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What Do Pings Dot Colors Mean? (Ping Color Codes Explained)

You’ve probably seen the different dot colors on Ping golf clubs and wondered what do these different color codes mean. Well today, we will lay out the basics of the Ping color code system so you get an idea of why they chose this unique dot color system.

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What is Ping Color Code?

ping color code chart

Check out this Ping Color Code Chart above.

Many golfers especially the beginners still find it hard to understand the ping color codes on the back of ping golf clubs. To understand this, you have to be aware that irons have to be customized to fit every golfer in terms of physical size, ball flight, and swing tendency.

This is where ping color codes come into play. Ping was the first manufacturer to come up with this type of club fitting system. In simple terms, ping color code is just the lie angle of your iron shaft.

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What’s the Meaning of Ping Dot Colors?

Every dot in Ping color code symbolizes a degree and the type of lie angle of the club. This is the angle between the shaft and ground at normal playing position.

A proper lie angle is important in improving your accuracy, and this is what Ping color code system seeks to address.

There are 10 different color codes which each of them representing a certain amount and a direction of deviation from every iron’s standard lie angle.

The color codes include brown, orange, gold, black, red, green, blue, silver, white and maroon and are separated by one degree.

How Does the Ping Dot System work?

Originally, Ping’s dot system came in a variation of 1 degree which later changed to 0.75 degrees with the addition of two colors. Before buying a golf club, you need to know your golfing history and play style.

Before assigning a golf club suitable for you, Ping club fitters will test your height as well as the wrist-to-flow distance using measuring devices.

Your measurements will then be plotted into the chart to find the appropriate length and lie angle suitable for you.

If you have longer arms, you will need longer shafts that extend to an angle that is closer to the ground. The resulting measurements are used in comparison with Ping Color Chart, and then you get the appropriate club for you.

Your swing is also tested using a lie board and analyze the ball flight and help choose the correct color code.

If you are a player with shorter arms, a clubhead with an upright angle is the best for you. Golfers with shorter arms need a clubhead with an upright angle while those with longer arms need a clubhead with a flat angle.

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Why is Lie Angle Important?

Most golfers overlook the importance of adjusting their golf irons to suit them, especially their lie angle.

You need to adjust the specifications of the iron to suit your particular swing for better launch angles, straighter ball flights, and to give correct distance since different manufacturers have different specs for lie angles.

It is important that you get a proper lie angle when buying a set of irons. Measuring the lie angle helps you determine how the club is interacting with the ground at impact.

Two things happen when your lie angle is not adjusted correctly.

One, the club becomes too upright hence the toe is not making any contact with the ground at impact. Second, the club is too flat hence the heel is not making contact with the ground at impact.

A lie angle directly affects the direction of your shots hence having them adjusted makes a huge difference in your shots. Ping color code system comes in to help you get the right lie angle for improving your accuracy.

How Do You Know Which Color Code Suits You?

Now that you know the meaning of Ping Color Codes and how they work, it is time to choose the best ping color code for you. Head to the local Ping club equipment store and test out different irons and clubs to see which color coded clubs fit your golf swing the best!

They come in very wide varieties available in local stores and the one that will suit you best is one that you find comfortable and confident while using.

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