Best Mallet Putters to Buy

Best Mallet Putters for a Straight Back Straight Through Putting Stroke Putting is a very important stroke in golf. Some would say that it is the most important shot at any hole. It is the shot that completes the hole. Unless you are an ace at driving, chipping, and wedging, your putting game will have […]

How to Practice Golf in the Winter

How to Practice Golf in the Winter Thanksgiving is over and it is now December. Winter has set in and the weather outside isn’t exactly conducive for golf, especially if you are located in an area that experiences cold weather. Winter can last a few months but you need to be on top of your […]

Alignment Stick Putting Stroke Path Practice (Easy Golf Drill)

Alignment Stick Putting Drill (Straight Putts) If we could hit every putt straight as we intend to, then golf would be much easier. But sometimes the putts just go offline and end up right or left of where we desired the putt to roll. To help reduce mishit putts, start by practicing your alignment using […]

Best Long Putting Drill for Speed Control (Reverse Ladder Drill)

Putting Drill: Reverse Ladder Lag Putting to Practice Speed Control Putting makes up a large percentage of every golfer’s score, even the professionals. If you can’t putt, you simply won’t score well. One area of putting that many beginners forget to focus on is long distance putting. There is a specific golf term used for […]

Putting Drill: Tiger Woods Gate Drill

Putting Drill – Tiger Wood’s Gate Drill Tiger Woods is one of the best golfers to play the game of golf and it’s incredibly important to study what the greatest athletes do to make themselves successful when you are desiring to get better at a sport. One thing we can copy from Tiger Woods is […]

5 Beginner Golf Drills for Putting Practice

Best Golf Putting Drill List In the world’s best golfer autobiography, Tiger Woods said, ”I am at the least as captivated with putting as I am at full swing. That is why I practice so much. Even though every player aspires to hit the ball into the hole with as few strokes possible, putting remains […]

Blade vs Mallet Putters Guide

Blade vs Mallet Putters Guide Putting is the soul and heart of golf. Without it, golf would not even exist. If you look at your recent scorecard, you’ll see that your putts make up for most of your shots. Selecting a putter for your game is never easy, especially when choosing between a mallet and […]

Fat Putter Grips for Golfers

Fat Putter Grips Golf Guide Now days you can find putter grips of all shapes and sizes. They are the only ones that are allowed to have a non-round shape, but still with all sorts of option available, the most popular option that people go for is the oversized/fat putter grip. Putter grips should be […]

10 Best Golf Putters to Buy

10 Best Golf Putters to Buy Without the putter, golf would be a rather simple game. Whether you are holding nerves in a four-foot downhiller or gauging a forty-foot winder, putters can make or break the game and are also the most used. As such, it is vital to find the best you can get, […]

What is a Good Golf Score?

What is a Good Golf Score? Golf is an individual sport that is played by making use of various clubs to hit balls from a tee into a hole. This sport is played and enjoyed by people of all genders and ages. In golf, the playing ground is called a “golf course”. Unlike other sports, […]