taylormade m5 fairway wood

TaylorMade M5 Fairway Wood Review

TaylorMade M5 Fairway Wood Review

The fairway wood receives a complete re-engineering with the new M5 Fairway Wood from TaylorMade. The legendary Twist Face technology feature of both the M3 and M4 drivers is incorporated to the M5 fairway. However, this design to the fairway wood is the first time ever attempted.

Carbon and titanium are the multi-material used for constructing the head of the M5 Fairway. The redesign of a lower CG location in the sliding weight system results in enhanced adjustability, higher launch, and lower spin.

The huge movable 65-gram weight along with the titanium-carbon construction is a groundbreaking design for the M5 Fairway. This feature alone makes the fairway wood of the M5 super adjustable.

The Twist Face technology is a revolutionary innovation that is used for the first time ever in the 2019 M5 fairway wood. Using this technology guarantees players with game-changing performance and unparalleled accuracy every time.


taylormade m5 fairway wood review

Key Features of TaylorMade M5 Fairway Wood

65g moveable steel weight for the Sliding Weight System

The 65g moveable steel weight is featured in the adjustable weight system of the M5. This allows an ample fade/draw adjustability with barely more than 30% of overall head weight.

Lower spin and higher launch are more energetically and efficiently transferred with the lower center gravity created by the steel weight’s position.

Regardless of the weight position, smoother turf interaction is produced by the standout moveable weight design. This becomes possible because of the almost impeccable sole contour of the moveable weight.

The more than 30% head mass of the fairway can be seen as one of the biggest weights around. It is expected to offer multiple variations for the big weight.

It does not disappoint, as a better launch becomes possible with the weight dropped low in the head. The 5 layers carbon composite crown and titanium body of the head make it possible to achieve a lower CG position.

There was a definite increase to spin and launch brought by having more weights towards the back. This is a big design change from the shafts of the previous M3 model on GC Quad.

Feel and sound is better as well with the easier going of the M5.

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Twist Face Technology in the M5 Fairway Wood

The Twist Face in the M5 fairway wood is a successful technology breakthrough of TaylorMade. This was made possible following thousands of shots of analysis and comprehensive research by the TaylorMade engineers.

The Twist Face design first seen on the M3 driver achieves a new “twist” to the M5.

The faces, like the M drivers, have been altered to offset fairly common gear effect of the low-heel and high-toe miss-hits. The “twist” effect opens the face when doing a hook or high-toe miss. The flight of the ball becomes straighter with the enhanced loft high on the toe brought on by the “twist” design.

For the slice or low-heel miss, the face in the area of the low heel is de-lofted by closing the face with a “twist”. Again, this leads to a straighter ball flight.

The driver may show the same concept as the twist. However, there’s a slight difference in the exact geometry to account for. The fairway woods have been created with unique impact location patterns and mass properties way different as that in drivers.

This is the first time a TaylorMade fairway has been designed with Twist Face. Shots are straightened out by the extra loft of 1.5 degrees in the high toe impact area. This also makes it possible to reduce the same amount of loft in the low heel impact area.

The claim made by TaylorMade of giving less variation for 15 yards using the Twist Face in shot dispersion is impressive. However, it may sound a little odd since shot shapes can be created and helped along with the adjustable weight.

However, letting the Twist Face take over using the weight on the correct side on bad draw and fade might get you back into the game.

2019 saw an expansion of this particular concept to the fairway woods of the M5 and M6. For the first time, the former driver only technology is further developed in the M6 hybrid to be called “Speed injected Twist Face.”

Loft Sleeve

The adjustability of up to 4 degrees (+-2 degrees) in the 12-position loft sleeve is the more streamlined version of the M5 fairway. The +-2 degrees are a large margin that can give variation to the loft.

The hosel with an adjustable and slimmer design with options for 3 and 5 wood design is game-changing, to say the least.

The Rocket 3 at 14 degrees is another option to think about when it comes to a fairway with a powerful drive.

Crown constructed from Titanium Carbon

A tri-material construction is the truly outstanding feature of the M5 fairway. The construction of the multi-material head is an advanced groundbreaking technology.

Consider the steel movable weight in the composite crown made of 5 layers of carbon. Consider the addition of the titanium body for the crown as well.

Titanium and carbon are considered components of low density. The engineers outdid themselves in cleverly creating a crown design made of these two low-density components.

The combination of carbon and titanium gave a more discretionary weight to the crown. Notwithstanding, adjustability is enhanced with the complete redesign of the sliding weight approach. A lower CG location is another benefit given by the complete redesign of the crown.

TaylorMade has gone the whole hog on the M5 if you compare it with their previous steel body and carbon crown on the M3 Fairway.

The M5 fairway is a very impressive and appealing piece of club and engineering feat. Higher spin rates and more speed is a guarantee with its design of moveable weights and high-end materials.

The only issue probably arising from this latest state-of-the-art design from TaylorMade is the steep price. The high price for a club that matches the expense of a driver can make you think twice.

The club may be very impressive in design and performance but it will be one that you do not use often.

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