List of Every Golf Ball to Consider (Alphabetical)

100+ Golf Ball List There are lots of golf balls being manufactured each year across many different brands. Over time, this adds up to quite a few different golf balls and today we have compiled a detailed list of golf balls. You’ll likely recognize most of the bigger name brands like Titleist, TaylorMade, etc. but […]

How to Choose the Right Wedges in Golf

How to Choose the Right Wedges in Golf Even though the first instinct in any sport is to use power for better results, the same can be said in golf in some respects. However, the more you play, the more you realize that golf is a game of finesse and accuracy. Power can provide an […]

What is a Good Golf Score?

What is a Good Golf Score? Golf is an individual sport that is played by making use of various clubs to hit balls from a tee into a hole. This sport is played and enjoyed by people of all genders and ages. In golf, the playing ground is called a “golf course”. Unlike other sports, […]

25 Best Chipping Drills to Practice in Golf

Best Golf Chipping Drills to Practice Whether your goal is to beat your friends this weekend during a round of golf or set a new personal best for low golf score, chipping drills are going to be your best friend. Chipping is the ultimate short cut to a lower golf score. Anytime you miss a […]

Chipping Drill #7: Pitching It to the Circle

Golf Pitching Drill: Chip to within the 3 Foot Circle In this golf drill you are going to work on your pitching skills which can save pars and keep your scores lower on golf holes that you miss the green in regulation. Pitching is one component of the short game and it takes place when […]

Chipping Drill #6: Trajectory Control with Your Wedge

Chipping Drill #8: Trajectory Control with Your Wedge Controlling the trajectory of your chip shot plays a huge factor in how much your chip shots roll out which is key to controlling the total distance of a chip shot. This chipping drill will train you to hit different types of trajectory chips so you can […]

Chipping Drill #5: Coin Chip into a Cup

Chipping Drill #5: Coin Chip into a Cup Chipping is about great contact with the golf ball. Without good contact, your chip shots can fly across the green or never even make it out of the rough. Ideally, we want a clean strike that pops the ball up off your club’s face and onto the […]

Chipping Drill #4: Hole the Chip Shot

Chipping Drill #4: Hole the Chip Shot The best way to become better at chipping is to practice the #1 thing you want the ball to do…go in the hole. Practicing chipping by attempting to hole out your chips is huge for developing confidence with your wedges as well as the feel and skill developed. […]

Chipping Drill #3: Hit the Fringe for Distance Control

Hit the Fringe Chipping Drill – Distance Control In this chipping drill, you’re going to master your distance control with different chipping clubs (wedges, 9-iron, 8-iron) to pull off par saving chip shots when you need them most! One of the more common chip shots you’ll find yourself facing is one where there isn’t a […]

Chipping Drill #2: Eyes Closed Chipping for Perfect Tempo

The Eyes Closed Chipping Drill to Master Chipping Swing Tempo Have you ever stood over your ball about to hit a chip shot and got really nervous? You start thinking about what if I chunk this chip shot? Then when you perform your chipping motion, you speed up the downswing, deviating from your normal, smooth […]