Best Hybrid Golf Clubs for Mid-Handicappers

My name is Nick Foy, a high school coach and golf instructor for Foy Golf Academy. In this guide I’ll share the 13 best hybrid golf clubs for mid-handicappers.

A mid-handicapper is a player who scores in the middle average of all golf scores. You’re scoring between 85-105 scores on average and you have a 12 to 30 handicap.

If you want to elevate your golf game and improve your scores, you may find that playing hybrid golf clubs is easier than long irons and reduces poorly hit golf shots.

Here’s 5 reasons why I love hitting golf hybrid clubs:

  1. Easier to hit than long irons
  2. Better launch (trajectory)
  3. Better looking + head design
  4. Longer distance
  5. Better accuracy

Golf Hybrids and rescue clubs have become a standard addition to the golf bags of pretty much all golfers.

At first golf hybrid clubs were used by high handicappers that struggled to get their golf ball airborne, but nowadays even the best players in the world have added a hybrid to their bag.

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Expert Picks: Best Golf Hybrid Clubs

  • Best Hybrid Overall: TaylorMade SIM 2 Max
  • Best for Improving Launch: Cleveland Launcher Halo
  • Best Hybrid on Budget: Callaway Apex Hybrid

Okay, let’s dive into today’s review.

13 Best Hybrids for Mid-Handicap Golfers

1. Taylormade SIM 2 Max Hybrid

taylormade sim 2 hybrid review

In 2021, TaylorMade made a successful entry with SIM Max Rescue. The brand was determined about the quality of its hybrid golf club. SIM 2 Max has been making places in the renowned golfers’ bags since its launch.

With the stiff Golf Club flex, it provides a greater experience in playability. The redesigning of the SIM 2 Max is to adjust the weight for better tee and turf interaction. A golfer like you may need its ZATECH Titanium with twist face up-gradation for the off-center strikes.

SIM 2 Max Hybrid Features

  • Ultra-Low CG V Steel
  • Right-hand Orientation
  • Thru-Slot Speed Pocket
  • 4 kg weight with redistributed multi-material construction

Do not let this beauty go off your hands. This is what you need to make yourself top of the charts.

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2. Callaway Apex Pro 2021 Hybrid

callaway hybrid review (1)

Callaway being a guru of innovation knows how to keep up with the golf club technology to approach great golfers of the time. with the gainings of A. With I driven approach, Callaway was able to make use of the advancement in two Apex hybrids this year. For some good reasons, we like Apex Pro 21 besides Apex 21 which was released in 2021.

Calling out the Jailbreak A. I Velocity Blades, Callaway Apex Pro 21 is advanced with stiffen face of the club. For satisfying feel and speed, the hybrid Apex Pro comes with a Forged Face Cup. This hybrid is a complete package of maximum performance and excellent advancement.

Hybrid Club Features

  • Left-Hand Orientation
  • Forged Face Cup for better spin rate consistency
  • Greater strength and flexibility with Forged 455 steel
  • Torsional stiffness

Who wouldn’t want to look up to their Callaway Apex Pro for the exceptional sports? Check out the link here to buy yourself the best!

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3. TaylorMade SIM Max Hybrid (2020 Model)

sim max hybrid review

TaylorMade SIM Max hybrid 2020 has never left its place from the top-of-the-line hybrid golf clubs. To stand out, the hybrid is deployed with V Steel sole design which provides great interaction with the turf. For the straighter shots and off-center strikes, it is provided with a twist face shape. Whatever you choose, this TaylorMade is a premium hybrid for you still in 2021.

TaylorMade SIM Max Features

  • Ultra C300 strong steel face
  • Special V Steel Sole for greater turf interaction
  • Forgiveness and ball speed powered with speed Pocket technology

Still thinking of something more, stop here already if you are getting confused because this is the best choice for you.

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4. Cobra Radspeed Hybrid

cobra radspeed hybrid review

Want to know about the best Value Hybrid? Here you go.

Cobra Radspeed hybrid is one of those which come with the hollow split rail system. It comes with the variable and one-length facility as it helps with higher ball trajectory and increased distance.

Where we talk about internal weights, it is equipped with 6g weight and 7g weight in the front of the head and the back. It is all for the optimization of the launch options. The rails are more excellent on the sole. Moreover, it is larger than the average hybrid but most versatile.

