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Best Golf Wedges 2024: What’s Worth the Money?

In this 2023 golf wedge buying guide you’ll find all the best golf wedges for improving your chipping and short game play on the golf course. But first we want to help you understand the components of a golf wedge so we’ll discuss terms like bounce, grind, loft, cavity back, and blades.

Here is a list of the best golf wedges in 2023 we will be reviewing if you want to skip ahead to a particular section below via these links:

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Golf Wedge Design Options to Consider When Choosing Your Chipping Wedge

When buying a golf wedge in 2023, you’re going to see that all of these companies (Cleveland, Titleist, Callaway, Mizuno) create wedges in a variety of colors, lofts, bounces, and grinds.

Let’s review the basics quickly of wedge manufacturing and then get into the best wedges for mid handicappers, high handicappers, low handicappers, etc. below.

Golf Wedge Loft

What is loft? It’s the clubface angle in association with the shaft. When the loft angle is higher, the club launches the ball higher. Lower lofted wedges hit the ball lower.

Each has its use depending if you have to fly over a bunker or fight the wind or perhaps you want a bump and run type of shot that rolls more with less flight time.

Standard lofts include;

  • 48 degrees (Pitching Wedge)
  • 52 degrees (Gap Wedge)
  • 56 degrees (Sand Wedge)
  • 60 degrees (Lob Wedge)

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Golf Wedge Bounce Explained

What is bounce? Bounce is the wedges ability to slide through the sand or help it avoid digging in the ground on tight lies on the fairway. It’s the angle between the sole and face of the golf club.

Low Bounce Wedges are ideal for shots from tight lies and firm turf conditions. The combination of less bounce and narrower sole-width lowers the leading edge of the blade to promote a clean contact.

Standard Bounce is the best all-around wedge for playability in all types of conditions for all types of players. It is very versatile for players who like to be creative around the greens.

High Bounce wedges are designed for play out of soft turf and sand. The combination of the wider flange and higher bounce angle prevent digging and create a smoother gliding action of the sole along the ground.

High bounce wedges tend to be associated with higher lofts – but this certainly isn’t always the case. If you’re buying a 60 to 64 degree wedge for high flop shots, you’ll want to choose a low bounce wedge. Less bounce of the ground helps you prevent skulling or blading your flop shots.

Golf Wedge Bounce Options:

  • 4 degrees (low)
  • 6 degrees (low)
  • 8 degrees (standard)
  • 10 degrees (standard)
  • 12 degrees (high)
  • 14 degrees (high)
  • 16 degrees (high)

Golf Wedge Sole Grinds Explained

What is sole grind on golf wedges? It’s the shape of the sole of the wedge around the heel or the toe. Different shaping of the sole allows golfers to set the wedge different on the ground to suit specific turf conditions and shot types.

Club manufacturers like Cleveland & Titleist have machinery that literally grinds the sole of the wedge to give it a distinct shape.

You’ll notice, for example, some wedges may lie more flat by grinding away the back edge of the wedge sole to help the club face open up and lie flat for flop shots.

However sole grinds also change the bounce of the sole so it is important to receive advice from a teaching professional on the types of grinds that will suit your game.

Shafts for Wedges

Virtually all wedges come with steel shafts unless the wedges are part of a graphite set of clubs.

Most steel shafted wedges also come with a standard ‘wedge’ flex. This is actually more like a stiff shafted steel shaft in flex, but designed specifically for the shorter club.

It provides maximum feel and accuracy and in such a short club, the flex is less important.

Reviewing the 12 Best Golf Wedges to Buy in 2023

Callaway Men’s Jaws Wedges

Callaway’s Jaws wedges set a new standard for performance and appearance in the 2023 review of the best golf wedges. This golf wedge will give you tons of confidence, which is important for your short game.

Callaway added a new Groove in Groove technology to create 84 contact points with your golf ball which generates maximum spin for increased control around the greens.

If you prefer high bounce in your chip shots, Callaway added a new X-Grind and they also updated the C-Grind to have more heel relief than previous Mack Daddy wedge versions.

Jaws wedges are ideal for all golfers; beginners, mid handicappers, high handicappers, seniors, and professional golfers.

You have a variety of options to choose from to help you mix and match your ideal loft, bounce, and grind options to best suit your wedge for the turf types you’ll be playing on at your local golf course.

With 21 loft-bounce combinations and two premium finishes, there’s a Jaws wedge (or two or three!) for every golfer. Lofts range from 48 to 64 degrees and bounce options are 8.0, 10.0, and 12.0. Grind options for this wedge are C, X, W, and S.

Click here to learn more about this wedge and pricing

Cleveland RTX 4 Wedge

The Cleveland RTX 4 wedge is a game changer and is popular choice among PGA Tour professionals. “With our latest face technologies, expanded grind offerings, and the most popular components used by Tour professionals, RTX 4 is the most tour-authentic wedge we’ve ever made.”

