footjoy pro sl golf shoe review

Is the FootJoy Pro SL the Best Golf Shoe?

FootJoy has been a darling when it comes to the shoe manufacturing industry. The company has taken pride in making one of the best golf shoes in the market.

Their newest releases, Pro/SL Carbon golf shoes, are surely going to live up to that name they have created with other amazing shoes in the market.

But before we get so sure about it, let’s see what these shoes have to offer in this extensive Pro/SL and Pro/SL Carbon golf shoes review.

Pro/SL Carbon golf shoe is the updated version from FootJoy’s Pro/SL, which was quite successful since its launch in 2016. Like any other golfer or a golf shoe enthusiast, it’s natural to want to know what changed with the new version we will look at the two amazing shoes to find out what improved.

The new version retains the name and the styling of its predecessor Pro/SL, but of course, to be called an updated version, it must come with some technicalities that differentiate it from the earlier version.

According to those who’ve tried this fantastic golf shoe, the new version of Pro/SL features more traction and stability. It comes with a redesigned outsole perfectly crafted to form a beautiful figure 8, which the FootJoy marketing team calls an infinity symbol.

Golfers wearing these shoes can hit the ground with confidence, knowing they are all protected with up to 189 points of traction. The outsole also ensures maximum stability because it’s 11.5% wider than the predecessor.

Another noticeable feature in the Pro/SL Carbon is the level of comfort provided by the dual-density midsole.

FootJoy first tested this technology with their FJ Fury shoe back in 2019.  Because of how impressive it turned out, it seems like they’ve decided to incorporate it in the new kid in town.

Just in case you’re wondering why this new Pro/SL golf shoe has carbon on its name, you should know that your new catch is fitted with a full-length carbon fiber midsole.

Wondering what this does? Well, the experts say it adds flexibility and elasticity so that it can snap back to position with every step you make. Golfers need this kind of technology for energy when walking and ensuring the foot doesn’t get fatigued.

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Putting FootJoy Pro/SL and Pro/SL Carbon Golf Shoes to a Test

According to FootJoy, the Pro/SL golf shoe is a product that delivers quality stability and comfort to set the standard in performance footwear. Well, this is what the manufacturer says. To prove it, we’re going to put this shoe to the test.

Before hitting the course with this amazing pair, it’s worth noting that the shoe comes with an astonishing look. It comes with quite an incredible design and good look you’ll want to rock on a beautiful golfing weekend with friends. It’s no doubt going to attract the attention of every golfer in the course.

The design comes with a new powerharness on the upper. It is also well crafted to ensure it offers medial and lateral foot control. It looks like FootJoy is staying true to some traditional features because this amazing design has been around for several years.

Apart from the aesthetic features, Pro/SL feels soft and features a very lightweight. The upper is redesigned with chromoskin leather. Pittards premium leather is a pretty quality stuff you can ever have in a shoe.

Another thing you’ll notice when you get holds of the shoe is the altered outsole unit, which is unique to Pro/SL. The outsole comes built up in three separate sections sitting on top of each other.

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These are softer FTF underfoot that ensure perfect cushioning, firm FTF ensuring support and control, and finally, the infinity outsole.

From the test results, it’s not an exaggeration to say that Pro/SL is comfy both when swinging and just walking the course.

There are added comfort and support that you feel when on these shoes, thanks to the soft leather upper, the powerharness, and the FTF outsole.

The wider outsole of the new version is also an incredible addition because the 11.5% is much of a difference as far as support on the golf course is concerned.

The wider outsole feels like you’re standing on a solid base.

Pro/SL FootJoy doesn’t disappoint as it delivers what the manufacturer says with incredible bells and whistles.

Well, some differences between the Pro/SL and Pro/SL Carbon versions are clearly notable though they have undeniable resemblance as well.

Paying the money for this shoe is completely worth it for all the bells and whistles added like the carbon fiber inlay in the midsole, a tour spect stretch tongue, 3D molded heel collar, and finally, the artholite impressions insole which comes with the new Pro/SL version.

Check prices of the Footjoy Pro SL Golf Shoe on Amazon


Check prices of the FootJoy Pro SL Carbon Shoe on Amazon

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