Best Womens Golf Irons

Top 10 Women’s Golf Irons

Are you looking for information about Golf Irons? Does the huge variety of women’s golf irons make it difficult for you to choose one? This article is going to discuss the Top 10 Women’s Golf Irons to narrow down your options so you can choose the best golf iron set for you. But before we get into it, let us explain what a Golf Iron is, for those who are new to this type of golf equipment.

What is a Golf Iron?

A Golf Iron is a club used to accelerate the ball towards the hole. They have a metal flat-angled head with a long vertical shaft. They are gender-dependent, which means that women and men have different types of Golf Irons. The difference comes in their weight, height, swing, and a few other features.

So now that you know what a Golf Iron is, let’s discuss the top 10 Golf Irons available in the market.

Top 10 Women’s Golf Iron Sets

1. Callaway Women’s Marvik Iron

mavrik womens irons

The top pick for our list is Women’s Mavrik Iron by Callaway. These irons have made their mark because of the use of Artificial Intelligence to manufacture them. It ensures a perfect placement of the center of gravity that is crucial for efficient swing and acceleration.

Mavrik Iron’s propel the ball to a greater distance as compared to an ordinary golf iron, even with slight swings.

These Irons come in two different models, Standard and Ultralight. The standard one contains a 50g Helium Shaft, while the ultra-light model comes with a 40g shaft. The shaft is made up of Graphite.

Despite all the benefits, these Irons are newly released. Hence, the price is higher than you might expect. But definitely worth the investment if you plan to play golf for a long time.

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2.    TaylorMade SIM2 Max Combo

taylormade womens irons

If you are looking for a Golf Iron that is perfect in feel and performance, TaylorMade SIM2 Max Combo should be your ultimate choice.

SIM2 Max Combo are light-weight Irons manufactured using Progressive Inverted Cone Technology. It is employed to propel the ball in a straight direction.

Its oversized head shape ensures that you never miss any shot. These Irons have a fast forgiving face due to their Cap Back Design. Its Stainless Steel Shaft is perfectly designed to increase the distance covered by the ball.

These Irons are designed using an ECHO damping system to ensure a soft feel and low impact vibration.

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3. Cobra Women’s Rapspeed Golf Iron

cobra womens irons

If you are looking for a lightweight golf Iron at an affordable price, you recommend you buy Cobra Rapspeed Iron.

These Irons are ultra-lightweight because, unlike most golfs that are lighter from their shaft, these Irons feature a lightweight shaft, club head, as well as grip. Their Shaft weighs only 5 grams. Therefore, Cobra Womens Rapspeed Irons are your ultimate lightweight golf companions.

Cobra Rapspeed Irons offer high forgiveness on mishits. These Irons can propel the ball to greater distances even with slow swings.

Cobra Irons are generally recommended for senior women golfers. This is because strong golfers might not get the real golf feeling using this lighter Iron.

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4. Callaway Apex Women’s Iron Set

callaway womens irons

If you are a golfer who likes to have complete control over your ball movement, Apex Women’s Iron Set by Callaway is the right choice for you.

The designers of this Iron completely understand that forgiveness is not the only thing that is preferred in a Golf Iron. Therefore, using this Iron you can greatly control the spin and speed of the ball.

Callaway has used Tungsten Energy Core for the first time in their Apex Irons. It is done for precise placement of the center of gravity that ensures better launches.

Therefore, this Black colored steel Golf Iron is the epitome of quality and efficient Irons.

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5. XXIO 2020 Women Eleven Iron Set

XXIO is a relatively new brand in the world of golf Irons. However, they have not failed to make their mark. XXIO 2020 Eleven Women Iron Set is a combination of low weight and fast speed.

These Irons contain rubber and brass weights in their club that ensure efficient launch. These right-hand-oriented Irons weigh only 6lbs.

However, if you are someone who does not like thin Irons, this might not be the right product for you.

