Short Game Practice Routine: Wedge Practice Inside 100 Yards

Today’s golf practice routine takes you over to the driving range where you’ll work on short game hitting various wedge shots form different distances.

This practice routine will build your distance control skills from 100 yards and in, which makes up the largest percentage of golf shots you’ll hit during a round of play.

If you take these drills serious and spend considerable amount of time working on them, you should see improvement out on the golf course and potentially lower golf scores.

The reason the golf pro’s can score so low is due to their short game being solid from 100 yards and in. Give this driving range routine a try to work on wedge shots.

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Start with Alignment for Wedge Shots to Become More Accurate

Before you start practicing the chipping wedge drills below, you need to master the fundamental of proper alignment.

Aligning your body properly at your target will help you chip the golf ball much more accurately and end up closer to your target.

Why waste practice reps on the drills below if you have bad fundamentals?

Good golf practice starts with good form.

Take a few minutes to watch this video and learn proper alignment to apply to your chipping practice routine.

If you want more video lesson content we have a video library full of videos on our YouTube Channel.


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Best Wedge Drills to Improve Chipping

Drill: One Golf Club, Two Different Distances

In this drill you’ll be using one golf club and learning to hit it to different distances.

This will build control and feel from various yardages inside 100 yards so you can stick shots closer to the pin with confidence.

To help you adjust yardages, you’ll either choke down on the club to shorten it’s distance or learn to make a three quarter swing that takes a little power off the shot to shorten its distance.

Both methods work, find which works best for you or a combination of both to adjust distances with the same golf club.

Practice Routine:

  • Begin at 65 yards from the flag stick and hit one ball to the target
  • Move to 55 yards next and hit with the same golf club to that same target
  • Then move back to 85 yards and change to whatever club you hit from this distance
  • Come in 10 yards to 75 and hit the same club as you did from 85
  • Move back again to 105 yards and hit your club you would normally from this distance
  • Finish by hitting your 105 yard club from the 95 yard position.

In total, you will have hit 6 wedge shots from 6 distances and used 3 of your wedges twice each, to 2 different distances.

Try to repeat this practice routine every day for a few weeks to build your distance control with your wedges inside 100 yards.

See if you can repeat it 10 times during a range session since you usually get 60 balls or so in a bucket of balls and this short game practice routine only takes up 6 balls to complete.

We also recommend the following golf training plans with drills and routines:

Thanks for reading our review of an important golf practice routine you can complete on the driving range to improve your short game and dial in your wedges.

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