Cleveland Women’s 588 RTX Wedge Review


Cleveland Women’s 588 RTX Cavity Back Wedge Review

Picking out a new wedge (or multiple wedges) should be a lot of fun these days thanks to the improvement in technology that allows wedge manufacturers to shape the head, soles, grinds, and grooves precisely for optimal performance around the greens.

Today we will review the latest wedge by Cleveland, the Women’s 588 RTX golf wedge. After testing the men’s version I can assure you that you’ll love the feel and forgiveness of the women’s version.

Wedge shots with the 588 RTX get lots of spin in all types of situations from deep rough to bunkers to wet conditions and the consistency is a huge factor which helps build distance control around the greens on chip shots.

Before we dive full into today’s review of the 588 RTX wedge, here are two resources worthy of checking out!

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And when you purchase your new golf wedge, you’ll want to practice dialing in your distance control with it. Here is a great golf chipping drill to help you get better quickly with your new golf wedge.

Cleveland Women’s 588 RTX Wedge Technology

cleveland women's 588 rtx wedge

Cleveland stepped up to the plate and delivered big with the new women’s 588 RTX Wedge. You’ll love the increased spin you get around the greens from a combination of innovations Cleveland made to the face. It’s also a more forgiving wedge thanks to the cavity back feature.

Technology Features:

  • Laser Milled Groove Patterns
  • Wide Sole (Reverse C Sole)
  • Cavity Back for Forgiveness
  • Larger Grooves
  • More Durable Grooves
  • Improved Surface Roughness for More Spin

Larger Grooves

On the women’s 588 RTX wedge you’ll find 16% larger grooves etched into the wedge face. This was worked on after talking closely with professional tour players and their need for maximizing spin on crucial scoring shots.

The new U-grooves are not only 16% larger but more precise as well to help you gain the most control on your shots especially in clutch situations from the bunker, the rough, or in wet rainy conditions.

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More Durable Laser Milling

Considering how many golf shots we hit with our wedges, especially during practice sessions, there is a need for a wedge face that is durable and withstands the beating it will take over a long period of time.

Cleveland improved the laser milling on the 588 RTX wedge so that the surface “roughness technology” is more durable and dimensionally optimized to create even more friction during the wedge shot at impact.

You’ll notice an increase in spin on chip shots, pitches, and half shots from almost any lie.

New Rotex Face Increases Spin

Cleveland innovated the women’s 588 RTX wedge face to feature a new Rotex micro milling pattern designed to increase spin to give you more control with your wedges and improve your short game performance.

Each wedge is built with a different refined grooved shapes from the laser etched micro milling pattern depending on the wedge’s loft to optimize performance for that particular loft setting.

PRACTICE PLAN: Try Our Short Game Practice Plan with Drills + Worksheets

The milled face pattern is directionally milled to add roughness that generates friction and imparts maximum spin, especially on open face wedge shots like flop shots.

On lower lofted wedges, you’ll find a milled pattern directional towards the leading edge while on higher lofted wedges you’ll find the milled pattern directional towards the toe.

This matches the pattern angle to the swing path golfers typically use to create increased spin and optimal performance in your short game.

Cavity Back

The Cleveland Women’s 588 RTX is a cavity backed wedge and this cavity is built in to promote perimeter weighting which increases the wedge’s forgiveness on off-center hits just like cavity backed irons promote more forgiveness as opposed to blade clubs.

Reverse C Sole

You’ll love the wide sole featured on the 588 RTX wedge. The wide sole combined with toe grinds and heels grinds will help you play better from deep rough and sand bunkers. Contact will be more consistent and the club will fight through the rough and sand better.

RESOURCE: Download my How to Break 80 Golf Practice Plan

What Loft Options for the Women’s 588 RTX Wedge?

This Cleveland golf wedge is available in 4 different lofts; 48, 52, 56, 60. It also has a ladies flex, graphite shaft and is available in both right handed and left handed options.

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How Much Does The Cleveland Women’s 588 RTX Wedge Cost?

Currently, the women’s 588 RTX wedge is available for sale on Amazon at $79. This is an affordable price for a women’s golf wedge considering many wedges start out well above $100.

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