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Best Putters for Seniors (Top 7)

Picking out a putter can be a fun process. You get to try new equipment and the feeling of playing with a fresh golf club can be quite exciting.

But there are also challenges when picking out a new putter as you try to figure out which fits your putting stroke best, feels great in your hands, and strikes the ball best.

We’ve done some research looking into the best golf putters for seniors and came up with the following options as a starting point! Check them out below.

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Which Golf Putters Should Seniors Buy?

#1: Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Soft Putter

Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft putter is a great putter for distance control. It is a midway point between mallets and blades. If you’re someone who can’t decide between a mallet and a blade putter, this one’s for you.

With its optimized center of gravity and weighting, this putter will help you make solid contact. Plus, the speed-optimized face technology makes it easy to get consistent distance on each putt, even in your off-center hits.

This putter has a diamond CNC milling pattern that encourages a soft feel. Plus, its six tour-proven shapes will suit any player’s style and stroke.


  • Speed optimized face technology
  • Diamond CNC milling pattern
  • Optimized center of gravity
  • Great putter for distance control


  • Only made for right-handed golfers.

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#2: Ping Heppler Tomcat 14 Putter

If you’re looking for a putter with the easiest alignment system, the ping Heppler is good to go. It features 14 alignment dots on the top of the clubhead. These dots make it easy for you to see exactly where the golf ball will roll when you make an impact.

Its large mallet shape provides enough MOI making it easier to get consistent speed and roll each time. Plus, the putter is forgiving and firm, which means it will take care of your off-center hits and provide good accuracy and consistent speed.

The most remarkable feature is its adjustable length shaft. You can change the shaft length from 32 to 36 inches, depending on your height and preference.


  • Huge sweet spot
  • Large head for higher MOI
  • Easiest club to align
  • Premium quality and reasonable price
  • Adjustable shaft length
  • Firmer feeling putter


  • Slightly heavier
  • It may not have the softest feel
  • Loud at contact

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#3: TaylorMade Golf Spider X Putter

For a senior golfer, it is difficult to hit a straight stroke. On woods and irons, the perimeter weighting helps a player to keep the clubface straight at impact. The same you can achieve with the Spider X putter. It will help you create and follow the same path for effective long and short putts.

The putter is heavier on the outside and light in the middle, making it perfect for a straight back and straightforward stroke. You’ll also get your alignment issues fixed with the new alignment system that makes setting up the golf ball easier.


  • Available in three lengths
  • Topspin producing face
  • Forgiving


  • Pricey

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#4: Callaway Odyssey Triple Track Marxman

Odyssey Triple Track Marxman is a perfect putter for a golfer of any age group. The best part of the putter is the 3-line alignment on the top of it.

There are three things senior golfers demand from a putter – length, alignment, and weight. The alignment system is top notch in this putter, and there are different lengths available. And finally, the weight. It features a very light shaft with most of its weight in either the head or grip.

All these features make it one of the best putters for seniors. On top of that, the putter will provide a soft feel due to its new white-hot insert. With this putter, you will see a significant change in your scores.


  • Excellent alignment system
  • White-hot insert
  • Slightly offset shaft to aid in alignment
  • Sweet spot covers the face
  • Higher MOI
  • Very light shaft


  • Some golfers find the head too large
  • May require triple track golf balls for optimum results.

#5: S7K Standing Putter

The S7K standing putter is one of the best putters for seniors who struggle with their alignment. Many golfers find it difficult to align themselves before their putting stroke. With this Standing putter, all of your worries will fade out.

The putter stands up by itself, even on slopes. This means it will help you with imperfect green conditions and uneven lies. Plus, the S7K does not need shaft alignment as it features a perfect setup with a built-in strike dot and impact position.

With all these features, there is also no compromise in providing an exceptional feel and balance.


  • Ambidextrous
  • Impact position and built-in strike dot to help you focus on your strength
  • Exceptional feel, roll, and balance
  • Perfect setup
  • Standing putter


  • It may not be rust-resistant.

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#6: Scotty Cameron Titleist Futura 6M Putter

If you are looking for something premium for your retirement, the Futura 6M putter will be an excellent choice. It features a vibration dampening system that produces a soft responsible feel and feedback.

Its weight distributed between the toe and the heel encourages the putter to have more stability and higher MOI. It results in a smoother strike and more forgiveness. Plus, the excellent alignment system and offset shaft make it one of the best forgiving putters out there.


  • Soft feel across the face
  • Available in two colors
  • High forgiveness
  • Straightforward visual cues
  • Tight roll from any distance


  • Quite expensive
  • Some golfers may not like the looks.

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#7: Pinemeadow Golf Putter

The last on our list is a putter from Pinemeadow with a classy white color that stands out on the course. This model comes with additional weight in the mallet for a precise weight distribution making it the right choice for senior golfers.

There are three alignment lines on the top of the putter so that you can set up the golf ball quickly. In addition, it has an ergonomic handgrip that helps the golfers to have a firm grip while hitting their putts.

In addition, the putter has a length of 34” that is suitable for most seniors. It also includes a custom PGX headcover.


  • Precise weight distribution
  • Ergonomic hand grip
  • Headcover included
  • Classy white color


  • The Faceplate tends to fall off with heavy use.
  • Some golfers find the head angle not comfortable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Choose the Best Putter for Seniors?

Here are some features to look for when purchasing a putter for seniors.

MOI: It means the moment of Inertia. The higher the MOI, the lessor the twist and the straighter the golf shot. You can look for a mallet putter because they have a higher MOI than a blade-style putter.

Stability: If a putter has a higher MOI, it will automatically result in greater stability.

Alignment: There is nothing more important than alignment when choosing a putter. Without correct alignment, you’ll never hit great putts. So, it is better to check the alignment system before making a decision.

Length: Most senior golfers prefer longer shafts as they bend less. It may not be easy to find one, but you can consider customizing it from a local shop.

Weighting: Choosing a lightweight putter with precise weighting will be suitable for a senior player.

Should I Choose a Mallet or A Blade-Style Putter?

For seniors, it will be good to have a mallet-style putter as they have higher MOI, perfect weighting, and great alignment. However, you also have the option to consider a blade-style putter if you want more distance, feel, and comfort. It all depends on your preferences and putting style.

What Shaft Length Should I Choose for My Putter?

Many senior golfers prefer using 34 to 36’’ length putters because they are long and can help them with a more stable putt. But, it all depends on your height and preferences.

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