Best Used Golf Club Websites to Buy USED Golf Clubs

Buying used golf clubs is one smart financial decision. You can find like-new golf clubs but for half the price at used golf club discount shops both online and in-person.

If you’re tired of garage sale hunting for used golf clubs and prefer to just browse the internet using today’s time saving technology, start with these popular used golf club websites…

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Where to Buy USED Golf Clubs?

Here are the best websites to buy used golf clubs:


Many golfers have an addiction to buying the newest golf clubs every year and this leaves lots of clubs sitting in garages and basements.

As a result, golfers will list their pre owned golf clubs online on websites listed above and especially ebay to attempt to sell of this used inventory with hopes of raising cash to offset the cost of the newest, most expensive models.

But because these golf clubs are used and pre-owned, many buyers won’t pay anywhere near full price.

This creates a market opportunity to find pretty nice, hardly used golf clubs but at a discount.

It’s also possible that some golfers don’t realize how much the value of their golf clubs really are worth and they misprice the club, creating opportunity for savor shoppers to find these deals at great discount.

Most of the websites above that sell used golf clubs will accept credit cards, debit cards and PayPal.

Most will ship for free if you spend over a certain amount of money, but eBay for example might cost quite a bit to have the clubs shipped to you.

If shipping costs are going to eat away the discount of the used golf club purchase, consider shopping locally on Facebook Marketplace where you can do local pickups in person.

Good luck and happy hunting. I hope you find a nice, new driver for a deep discount to the price it originally debuted at.

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