Best Indoor Golf Practice Nets to Work on Your Swing this Winter


Best Indoor Golf Practice Nets for Winter Drills

Today I’m excited to share some of the best practice nets out there for golfers to use indoors to keep their swing sharp especially during the winter months.

Every winter, I get lots of new members joining my indoor golf training program which you can access and download all the course materials today if you’re ready.

Most of the golf drills are designed to use just your club, a ball, and open space in your house or garage, but you should also buy some indoor golf training aids like putting greens, chipping mats, and golf swing practice nets.

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Now let’s get on with reviewing some great indoor hitting nets for golf swing practice this winter.

Indoor Golf Practice Net List:

  • GoSports Golf Practice Hitting Net
  • The Net Return Pro Series Multi Sport Golf Net
  • Rukket Haack Golf Net
  • Dura Pro Golf Cage Hitting Net
  • Spornia SPG 5 Golf Practice Net Automatic Ball Return


GoSports Golf Practice Hitting Net

This net is 10 foot by 7 foot and was designed by golfers for use indoors and outdoors. It has convenient ball return to help speed up reps and make better use of your practice time. Lightweight yet sturdy build making it easy to assemble and take down. GoSports also offers a warranty on this practice net.

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The Net Return Pro Series Multi Sport Golf Net

This hitting net is great for indoor and outdoor use. It’s got a push button assembly making it easy to get set up and take down if you want to transport it away from home. Made in the US with great quality which places it higher up on the price list compared to our other recommended golf practice nets.

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Rukket Haack Golf Net

Rukket’s 4-ply knotless netting can take a beating with an effortless ball roll back feature. Get more swings out of your practice! Fast & easy setup/breakdown. Lightweight and portable, practice anywhere, anytime! It comes with a durable carry bag. Safely practice your swings as this net has a large area to collect errant shots at 10ft W x 7ft H x 3ft D. Lastly, this net has a lifetime warranty and is endorsed by SEC Coach Haack.

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Dura Pro Golf Cage Hitting Net

This is by far the biggest golf practice net and it calls itself a commercial golf swing hitting net due to it’s 10 foot tall by 10 foot wide by 10 foot deep size. It’s great for golfers using simulators like OptiShot 2 that need a large net to hit into. It’s built to survive outdoor weather and is a great option to add to your indoor golf training aid list.

Click to learn more about the Dura Pro Golf Net

Spornia SPG 5 Golf Practice Net Automatic Ball Return

By far one of the easiest practice nets to set up with it’s fold up design allowing it to be easily stored away or transported indoors/outdoors. Built into the net is a ball return system and it also can store up to 200 golf balls with it’s net catching system. Attach included red chipping baskets to work on your short game as well. Swing at the target that hangs down to practice straighter golf swings. Overall, it’s one of the top golf hitting nets on our list that we recommend checking out.

Click to learn about the Spornia Golf Practice Net

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