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Best Golf Distance Technology: These Are Must Have Gadgets!

Reviewing the Best Golf Technology & Equipment

Amateur or not, all golfers have a craving for the latest golf technology to improve their game to the next level. And why not?

Golf is an addicting sport for seeking better and better scores! And to keep up with this trend, the sport gadget makers are leaving no stone unturned to come out with smart golf equipment. It seems like every month, golfers have access to a new piece of golf technology (watches, GPS, rangefinders, swing analyzers, and more).

However, with a plethora of Golf technology flooding the market, golfers find it hard to choose their best fit.

So to make it easy for you, we are here with a little list of the 5 best golf technologies worth a glimpse. After all, these are golf equipment items that are bought in high volume and have lots of positive 5 star reviews!

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#1 Garmin Approach S 60

garmin s60 golf watch

With extensive experience in marine, aviation, and automobile industry, Garmin’s GPS watch ‘Approach S60’ for Golfers is unbeatable. And it’s equally impressive when it comes to accuracy, precision, and design. Making it a must buy for a powerful impact, in and out of the golf course.

It’s a feature rich GPS watch for golfers, that can even read changes in elevation for determining the distance factors for your stroke. That too with apt accuracy! Besides, it comes packed with 40,000 preloaded courses, a large touchscreen display, robust motion sensors, and much more. It also doubles up as an amazing activity tracker, as it monitors your footsteps, calories, etc, on the go.

You can also accessorize Approach S60 with comfortable QuickFit bands, that can be fitted effortlessly. Besides, it has 5 ATM water rating.

Another great feature is its excellent battery life, so you can spend longer hours (up to 10 hours straight, when in Golf Mode) working on your game. While in case of watch mode it can last for a whopping 10 days.

Lastly, you may pair it up with apps from the ConnectIQ Store, to enhance your golfing skills day by day.

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#2 Bushnell Phantom GPS

bushnell gps phantom

Intuitive, Easy to Operate and Pocket-Size structure. These three aspects best describe the Phantom GPS device by Bushnell. The manufacturer has leveled up its tech and expertise with this gadget and it is driven by innovation at its core.

Unlike its predecessor, this device has BITE technology which improves the user experience. The crystal clear and informative display screen further enhances the user experience.

With 36,000 pre-loaded courses at your disposal, you can really up the ante when it comes to playing among your friends.

The Magnetic Mount makes it super easy to hang the device on your caddie, trolley or any other magnetic surface.

What’s even better is its Bluetooth connectivity with your phone. Open up the Bushnell application on your phone and let the device sync with it.

The whole layout of the course illuminates on your phone screen. From here you an better fathom the course and analyze your next shot plus which club can be used for best results.

This will help you determine the position of the bunkers and other off-limits areas on the course. You can see the position of the holes along with their respective yardages.

The Bushnell Phantom GPS is an incredible gadget brimming with optimality and functionalities.

#3 Arccos Caddie Smart Grips:

arccos caddi smart grips review

Arccos is the one which has brought Big Data, analytics and Machine learning into the golf industry. Their products have changed the tactics of game playing and let’s the user learn in the process.

Another one of their revolutionary product are the Arccos Smart Grips. These add-ons are proactive performance tracking systems having complete synchronization with your gameplay.

The intricate and nuanced tracking system will guide you through your game. It will suggest which clubs you can use, the distance to the next hole along with defining your strengths and weaknesses.

This innovative gadget will replace the everyday caddie who is supposed to know the course inside out. With over 40,000 courses embedded into the sensors, these game trackers are your best bet when it comes to the tracking of your game on golf courses across the world.

It advances golf into something of a mobile game. Introspection of the game is what everyone likes a lot about these smart grips. It allows you to go through each of the shots played during gameplay and learn from your mistakes.

When it comes to battery life, the Arccos Smart Grips can work for up to 5 years in one go with a guaranteed 2 years operational capacity from the manufacturer.

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#4 Swing Caddie SC100:

swing caddie sc 100 review

It all depends on your choice of clubs when it comes to hitting the perfect shot. But to hit the perfect shot you need accurate and precise information about your golf swing. Well, what’s better than the Swing Caddie SC100 to help you be better at golf.

This device has a sleek design with glamorous looks and you only need to place it at a distance of 1 meter or up to 1.5 meters behind the ball. The four sides are well protected with a bumper. But, make sure you do not place it in front of the tee. Pun intended.

The remote control allows you to change the club on the device from where you are standing. For American friends, it also has a toggle switch for imperial measurements, so don’t worry about dealing with the Metric system.

More importantly, it measures four factors of your gameplay including carry distance, swing speed, ball speed, and smash factor.

For some, this limitation to only four factors may not suffice, but the price at which you buy it still makes the SC100 an awesome swing analyzer product with a great return on investment.

Check pricing and reviews of the SC 100 on Amazon

#5 TaylorMade myRound Pro App:

myproround golf app

The fact that this golf app by TaylorMade comes without any cost to the user is a determining factor for the users.

When it comes to statistical analysis, the myRound app provides all the required information without connecting to any specific device. The best thing about this is that the mobile application based tracking system comes at zero cost to the user.

You can use your phone as your personal trainer and go on to become a pro with help detailed analysis of the game.

It has the ability to recognize and produce thousands of courses on your phone itself through GPS. Plus, the manner in which it breaks down your strokes gained is not done by any other device or application.

Follow the yardages by just tapping on the screen. The application is easy to operate with several messages prompting you to select the required functions at every step.

Its ability to connect with the Samsung Gear will do away the need of bringing your phone to the course. Just connect the application with the watch and learn everything about your game in an instant.

Final Thoughts on Golf Gear to Buy

Most of the people start with golf as a recreational game. They enjoy pushing the ball around under the bright sunny sky. But after playing it for a longer time, golf grows on you. This is when you start searching for golf training aids and gadgets to provide external support to help improve the game.

And why not, maybe you will get a chance to play it professionally or see your handicap progress to the single digits. Well, until then, all you can do is practice. So, make sure to use one of these gadgets to help you be better at it. Thanks for reading!

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