6. Wilson Staff Launch Pad Golf Iron Set

Staff Launch Pad Golf Iron Set by Wilson are quality Irons with high forgiveness and an affordable price tag. If you love to lift your ball above the ground, this Iron will be your best companion. Since it is designed for higher launches.

These Irons resemble hybrid ones. The carefully designed thin head and hollow clubhead ensure lightweight Irons that provides maximum speed and distance to the ball.

Overall, this launch Iron is best suited for beginner golfers.

7.    Yonex Ezone Elite 3.0 Irons

Yonex understands that every golfer does not have a huge bank balance, which is fine. Therefore, they have introduced Ezone Elite 3.0 Irons set at an affordable price.

By choosing Yonex, you can get your hands on the best product available at that price. They have used Octoforce Neo technology to relatively reduce the weight by up to 10%.

These lightweight Irons are easy to carry and have perfect forgiving. Moreover, by lowering the center of gravity, Yonex has made sure that users can get the feel as well as the accurate force required to propel the balls towards the hole.

8.    Callaway Big Bertha Reva Irons

Big Bertha Reva Irons have been in the market for decades. Yet, it is loved by golfers all around the globe. It is because of the easy and effortless experience these Irons provide their users.

Every aspect of golfing is carefully kept in mind while designing this masterpiece. Therefore, these Irons ensure that you get higher speed, optimal spin, straighter shots, and higher launches. Sounds like an all-in-one deal, right? Well, we think so too!

Above all features, the use of urethane microspheres in the club is commendable. It absorbs the unnecessary vibrations to ensure a perfect grip on your Iron.

9.    Mizuno JPX921 Hot Metal Iron

If there is an Iron that is the combination of best looks, technology, and usage, then it’s Hot Metal Iron by Mizuno.

This elegantly designed Iron is perfect for you to carry style with your game. The variable thickness of its club is designed for efficient ball speed and straighter shots.

The JPX921 Hot Metal Iron is undoubtedly the best deal in terms of efficiency and design.

10. Aspire XD1 Ladies Iron Set

Aspire XD1 Ladies Iron Set are right-handed Irons with graphite shafts. These lightweight Irons come in a bag that is elegantly designed and spacious.

They offer two models i-e standard and petite. So, if you are a short heightened woman, this golf Iron set is the perfect fit for you.

These cavity-backed irons are designed to maximize forgiveness and easy launches.

This Iron set is perfect in terms of flexibility. However, the only drawback is in its bag. While some women love pink color, others might find it too “girly” for their taste.

Editor’s Pick for Best Women Golf Iron Set?

So, this wraps up our list for the top 10 Women’s Golf Irons. According to our analysis, Callaway Women’s Mavrik Iron is the best pick. It is because of its versatile design and the features created using Artificial Intelligence.

We genuinely hope that after carefully reading the article you are now ready to choose your next set of women’s golf irons. But before you go, just keep in mind that while choosing an Iron, give equal importance to your requirements and your budget.

Next, let’s look at some frequent questions to know about buying golf irons as well as practice plans which we link to below.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which factors should I keep in mind before choosing a Golf Iron?

Multiple factors should be kept in mind before choosing a Golf Iron and they might differ from person to person. Some of those factors are listed below:

  1. Shaft
  2. Skill level
  3. Grip
  4. Design
  5. Size
  6. Flex
  7. Material
  8. Budget

You will have to prioritize these requirements to choose an Iron that fulfills most of your demands.

2. How much does an average Golf Iron set cost?

The price greatly depends upon the quality and brand of the Iron. However, you can get an average golf iron set for $500 to $700. If you combine it with a bag, golf balls, putter, and driver, you can get the complete deal for approximately $1000 to $1200.

3. What is the average shelf life of a Golf Iron Set?

The shelf-life of a Golf Iron Set greatly depends on the quality and usage of the Iron. Generally, they last for 8 to 10 years. Alternatively, it is estimated that you can use your golf Irons for approximately 300 rounds.

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