Best Golf Stand Bags

A golf bag is a significant necessity for any golfer. A suitable carrier can immensely ease your pre-game activities. Golf bags help the players carry their equipment while on and off the course. They also help the players keep fit.

When picking out a golf stand bag, a golfer must consider; its weight, straps, padding, divider system, space, and price. Here are some of the golf stand bags that stand out, the best on the market.

Best Golf Stand Bags

  • Sun Mountain 4.5LS (3.5LS for women)
  • Ping Hoofer
  • Nike Golf Bag – Air Hybrid
  • OGIO Convoy SE Bag
  • Bag Boy Golf Chiller Hybrid Bag
  • Big Max Dri-Lite Tour stand bag
  • Srixon Z Stand Bag

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Sun Mountain 4.5LS

Sun Mountain has made its name as one of the best in making golf accessories such as golf bags. The sun mountain 4.5LS bag is one of the more expensive golf bags. With this price comes more quality.

The bag has individual club dividers for a complete set. Unlike most packs that offer five club compartments, this bag is excellent for club protection as the partitions are full length. Consequently, there is no need to worry about your shafts.

Key Features

  1. The bag comes with up to 9 pockets. That is a full-length clothing pocket, a water bottle pocket, a ball pocket, a range finder pocket, and more. All the pockets are easy to access, even on a golf cart.
  2. The 4.5LS comes with a backpack strap system. And not just any, but the E-Z fit dual strap system. The lumbar support hip pad makes walking the golf course with this bag even more effortless.
  3. The bag’s cart-friendly bottom, leg-lock system, and cart strap pass-through make it cart-friendly and compatible.
  4. The ladies’ version, however, comes with only four dividers.
  5. Unlike the men’s version that comes in seven colors, the ladies’ only comes in four.

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PING Hoofer

Weighing in at 5.5 pounds, the Ping Hoofer bag comes with a fourteen-way top and a rain hood that is easy to deploy. The rain hood is stored inside the cushioned hip pad. When it is not raining, the rain hood provides extra padding when carrying the bag.

Key Features

  1. It has an easy-to-reach water bottle pocket located on the lower end of the bag. This pocket makes it easy to reach the bottle and to put it back in at any time.
  2. It has eleven pockets with a 22L pocket volume. Pockets include an apparel pocket, range finder pocket, and more.
  3. The bag comes with an extra padded backpack strap system that is convertible to a single shoulder strap system.

Nike Air Hybrid bag

Nike went all the way to create a bag that has pretty much everything any golfer could imagine. The Air Hybrid is the ideal bag a golfer should have.

However, the price may not be pocket-friendly. If the price isn’t a significant factor for you when purchasing a golf bag, grab this one.

Key Features

  1. Nike leveled up to Sun mountain with the 14-way club dividers system.
  2. The bag is equipped with a backpack padded strap system, making it easy to carry. The Equaflex Max Air is also adjustable and detachable.
  3. The bag comes in seven colors, the bold all-white version being ideal for making a statement in summer.

OGIO Convoy SE Golf Bag

The uniqueness of the OGIO Convoy SE Bag makes it ideal for a golfer who wants to stand out. Made with ultra-durable ripstop fabric, the bag weighs in at only 5.8 pounds. It also comes in outstanding zebra print and light orange designs. These make it the bag to make a bold statement with.

Key Features

  1. The Convoy bag has a 14-way top divider that accommodates a complete set of clubs.
  2. The bag is made with an adjustable backpack strap system for easy carrying.
  3. A total of seven pockets that include a magnetic range finder pocket, cooler pocket, and internal valuables pocket.
  4. It also has a double cart strap pass-through design.

Bag Boy Golf Chiller Hybrid Bag

As a golfer, I am sure you have already noticed that most of the bags featured here have one thing missing; a cooler. The Bag Boy Golf Chiller Hybrid got this right as it comes with a built-in cooler system. Bag Boy gives you three color choices to pick from.


  1. The Bag Boy Golf Chiller Hybrid comes with a fourteen-way full-length divider for complete protection of your clubs.
  2. The bag also has a golf ball retriever sleeve.
  3. The removable insulated cooler bag is a plus for this bag over the others despite increasing the bag’s weight.

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Big Max Dri-Lite Hybrid Tour Stand Bag

Are you looking for an all-weather golf stand bag? Then this is the bag for you. The Big Max’s Dri-Lite Hybrid is fully waterproof so worry not if you are stuck outside in the rain.

Key Features

  1. a) The Dri-Lite Hybrid Tour comes with a great warranty from Big Max.
  2. b) The bag comes with a 14-way divider and five water-resistant pockets with an air-channel for breathability.
  3. c) It has a padded dual strap system for easier carrying.

Srixon Z Stand Bag

The Srixon Z stand bag is exceptionally eye-catching and a good bag for golfers who want storage space.

Key Features

  1. a) The bag has a four-way top divider that can accommodate a complete set of clubs.
  2. b) Designed with five pockets that include a detachable golf ball pocket and an insulated cooler pocket.
  3. c) The comfort suspension system on the backpack strap system makes it easy to carry.


A bag’s weight is an essential consideration as carrying it is an entire workout for your arms and shoulders. A heavy bag will exhaust you, and this negatively impacts your game.

More storage enables you to carry all your necessities, whereas the divider system protects your clubs from scratching.

The padding ensures comfort when walking the 4+ mile round of golf. Appearance helps make a statement and show elegance. Therefore, always keep the above factors in mind when selecting your golf stand bag.

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