Cobra F Max Women’s Driver Review


Cobra F Max Women’s Golf Driver Review

If you have moderate swing speed, feel like you don’t hit the golf ball far on tee shots, or struggle to get the ball launching high into the air, then the Cobra F Max Women’s Offset Driver is for you!

cobra f max offset womens driver

It’s designed as an “off-set” driver meaning it has draw bias built into it for helping you reduce your slice golf swing or add more draw overall to your shots. This is one way to fix a bad golf swing as well as add distance to your shots from the draw spin produced.

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Cobra engineered this women’s driver to be more forgiving as well so that you can hit more fairways in regulation.

It’s also specifically designed for the moderate swing speed using lightweight technology to help you produce effortless speed and distance when swing the F Max Women’s Offset driver.

Three things you’ll notice with this particular women’s driver:

#1: Larger Grips:

Larger, standard grips than you’d find on a men’s club. Made with a softer compound to improve comfort when holding the driver and improve swing quality from enhanced grip.

#2: Lighter Shafts:

The best way to help golfers with slower swing speeds is to lighten the overall weight of the golf club. This alone can help amateur golfers swing the club faster, generating more power into the golf ball and thus longer distances.

#3: Lighter Swing Weights:

Designed to provide more comfort for moderate swing speed golfers. Also positioned strategically on the clubhead to help you launch it higher and straighter.

Golf Club Technology

The F Max Women’s Driver features a forged Titanium 6-4 face. This delivers faster ball speeds across the entire face including mishits which are more common among amateur players. It’s designed to be more forgiving.

The face also features slits on the toe side and heel side of the face that leave a middle zone for helping you align the ball center in the face.

Another alignment aid on the F Max driver is on the crown. The Cobra name is stamped on the center near the face edge so help serve as alignment for the golf ball.

The shaft is a Cobra Women’s Superlite 46g driver shaft with a low-mid kickpoint, mid-high torque, and women’s flex. This will help you produce faster swing speeds.

The Cobra F Max Women’s driver is a 15 degree lofted driver which would be equal to a 3 wood normally. However the larger headsize (460cc) of the driver as compared to a fairway wood, makes this club easier to make solid contact with the golf ball.

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How Much Does the Cobra Women’s F Max Driver Cost?

We recommend buying it off of Amazon due to their generous customer return policy and fast shipping. You can check out more about the Cobra Women’s F Max Draw driver club on Amazon here.

It is currently priced under $200 making it one of the more affordable golf drivers for female golfers.

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Alternative Women’s Golf Drivers with Draw Bias?

If you want to explore your options and aren’t ready to purchase the Cobra Women’s F Max Offset driver, here are some other options of drivers with draw bias.

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