Cobra Hybrid Features:

  • Thinner and flexible forged face
  • Hollow Split Rails
  • Forward biased Radial weighting position
  • Two Baffler sole rails

The more you know about Cobra Radspeed, the more you will fall in love with this equipment. Let’s have a look, so you can make your mind to this diamond.

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5. Titleist 818 H1 Golf Hybrid

Titleist delivered another industry leader with their 818 H1 hybrid, it is packed with technology, features a sleek traditional design and can be custom fit exactly to your liking. The 818 H1 features both SureFit and Active Recoil Channel technology.


The 818 H1 was engineered for maximum custom fitting adjustability. Customization is achieved through the adjustability of the SureFit Hosel and the SureFit CG (Centre of Gravity).

The SureFit Hosel provides 16 independant loft and lie settings and the SureFit CG can be adjusted to promote either a neutral, fade or draw ball flight.

Being able to optimize the CG increases the average MOI by 10% from the previous 816 H1 model, the result is forgiveness that can’t be compared to any other club on the market.

Active Recoil Channel 2.0

All Titleist hybrids feature a new active recoil channel, this generates faster ball speeds through the improved flexing of the polymer insert in the channel. The results are a hybrid that produces consistent, long carry distances.

The H1 is very well suited towards the golfer that is looking for a high launching forgiving hybrid. If you prefer the look of a fairway wood over the look of a hybrid then the H1 will definitely suit your eye.

The H1 is available in 5 different loft options (19°, 21°, 23°, 25°, 27°). A traditional design combined with state of the art technology, you definitely can’t go wrong by adding one of these hybrids to your bag.

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6. TaylorMade M3 Rescue Golf Hybrid

TaylorMade’s M3 series of drivers and fairway woods have already made waves in the golf equipment industry over the first couple of months of 2018. Their M3 series of rescue clubs will certainly get their time in the spotlight as well.

The M3 rescue features all the technology of the M3 driver that golfers are raving about.

The trademark technology that is included in the M3 is TaylorMade’s adjustable sliding weight, and their speed pocket technology. The design also features a two-tone crown that will assist players to align themselves up consistently towards their intended target.

Crank it. Slide it. Stripe it.

The M3 rescue features TaylorMade’s signature adjustable sliding weight technology.

Adjusting the sliding weight will allow you to find the setting that produces a ball flight that suits your personal preference. Instead of changing you swing to suit the club, change the club to suit your swing.

Speed Pocket

The M3 rescue features a new and improved speed pocket.

The improved speed pocket provides enhanced flexibility which produces higher ball speed and more distance on strikes that are low on the face.

Two-Tone Crown

TaylorMade’s M family of clubs all feature a signature two-tone crown cosmetic. The science behind the shape of the crown is to encourage proper alignment, alignment is key if you are seeking consist well struck golf shots.

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7. Callaway Rogue Golf Hybrid

hybrid rogue callaway

The Rogue hybrid is without a doubt the most technologically advanced hybrid available on the market today.

It features Jailbreak, Hyper Speed Face Cup and Internal Standing Wave Technology. If you are looking to add a state of the art hybrid to your bag then look no further than the Rogue.

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Jailbreak Technology

For the first time ever Jailbreak is now available in a hybrid, the Rogue hybrid has two steel Jailbreak bars installed into the clubhead in order to stiffen the body. As a result more impact load is placed on the face of the club which promotes ball speed and distance.

Hyper Speed Face Cup Technology

All Rogue hybrids feature an extremely thin Carpenter 455 steel face, in combination with Jailbreak the face produces very high ball speeds.

Internal Standing Wave Technology

Included in all Rogue hybrids is Callaway’s Internal Standing Wave technology. This technology was pioneered in their irons in order to position the center of gravity with extreme precision.

The center of gravity in all Rogue hybrids is positioned low and forward in the clubhead in order to promote high-launch and low spin, the perfect combination when hitting a hybrid.

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8. Callaway Apex Hybrid

callaway apex hybrid review

What if you come across the most forgiving and long Hybrid? Apex Hybrid is among just two models of hybrid range by Callaway which is enjoying huge success. The jailbreak technology has given an upgrade that has gone far to prove its capability in hybrids.