But it’s also a great golf wedge option for all types of golfers including mid handicappers, high handicappers, and senior golfers.

The 4th Generation Rotex Face Technology consistently delivers more spin across all conditions, giving you better distance control, improved accuracy, and lower scores.

Sharper, deeper grooves slice through grass, sand and water for more consistent spin on every shot.

Longer-lasting laser milling brings face roughness right to the conforming limit for more friction and more spin on all shots.

Milling that’s in-line with your strike pattern increases backspin on all full, pitch, and chip shots.

Four sole grinds give you enough versatility to execute your most challenging greenside shots, even when the pressure’s on. You can choose from full grind, mid grind, low grind, or xlow grind to help you hit all kinds of shots on different lies. The tighter the lie, the lower the grind.

Cleveland RTX Wedge Options:

  • 3 Color Choices: Tour Satin, Black Satin, Tour Raw
  • 18 Loft / Grind Options (48 degrees to 64 degrees and Full, Mid, Low, Xlow Grinds)
  • Pricing – $139.00

Click here to see all the specs and options for the RTX 4

Best Golf Wedges for Beginners & High Handicappers

Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge

The Wilson Harmonized Wedge is a great golf wedge for beginner golfers and comes in at a very cheap price point making it affordable for most amateur golfers and weekend golfers.

This Wilson golf wedge has 56 degrees of loft and has been a very popular choice for a long time. The specialized sole grind gives you great opportunity around the green and also for opening the clubface.

This wedge’s blade shape consists of several customized bounce angles, giving you versatility from the fairway, rough or sand.

This model is not a pro club, but it gives you more flexibility and forgiveness in your game. You’ll enjoy the club’s head grooves for generous spin and the balance for helping all your wedge shots.

This wedge is currently priced on Amazon for around $35.

Texan Classic Gunmetal Wedges

gunmetal wedges

Another beginner friendly golf wedge for beginners at cheap price. Here, you get three wedges for the price of one!!

The Texan gunmetal wedge set comes with 52, 56, and 60 degree wedges which is perfect for a variety of distances on the golf course and shot types.

These wedges offer a forged club head for more control and a True Temper steel shaft for durability and performance.

The black-colored finish is sleek and modern and helps with alignment, giving a nice contrast between the turf and ball. The grip is comfortable and all-weather friendly. The wedges are certain to help your short game.

The 3-wedge set is priced on for $50. Visit their page for availability and current prices.

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Pinemeadow Pre 3 Wedge Pack

In a recent article, we featured a Pinemeadow putter; today, we’re highlighting some of their wedges.

The Pinemeadow Pre 3 Wedge Pack comes with a 52, 56, and 60 degree wedge and includes many nice features beginner golfers will enjoy.

It’s a great golf wedge for beginners and seniors looking to buy cheap wedges on a budget. Recent pricing on Amazon had this wedge set prices around $80 for a average of $25 per wedge roughly.

Here’s some specs we like:

  • Having a broader sole and improved technology offers perfect balance with a comfortable feel.
  • The cavity back structure is friendly to weekend golfers, as are the “U” shaped grooves.
  • All 3 wedges are just under 36” length with an impressive stainless-steel finish.
  • This 3-pack wedge option is well constructed. You’ll see crisp shots with outstanding backspin.

The grips wear out quicker than some other models, but at the given price, these wedges are still a deal. We found them on Amazon for about $80.

Click here to learn more about this wedge

Tour Edge Golf 1Out Plus Wedge

What’s the most important thing about the Tour Edge Plus golf wedge? Just as the manufacture promised, it is easy and very comfortable to hit making it a perfect golf wedge for beginners and seniors.

This wedge come with a counter-balance grip to improve strike position and stability, giving you more precise shots.

As a beginner golfer, if you struggle with sand bunker shots then you’ll enjoy having a wider-than-normal sole which makes sand shots easier and makes a better launch out of the bunker possible.

Whatever the situation chipping, you can use the Tour Edge. It works well for standard chip shots, from bunkers and around the green.

With increased bounce, this club will become a favorite in little to no time at all to help you hit consistent chip shots without skulls and bladed shots.

You’ll need to practice with this wedge before using in your game; the heavy clubhead will require a little more work to control distances.

Recently, we found the Tour Edge for sale at for $60. Not a bad price for this quality wedge.

Click here to read reviews & pricing for this wedge

Best Golf Wedges for Mid Handicappers & Low Handicappers

Cleveland Golf Men’s CBX Wedge

cleveland cbx wedge

You may find several reviews for Cleveland wedges; the company is known for manufacturing high-quality wedges.

The CBX is said to be the easiest 56-degree wedge to hit, incorporating a thick sole that glides through the turf to get your ball in the air easily.

