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Best Women’s Golf Shirts Review Guide

Wearing the right type of clothes is as important as having the correct equipment in sports. For women who play golf, it is important to feel comfortable and be stylish at the same time.

You must remember, though, that there are certain dress codes that you need to follow while you’re out on the course. So what is so special about golf shirts?

Some might think they are just ordinary polo shirts. The truth is, there is quite a lot of difference between the two.

A golf shirt is typically made of materials with more cotton than an ordinary polo shirt so that it could easily absorb sweat. Lately, however, the newer designs are commonly made with polyester because of its water-resistant properties.

A golf shirt also has a double stitched collar and wider sleeves to allow more movement to the wearer.

So without further ado, here’s a review of the best golf shirts for women.

Your Guide to the Best Women’s Golf Shirts

Animal Den Women’s Golf Polo Shirt

animal den womens dry golf shirt


  • Absorbs sweat and dries fast
  • Snug fit
  • Soft and allows great mobility

Absorbs sweat and dries fast

This golf shirt has a feature called Dri-Fit. It means that it quickly absorbs sweat from your body and dries fast. Plus, it prevents sweat marks from forming.

Snug Fit

This golf shirt fits quite perfectly onto your body without being too tight. Also, it has the right length that covers your waist and hips entirely even when you bend down or move to make your best backswing.

Soft Fabric and Allows Great Mobility

The Animal Den Women’s Golf Polo Shirt is soft to the touch and comfortable to wear. The material used will not stick to your body when you sweat. It also has bigger sleeves that will allow you to move freely.

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Dri-Equip Lady’s Golf Polo

dri fit womens golf shirt


  • Roomy and Lightweight
  • Absorbs Moisture
  • No Ironing Needed

Roomy and Lightweight

This golf polo is roomy enough without looking too boxy. You don’t have to worry about it being too thick, the fabric used is lightweight and breathable.

Absorbs Moisture

The Dri-Equip Lady’s Golf Polo It absorbs moisture and dries off rather quickly. Another advantage of this golf polo is it does not tear easily. So you can do all the swings that you want on the course without worrying about ripping your shirt.

No Ironing Needed

One of the great things about this golf shirt is that there is no need for ironing. You can just throw it into the washer and have it ready to wear without it shrinking and wrinkling.

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Opna Women’s Golf Shirts

opna womens golf shirt


  • Stretchable and Lightweight
  • Moisture Absorbent and Fast Drying
  • Soft and Comfortable

Stretchable and Lightweight

You can make all the swings you want with this golf polo. It is lightweight and made with a stretchable material that will allow you to freely move without feeling constrained.

nick foy golf

Moisture Absorbent and Fast Drying

Like the top brands in the market, it is also good at absorbing all that sweat. Plus, this shirt keeps you cool while under all that sun.

Soft and Comfortable

The Opna Women’s Golf Shirt fits perfectly on to your body. It is made with a hundred percent polyester material which allows the shirt to retain its shape while keeping you comfortable.

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Adidas Short Sleeve Golf Polo

adidas womens golf shirt


  • Increased Breathability
  • Allows more movement
  • Dries Quickly

Increased Breathability

One of the unique features of this golf polo shirt that I find great is its back mesh design. It gives you more ventilation helping your body to cool down while playing the round.

Allows More Movement

The open-hemmed sleeves of this golf shirt provide enough room for your arms to move. It fits just right and is long enough without limiting your movement.

Dries Quickly

The golf shirt is made of one hundred percent polyester material. So you can expect it to be lightweight and moisture proof. It also dries quickly as well.

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Nike Women’s Golf Polo

womens nike golf shirt


  • Customizable Fit
  • Long back hem
  • Keeps you dry and comfortable

Customizable Fit

One of the best things about this golf shirt is that you can customize the fit. It has a hidden zipper that enables you to perfectly adjust the golf polo to your size. So, whatever body type and structure you have, it will surely be snug enough that will move with you without ripping.

Long Back Hem

One of the downsides of many golf shirts is that it does not provide enough coverage. With this one, you won’t have to worry about that. It has a longer back hem that will cover your waist and hips completely even when you are bending or moving.

Keeps you Dry and Comfortable

Like most Nike products, this golf shirt will allow you room to breathe. It is made with polyester so it will keep you comfortably dry while you’re on the course.

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Q&A Section – Choosing a Women’s Golf Shirt

Do I have to wear a golf shirt to play golf?

The dress code for playing golf can be quite strict. The more expensive the club is the stricter the dress code.

One of the most basic things to wear is a proper golf shirt. It is not only for aesthetic purposes but also to let you stay comfortable while playing the game.

Can I wear a sleeveless golf shirt?

Most of the golf courses require you to wear collared polo shirts whether it is sleeveless or not. Turtleneck tops are also widely accepted.

Just remember to ask the dress code of your golf course first before deciding what to wear. Tank tops, Halter tops, and T-shirts are definitely not allowed in any golf course.

What is the best material for golf shirts?

Generally, golf shirts are made with half cotton and polyester material. However newer golf shirts today are made with a hundred percent polyester microfiber or a blend of both, and this is what you call performance fabrics.

They are designed to allow your body to breathe and move. Plus, most known brands have anti-bacterial properties woven into the fabric to prevent odor.

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