The key to the success is the jailbreak velocity blades that are perfected in angles than any other golf club since 2016’s launch. These blades are what you need for reconcilable spin rates.

Callaway Apex Hybrid Features

  • Classic dark PVD finish
  • Temper Catalyst Shaft
  • Forged Face cup
  • High launch and forgiveness

This Callaway model is a phenomenal piece for a golfer like you. With this effective hybrid, you can approach 165 yards easily.

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9. Callaway Epic Flash 2021

callaway flash hybrid

Epic Flash hybrid is the future and it will have a profound impact on the industry. Its design philosophy is simple that changes the driver’s technology.  If you are someone who is looking for a driver that will change the way you play golf. Then this is it.

If you use Epic flash hybrid you will see that it’s not just a driver but it is the framing of the future and how golf will be played.

Callaway Epic Hybrid Features

  • Weight savings of 16 grams because of triaxial carbon being used.
  • Head size is 460 c/c
  • Mid-size footprint
  • I designed
  • High forgiveness

Don’t waste your time, when you can get your hands on an A. I designed drivers that will change your game for the better. For further information,

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10. Titleist TSi3 Hybrid

tsi3 hybrid titleist

If you are looking for an iron hybrid that will give you precision and control, then look no further than the Titleist Tsi3 Hybrid. The combination of the thin, sure-fit hosel and CG technology gives golfers control over trajectory, distance & shot shape. The unique CG technology allows the CG to be moved from toe to heel depending on the player’s swing.

Titleist Tsi3 Features

  • Offers iron feel & control
  • Extraordinary adjustability
  • Tuned accuracy
  • Lower center of gravity

If you are a golfer who wants a compact iron-like swing then this product is for you.

11. Wilson Staff D9 Hybrid

If you are looking for a club that is made for performance. Then look no further than Wilson Staff D9 Hybrid. It is also a particularly nice-looking club that inspired confidence in a player.

Wilson Staff D9 uses the same custom 455 steel that is used by Titleist in their products.

This club also has variable face technology that allows different launch angles at high speed. This product comes in a variety of different sizes and lengths, and it is suitable for all kinds of golfers.

Wilson Hybrid Features

  • Progressive head shape
  • Easy to hit
  • Stylish looks

If you are looking for a stylish club that is adaptable to your needs as a golfer, then look no further than the Wilson Staff D9 hybrid.

nick foy golf

12. Cleveland Laucher Halo

Cleveland’s latest hybrid club has made its way onto the list of best hybrids for the year. If you are a golfer looking for cleaner and efficient shots. Then Cleveland launcher halo is the club for you.

The launcher comes with Cleveland’s signature HiBore Crown, which lowers the center of gravity and improves launch angles. Club has very high forgiveness due to its weight perimeter. One of the best things about this club is that it is great for beginners and handicapped players.

Features of this Cleveland hybrid:

  • Guide Rails
  • HiBore Crown helps improve launch angle
  • Perimeter weighting helps improve forgiveness
  • High Strength Steel designed for greater shot speed

A beginner golfer like you needs it! If looking for a club to start on, then this model is what you need to buy.

13. Ping G425 Hybrid

Ping G410 was one of the best if not the best-performing clubs in 2020, and its latest model G425 is not softball too. With its thin, steel face that generates ball speed far greater than what we have seen.

With tungsten movable weight forgiveness is high. The CG shifting can be set at your behest, there are 3 modes neutral, draw or fade. One new feature is spinsistency, which gives golfers far more consistency than before. The alignment has also been modified and upgraded.

Ping Hybrid Features:

  • Internal Ribbing
  • Easily Adjustable
  • Aerodynamic Design
  • Trajectory Tuning
  • Smart Grip

All in all, this hybrid is one of the most advanced in the market and like its predecessor, it is one of the best buys.


Thanks for reading today’s guide on the best golf hybrid clubs for mid-handicappers.

Some key takeaways from today are that golf hybrids are easier to hit, they launch at a much higher angle, and they offer an all around user friendly experience.

If you are going to invest in a hybrid golf club then it is important to choose a hybrid that fits perfectly into your current bag.

While choosing the best hybrid for you, the criteria to consider includes adjustability, weighting, shaft quality, and most importantly impact feel.

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