The increased perimeter weighing gives you great spin and distance, even in off-center shots. This wedge should definitely be a game improvement club in your bag.

Recently, the CBX was available on Amazon here, for $90.

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Cleveland Golf Men’s 588 RTX 2.0 Muscle Back Tour Satin Wedge

cleveland rtx 588 wedge review

As mentioned previously, Cleveland is known for wedges, and here’s another one in our line-up today.

This golf club, in a satin finish, is ideal for beginners as well as professionals.

The wedge has a nice groove design, improving contact and spin. The clubface is also laser-milled to produce a micro-roughness to help with consistency and texture.

An added feature is the choice of 3 different grind options to help your performance based on skills, turf conditions and personal preferences.

Offered in right and left hand models with several different degrees of loft.

Visit Amazon for selection options and prices starting at $65 and up.

Callaway Men’s Mack Daddy 3 Black S-Grind Wedge

Another well-known known name to golfers, Callaway enters our best wedge choices review with the Mack Daddy 3.

Here, you’ll find a tour performance and signature shape with an excellent forged design. The S-Grind is forged of soft steel, giving you the kind of response that feels right with every shot.

Desirable characteristics include a leading straight edge, square toe and minimal offset providing crisp contact and control.

Really helpful during chips and pitches, this wedge has an extra bottom groove to enhance stopping power. The special sole grind gives you needed versatility for different shots in a variety of grasses.

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This Callaway built golf wedge will work with any playing style, giving you lots of spin and improvement to your short game.

The Mack Daddy is being offered at in various loft options to match your needs. We’d recommend a 52, 56, and 60 degree to cover multiple short game shots around the greens.

Our last price check on Amazon had the wedge ranging from $80 to $90, depending upon selection.

Click here to see your buying options for the Mack Daddy 3

Cleveland Golf Men’s Smart Sole 3 Wedge C

Once again, a company known for great wedges, Cleveland, adds another selection to “Best Wedges List for 2023”. Using the Cleveland Smart Sole 3 is a simple way to lower your scores by improving your short game.

It’s one of the best wedges for midhandicappers and is an affordable golf wedge option to add to your list of golf clubs to buy in 2023.

Technology has given this club a wider designed sole for a more noticeable turf interaction, resulting in crisper, cleaner contact. Hence the name Smart Sole 3.

The weight is distributed toward the sole, so you get a better feel with more shots moving closer to the pin.

The Smart Sole 3 has a 42-degree loft, a nice fit for its shorter length. The perfect lie and loft promote great mechanics for chipping, and you’ll guide through fairways and tall grass around the green and up to 125 yards out.

Recently priced at $114, head over to Amazon to pick up one today.

Click here to read reviews & pricing for this Cleveland Wedge

Cleveland Golf Men’s RTX-3 VMG Wedge

You guessed it, another wedge from the popular wedge-maker Cleveland. I suppose it’s no surprise, if you’re known for high-quality wedges, you should make the “Best of 2023 Wedges List” a few times; and they more than did that today. The brand is very popular for golfing equipment, and this wedge is no exception.

The Cleveland Men’s RTX 3 Wedge is perfect for mid handicappers and is one of the best golf wedges to buy in 2023. It’s also a great option for beginners who want advanced club design to help their short game improve.

You’ll notice the weight has been transferred to the head, which means the center of gravity is closer to the club’s impact zone, which is a great feature for non-professionals.

This wedge has V sole grinds and a Rotex face which gives you great spin control. This wedge offers solid feel, solid spin and solid contact; it’s all here in a very popular wedge choice.

We recently found this wedge in the $100 price range with several options to match your game. Head over to Amazon and find the one that’s right for you.

Click here to read reviews & pricing of the RTX 3 Wedge

Mizuno Golf Forged Blue Ion Wedge

Our final selection today is a wedge that promotes sand, rough and fairway shots. And just like it’s name, it is a blue-color golf wedge which differentiates itself from the typical silver and satin color designs by most wedge manufacturers.

The Blue Ion moves away from the previous model’s teardrop design, offering a more standard rounded profile.

This wedge strikes well with the clubface open or closed. The wedge is constructed with carbon steel, giving the head and neck a comfortable feel.

The “Quad-Cut” structure grooves are loft-specific, and the rough surface gives your shots spin for stopping the ball close to the pin.

Mizuno has clubs for every type of player and the Blue Ion golf wedge will satisfy the needs of many including beginner golfers, high handicap golfers, and mid handicap golfers.

A solid feel wedge for multiple lies and shots; you’re going to like this wedge.

Recently we saw the Blue Ion wedge on Amazon listed for $150. Check out the choices and find the one that’s right for your game.

Click here to see reviews & pricing for this Mizuno Golf Wedge

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