnification


  • No slope adjustment
  • No Pinseeker tech

Click to check current price on Amazon

Rangefinder Buyer’s Guide (Questions and Answers)

Here’s a list of common questions you may have when buying a golf rangefinder. If you find these questions and answers helpful in giving you tips on buying a golf rangefinder, please share the article via the share buttons! Help a fellow golfer looking for the best rangefinder to buy to help them play better golf.

What is a rangefinder?

A rangefinder is a distance measurement device (DMD) used by golfers to measure the distance from the ball to the target. They use either GPS or laser technology.

Laser technology determines the distance by sending a short laser pulse to the target then measure the time it will take to bounce back to the device. It works with a fixed speed and gives the resulting speed in a matter of seconds. Some laser devices come with a slope feature which takes uphill and downhill into consideration while calculating distance.

GPS rangefinders employ satellite data to calculate the distance to a certain number of fixed targets. Some include distance to nearby hazards.

Why use rangefinders?

Using a rangefinder helps you know the actual distance to the targets as well as know the actual distance of your shits.

Is it legal to use a rangefinder during a golf round?

Most rangefinders are USGA legal if they are only used to measure distance. USGA and R&A revised Rule 14-3 which prohibited the use of any distance measuring devices in 2006. The new rule now permits the use of distance measuring devices.

What features should I look for when buying a rangefinder?

  • Accuracy
  • Range
  • Magnification
  • Ease of Use
  • Speed
  • Battery Life
  • Waterproof
  • Durability
  • Pin Seeker
  • Slope
  • Budget

Let’s dive deeper into each of these features on a golf range finder to look for when buying…

nick foy golf


This is the number one thing golfers should look for in a rangefinder. You will never improve your golfing skills if your rangefinder gives you the wrong numbers.


This is the number of the distance the rangefinder can shoot reliably. A 400-yard range is enough for any golfer.


A rangefinder with a good magnification will help you see your target. You should have at least 5x magnification to see your targets properly.

Ease of use

Of course, you need some time to learn and get used to your rangefinder. The learning process doesn’t have to be rocket science if you have a good rangefinder. You should be able to find the target easily and use it within touch of just a few buttons.


How fast your rangefinder gives you the distance is very important as it will determine how fast you shoot. Laser rangefinders are very good at calculating speed.

Battery life

You need a rangefinder with good battery life so that it doesn’t go off before you finish your golf season.

Waterproof feature

Ensure sudden range or accidental fall on water doesn’t destroy your rangefinder. Most materials used to make electronic devices corrode easily when exposed to water. This is not the case with rangefinders whose casing is made of water-resistant materials which can be plastic or rubber composite.


Your rangefinder should be able to serve you long enough for the value of your money. It should be constructed with durable material so that it doesn’t get damaged should you drop it accidentally.

Pin Seeker Technology

Using laser rangefinders in a far away target are very difficult especially if you have shaky hands. The pin seeker technology comes to your rescue with voodoo magic to easily lock into the pin.

Slope measurement

Slope compensation feature is very important in calculating the actual distance in an uphill r downhill.


After looking at all the features, the next thing you should put in mind is your budget. Good range finders range at $149-$399. You can find a functional and solid rangefinder for about $150 and have a good time. You can also go for more expensive ones and get the best quality plus extra features. It all depends on what you can comfortably afford.

Should I Buy Laser or GPS Rangefinders?

With laser rangefinders, you are flexible enough to hit any target as opposed to just getting green and hazard numbers associated with GPS. Of course, other people will prefer the GPS ones.

If you are new in using rangefinders, you can ask friends about their experiences or try the two before you can find your preference.

As far as many people will choose laser rangefinders because of one reason or another, they also have their negatives which you must consider. With a laser rangefinder, you need a clear path for it to travel to the target and come back.

Weather conditions such as fog can alter its speed and cause inaccurate readings. If you are going to play more on the rain or fog, you should consider this aspect in laser rangefinders.

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