TaylorMade Women’s M2 Golf Driver Review


TaylorMade M2 Ladies Driver Review

In 2017, TaylorMade launched an improved version of the M2 Driver in both men and women’s versions. Today we review the 2017 M2 women’s driver and all the technology packed into it to help your performance on the tee box.

For example, TaylorMade achieved a new level of distance with their drivers when they came up with the all new Geocoustic technology. This was quickly implemented into the TaylorMade M2 Driver to increase distance and improve forgiveness on your drives.

taylormade womens driver review m2

The M2 also features a Speed Pocket which is now 3 times more flexible than the original M2 driver launched in 2016. This greatly increases the speed of the driver, helping you swing faster, more effortlessly.

And what happens when club speed increases?

The golf ball is struck with more power and more energy transfers to it from the club face, which results in faster ball speeds. In total, your drives fly farther and roll further giving you longer distances off the tee.

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What else is new?

TaylorMade was able to re-position weight/mass to the back of the sole of the club and lower in the sole. This effectively increased the overall inertia without sacrificing the low center of gravity so that the club can launch the ball higher, with less spin, and generate longer distances.

This was achieved by saving 25g of weight on the carbon composite crown which is now a lesser dense titanium material. The mass was then relocated lower and deeper in the sole.

The head of the driver is 460cc and features a larger sweet spot to help you on shots that normally just miss the center.

The M2 golf driver is also a lightweight golf club, making it easier for women to swing faster. It’s durable and the paint job is pretty slick to help you feel stylish on the course.

Which Shaft & Loft Options Does the M2 Golf Driver Offer?

You can choose between 9.0, 10.5, and 12.0 degrees of loft on the TaylorMade M2 Women’s driver.

Personally, it’s recommended you choose a higher loft by default to make launching the golf ball higher, easier. Most female players lose distance because they struggle to get lift on the golf ball.

How Much Does the Women’s M2 Golf Driver Cost?

Because it’s a 2017 model and TaylorMade has since released the M4 Driver (2018) and M6 Driver (2019), you can find this women’s driver golf club for sale at a reasonable $299 on Amazon here.

Once you purchase your new driver you should work on your swing fundamentals. Learning the proper way to swing the driver so you can hit straight with it and get maximum distance and accuracy. Start with this video on the proper golf swing sequence!

Thanks for reading our review of the M2 Ladies Driver by TaylorMade.

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