Best Golf Training Aids

#1: PuttOUT Putting Mat

For every golfer, a home setup is an essential tool and the PuttOUT Putting Mat allows you to practice in every part of your day with fun, efficiency, and ease. The mat reproduces medium-to-fast green speed, complete with printed alignment guidelines, target points, and distance markings. Improve your chipping stroke and work on distance control in your own house.

  • Built with long-lasting, heavy-rubber support that lies flat on any surface, rolls the mat away quickly and into a compact bag for use on the go.
  • The cut-in surface has a good quality, which replicates a medium to high green precisely with a readings stimpmeter of 10.

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#2: PuttOUT Pressure Putt Trainer

The PuttOUT Pressure Trainer is the appropriate item to combine with a mirror and a door with the PuttOUT mat. The coach works well too because it will help you get your putts to rest in the indentation at the right speed. It’s annoyingly hard but you will be a demon on the greens once you master it.

  • This training aid is designed for simulating the exact conditions of putting the new parabola curved design in a real hole on the green.
  • Every successful putt is back at the same distance if the hole had missed wonderful feedback to get it correctly.
  • Designed for returning good putts and rejecting bad putts.
  • Made from high quality, elastomer, and polycarbonate translucent, PuttOUT folds in your golf bag and fits in.
  • Build repeat practices to improve your pace and exert pressure.

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#3: SKLZ Smash Bag Golf Impact Swing Trainer Black

The SKLZ Smash Bag Golf Impact Swing Trainer Black is ideal for use in your house or the practice, and it attempts to help you learn with your hands the right effect position for a forceful descent stroke in front of the ball.

  • Ensures that the impact is right, removes fat and thin shots, and helps heal slices.
  • A proper target map offers visual input on impact quality and precision
  • Fills with towels or clothing quickly
  • Use at home or on the field
  • Safe for you and your clubs.

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#4: SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer Warm-up Stick

SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer Warm-up Stick is a popular item to use before warming up or teeing, which can be seen regularly at the first tee in golf courses. It helps develop the perfect speed and rhythm and makes your arms and body feel properly combined. It also helps stretch the muscles of your golf. The tiny version is 35″ and a longer version is available at more than 47.”

  • Every day 10-20 swings increase the speed, strength, and flexibility of swinging.
  • Easy to use. Just continuously “swing” the Gold Flex without halting at a position, as though it were swinging towards a metronome
  • Fights slices and smooths the swing
  • Low-impact stretch for pre-round warm-up
  • Easily fits into a golf bag

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#5: SKLZ Grip Trainer

SKLZ Grip Trainer fix and can remove easily from your clubs, to assist maintain your hands right before your swing, during your stroke, and after. The most crucial component of the golf swing is probably a perfectly neutral grip And this may help you achieve this at a very reasonable price.

  • Creates a muscle memory to hold the right hand and hold it.
  • Joins the majority of clubs from driver to coin
  • Enough small for your bag
  • Perfect for workouts or pre-round workouts
  • Built for right-handed golfers

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#6: Brand Fusion Tour Alignment Sticks

A Brand Fusion Tour Alignment Sticks can be helpful to your golf swing setup. They’re great for range alignment, ball position controls, swinging boxes, alignment, and many more. They also take up only a little bit of space in your bag and are quite cheap, hence you can keep them there all the time.

  • These sticks are designed to make it easier for the ball to approach your goal with your feet and hips.
  • Put the stick in parallel lines that can be used as a reference line in putter practice, so that you can practice by rolling the ball straighter.
  • Indicator Stick can also be used in the practice of swinging, one parallel stick, one perpendicular stick, and one perpendicular swing direction.
  • This allows the golfer to swing the conventional position and swing more straight away from the ball.
  • Durable to use and easy to carry.
  • Made of the ultra-resistant, tube covered with fiberglass. Every bag has 2 flexible poles, which is very suitable for putting in a golf bag. The bag has just 17.7 inches in size.

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#7: PrideSports Golf Alignment Sticks

The Pride Sports alignment works just as well as the ones above and comes in a double package. These are distinctive since they can be collapsed and can easily be kept inside your golf ball’s pocket or in your home drawer.

  • 48-Inch Full Length
  • Easy Storage Collapsible
  • Bright color to enhance training
  • 48-Inch Full Length
  • Great for practicing in the range 48-inch full long
  • Most utilized touring professionals training aid

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#8: Dave Pelz Golf Dual Target Short Game Net

Dave Pelz Golf Dual Target Short Game Net made under the name of legendary short game guru Dave Pelz, this short game net has three targets to help you hone in your chipping and also has a much larger open target if you turn it around. It can be easily used at home or in the backyard to keep your short game sharp.

  • Features 2 different training Systems: standard net and precision net
  • A standard chipping net and a 3-hole precision net
  • Easy transportation lightweight
  • Easily open and close
  • Practice everywhere, every day,

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#9: PGA Tour Pop Up Chipping Target Net

This PGA Tour Pop Up Chipping Target Net has three aims to help you improve your chipping, and is also a much bigger goal if you turn it around. It can easily be used in your house or backyard to sharpen your short game.

  • Perfect for golf beginners to practice hitting and chipping.
  • Portable design with a free carry bag to carry and store easily.
  • Made from durable nylon netting with a flexible frame that will let you enjoy this for years.
  • Easy pop-up design with fast easy takes down for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Unique design gives you different life experiences.

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#10: SKLZ Smart Glove

The SKLZ Smart Glove aims to fix this common swing flaw. The glove includes a plastic liner to keep your wrists flawless and tight. The plastic insert will let you know if the clubhead is released too früh and if the ball is “scooped.”

  • High-quality Cabretta leather glove is a dual-purpose guide to help ensure better ball contact
  • Removable, stiff insert guides a proper position of the hand and wrist throughout the Golf Swing to promote strokes on the plane.
  • The palm-side glove contains unique fabric for the correct grip and great feeling
  • For tea, fairways, and shooting and putting
  • The wrist guide can be removed for using the glove for official play

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#11: SKLZ Putt Pocket

The SKLZ Putt Pocket can be used for sinking putts at home. The horseshoe design of Putt Pocket will enable you to look at the high side of the hole and put your eyes like a pro. And since the cup is smaller than a conventional golf hole, the next time you’re at the green you will be more confident. The Putt Pocket has a weighted base and traction pad to guarantee the cup remains in place on practically any surface for added comfort.

  • Shrinks cups to promote abilities in the field
  • Helps improve readings, putting speed and precision fast
  • Train you up to the top of the hole where extra stitches are put into your bag.
  • Easy for practicing in the course or at home on mat

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General Q&A

Are golf training aids worth it?

Yes, most golfers can benefit from a good training aid, but not every problem they cure.

Can you use training aids on the golf course?

Not Allowed. Use any golf training or swing assistance like an alignment rod or a weighted headcover or a “donut,” or an incompatible golf club to swing in a practice facility, driving range, or at home to help a player to prepare or take a stroke.

What happens if shaft flex is too stiff?

The shaft bends in a swing that affects the clubhead position. The clubface will be quadrated on the ball to increase accuracy when you select the right flex. If you are stiff enough, you lose loft, so your shots will not be easily controlled.

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