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Free Bushnell GPS App Review

Free Bushnell App Review

Below we will highlight the Bushnell golf app that comes free with your Bushnell GPS devices & watches. You can download the app for free in the Apple and Android store depending on which mobile phone you have.

The app offers additional benefits to enhance your golf experience and allow you to do some cool things you can’t do alone with just your golf device.

Let’s dive into the features you’ll find on the free Bushnell golf app.

Features of the Free Bushnell App

(1) Swing Pro:

With Swing Pro, you can video your swing from your phone and then let the app analyze it to determine swing speed and swing tempo.

(2) Play Golf:

There are 36,000+ golf courses worldwide you get access to. Connection takes just a few seconds and it can auto locate the nearest or current course you’re at.

These courses come professionally mapped and have detailed data like front, back, center distances as well as custom distances to points on the golf hole.

(3) Golf Scores:

Track your golf score out on the course during your round. The score registers in the app and multiple rounds can be logged so you learn your scoring tendencies over time as well as stats like total putts.

(4) Seamless Updates:

When Bluetooth is turned on with your phone, your GPS device can auto update golf courses and information wirelessly, no need to plug in.

(5) Pedometer:

Track how many steps you walk in a day with the built in step counting feature that syncs daily to your mobile phone so you can track progress.

(6) Fitness:

Want to track your runs, walks, and bike rides? The fitness data section allows you to record speed, pace, and total distance traveled during your exercise sessions.

Two Sets of App Features

There are two versions of the free Bushnell app that comes with GPS devices you may own.

The first set of devices include the Tour V4, Tour V4 Shift, and Pro XE and they get access to 3D flyovers of holes, scorecard tracking, and hole layouts on the golf course.

GPS device owners of the Phantom, Hybrid, iON2, and Excel get access to the Swing Pro feature, the Pedometer, and Fitness data tracking.

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