cobra f7 irons review

Cobra King F7 Irons Review (4 Reasons to Buy)

Cobra King F7 Irons Review

Cobra is one of the biggest players in golf that always innovates and comes up with the best golf products that take the market by storm.

Over the past few years, the company has worked hard adding more power to their clubs and more stability for consistency than other manufacturers in the industry.

The Cobra King F7 golf iron set is designed for distance and forgiveness, and their mid-sized cavity back is a good indication of that.

These irons are a great choice for mid-handicap golfers who are looking forward to improving their game.

They come with a combination of technical innovations, and great looks to give you the confidence you need and launch the ball higher hitting more greens.

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Cobra F7 Irons Features:

The Look

If you have that notion that mid-sized cavity back irons look terrible at the address position, then Cobra King F7 is here to change your perception. The aesthetics are amazing.

The F7 Cobra irons come with a clean nickel chrome finish and subtle black and orange color scheme on the back. These colors will not be distracting, but they’ll still be flashy enough to give you confidence on the course.

The moderate offset helps you square the ball at impact, and the mid-sized top line helps boost your confidence at address.

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Feel & Sound Review

The meaty texture of the iron gives it an appealing, deep, thuddy feel. It offers good feedback and a thwack sound at impact.

Cobra F7 Irons Performance

There are many features that enhance the performance of this set of irons. First, Cobra King F7 comes with the trademarked Thin, Optimized and Personalized (TOP) medallion located on its back.

This changes the weight to optimize CG. It also lessens vibrations on mis-hits making the club more forgiving.

The clubs come with a wide sole suitable for mid to high handicappers whose hands get high on the backswing hence getting steep on the downswing. The wide sole helps alleviate some of the chunked shots helping them hit a clean shot for maximum distance.

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The long irons also come with a full hollow design which allows it to lower the center of gravity (CG) hence giving a higher launch angle.

The 6 and 7-irons come with a half hollow design placing the CG higher and forward for more forgiveness. The 8-iron, 9-iron, and the pitching wedge come with an open cavity back design improving the club’s functionality and forgiveness.

Shorter irons offer a lot of sip hence enabling players to easily control their approach shots. The clubs differ in spin rates with the CNC milling ensuring maximum spin.

The Progressive Spin technology ensures optimum spin rates in every iron. The iron also has the PWRShell faces that maximize the ball speed, and large area faces for added forgiveness and consistency.

The combination of high performing grooves, CG location, and the varied construction designs ensures every player that uses the irons is filled with confidence no matter the conditions.

The F7 iron set guarantees extra yards with lots of control and maximum forgiveness as compared to its predecessor the F6.

Cobra King F7 Irons Price

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