How to Practice Golf in the Winter

How to Practice Golf in the Winter Thanksgiving is over and it is now December. Winter has set in and the weather outside isn’t exactly conducive for golf, especially if you are located in an area that experiences cold weather. Winter can last a few months but you need to be on top of your […]

Golf Chipping Practice Routine

Golf Chipping Practice Routine When you arrive at the golf course, it’s easy to fall into the trap of grabbing a wedge out of your bag, dropping a few balls on the fringe, and hitting some chips to a hole on the green without really putting much focus or effort into your practice. Today I […]

Best Golf Training Aids

Best Golf Training Aids: #1: PuttOUT Putting Mat For every golfer, a home setup is an essential tool and the PuttOUT Putting Mat allows you to practice in every part of your day with fun, efficiency, and ease. The mat reproduces medium-to-fast green speed, complete with printed alignment guidelines, target points, and distance markings. Improve […]

What is a Good Golf Score?

What is a Good Golf Score? Golf is an individual sport that is played by making use of various clubs to hit balls from a tee into a hole. This sport is played and enjoyed by people of all genders and ages. In golf, the playing ground is called a “golf course”. Unlike other sports, […]

Wedge Bounce Explained: Golf Equipment Guide

Wedge Bounce: What You Need to Know For many golfers out there, the approach shot with a wedge is far scarier than swings off the tee. The wrong wedge bounce can make you rip out your hairs for a missed shot in a very short distance. The precise calculation of the shot and the correct […]

How to Practice Golf (And Not Waste Your Practice Time)

How to Practice Golf (And Not Waste Your Practice Time) Going to the driving range and hitting 100 golf balls won’t do much for you, unfortunately. It’s not the best way to practice golf. However, in this guide we will break down a 3 step strategy for how to practice golf the right way so […]

5 Best Golf Practice Tips for Kids

5 Golf Practice Tips for Kids Below are 5 beginner golf practice tips for kids to follow to work on practicing your golf game and improving your golf scores. Golf is a fun sport to play and these golf tips for kids are also followed by the professional golfers like Tiger Woods, Jordan Spieth, Rickie […]

25 Best Chipping Drills to Practice in Golf

Best Golf Chipping Drills to Practice Whether your goal is to beat your friends this weekend during a round of golf or set a new personal best for low golf score, chipping drills are going to be your best friend. Chipping is the ultimate short cut to a lower golf score. Anytime you miss a […]

Chipping Drill #7: Pitching It to the Circle

Golf Pitching Drill: Chip to within the 3 Foot Circle In this golf drill you are going to work on your pitching skills which can save pars and keep your scores lower on golf holes that you miss the green in regulation. Pitching is one component of the short game and it takes place when […]

Battle Chip: Backyard Golf Chipping Game (Fun Training Aid)

Battle Chip – Fun Backyard Golf Chipping Game Looking for a fun, exciting game you can play at home AND work on your golf game? Then give the Battle Chip Backyard Chipping Game a try! It’s the golf version of corn hole. Instead of throwing sand bags at a corn hole board, you’ll chip golf […]