Home Made DIY Golf Training Aids for Indoor Practice

Practicing golf indoors is often necessary when the weather turns bad, especially in the winter time when most states and cities experience freezing temperatures and snow on the ground.

In this article I’m going to share some common items you can find from home to use as golf training aids.

These home made golf training aids can assist you in performing fun golf drills from indoors.

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Chipping Training Aids

Practicing your chipping skills is quite easy to do indoors. Here are my favorite items to find around the house to use for various chipping drills.

Laundry Basket – this is a great resource to use for catching your golf balls. Try to chip balls into the laundry basket as the target. Move around different distances to improve your distance control with the wedge.

Hand Towel – another item you can use as a target for hitting chip shots to. Lay it on the ground several feet away and attempt to hit chip shots that land on the towel first before rolling off onto the floor. If you don’t have a small hand towel or wash rag, fold up a bigger towel into a smaller target to use as a training aid.

Extra Carpet – If you don’t want to spend money on an indoor chipping mat on Amazon, then search the basement storage for extra carpet you had as left over when carpets were installed. I found  a roll of carpet in my grandparents basement that we cut up into a smaller square piece to serve as a chipping mat.

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Putting Training Aids

Below are several home made training aids you can use as targets to practice your speed control but also your aim. Using a small target helps you see if the ball is staying straight or moving off line.

Target Practice with the Putter Aim

Half Dollar Coin or a Quarter – find some extra change laying around like a quarter or half dollar coin that you can use as a small target for putting drills.

Red Solo Cup – turn a red solo cup on it’s side and it becomes a practice aid you can put to. Try to putt golf balls into the cup by hitting them with enough speed they make it over the lip of the cup and roll to the back (bottom of cup).

Sleeve of Golf Balls Empty Box –  similar to the solo cup training aid, you can also use an empty golf ball box as a target to putt balls to. The sleeve started off holding 3 balls so we know it’s wide enough for a ball to fit into. It’s a tough drill but if you can successfully knock balls through the small opening and into the box, you’ll have developed great accuracy with starting putts on line.

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Alignment Aids for Putting Practice

Books – find two thicker books you can set down (like dictionaries or 1,000+ page books) and use as alignment guards for your putting stroke. Create some separation between the two books wide enough for the golf putter head to swing back and forth. Work on keeping the stroke straight without bumping into the books that serve as bumper guards.

Two Golf Clubs – we like books instead because of their height but if you’d prefer to create bumper guards to practice your straight back straight through putting stroke, then set down a couple of golf clubs on the ground. Align them parallel to each other to create the straight path.

Small Mirror – lay a mirror on the ground where the ball would sit normally and practice your set up. Your eyes should usually be hovering over the top of the golf ball during your putting set up.

Check it by looking down into the mirror instead of down at a golf ball. Then add a golf ball on top of the mirror and repeat this drill checking your eyes using the mirror.

Golf Swing Training Aids

To work on your golf swing indoors you usually need ample amount of space to freely swing the club. Find a large room with tall ceilings or your garage if possible.

In addition to the room, you’ll also likely want to invest in a practice swing net you can hit balls into. Here is our favorite choice of golf practice nets on Amazon that make great at home training aids.

Bed Sheet – If you want a simple do it yourself golf net, simply hang up a close line from wall to wall and drape a bed sheet over it. If you go this route, we recommend only hitting soft foam balls at the bed sheet since real golf balls will be to strong and power through the sheet, likely breaking something as well.

Swing Weight – golf club donuts are cheap to find on Amazon, but if you want to add some weight to the clubhead to build power, you can get creative attaching different objects to the club to add weight based on what you have around your house.

Smash Bag – another common golf swing training aid is the SKLZ Smashbag on Amazon. But instead, you can use a pillow or bundle up a bunch of towels into a big ball.

Overall try these DIY golf training aids you can find materials around home to make. I even built my own indoor golf putting green once using some left over putting turf and some two by four wood. Get creative and make golf practice from indoors fun this winter!

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