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How Do Pro Golfers Hit the Ball So Much Further

Why Do Pro Golfers Hit the Ball So Far?

Have you ever done a Google search on PGA Tour Driving Leaders? I’m often curious who the big hitters are on tour that can really smash a golf ball down the fairway. Some common names that come up are Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy, Bubba Watson, to name a few.

I recently did some research to see if these PGA Pro’s left any quotes or tips sharing tips on how they hit the ball so much further than the average golfer. Here is what I found…

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How Pro Golfer’s Hit the Ball Far – PGA Pro Swing Tips

In an interview with Golf Digest, Bubba Watson states “To give it a little extra, I turn my front foot out, toward the target. That helps me get through the ball faster. I have to watch that my body and hands don’t fall behind, but it definitely adds speed. When I’m playing with my buddies at home and they see that toe go out, they know I’m going at it.”

Camilio Villegas shares that he likes to relax his body so it’s more loose and not so tense during his golf swing. This allows him to unlock more power and speed. To stay relaxed, he focuses more on his breathing. Try it out next time you’re at the driving range.

Brandt Snedeker likes to widen his golf stance at address and then checks his grip to make sure it’s not to tight. He states that keeping the tension away allows him to swing fast without feeling like he’s over-hitting it.

Lauren Ochoa has a few tips for female golfers and amateurs. She stated in a Golf Digest interview that “Average golfers stop all their motion, all their momentum, at the ball. They hit and lean back on their back foot. Everything should be going forward on the downswing. Keep turning through the shot, and finish with everything on your front side. If you do that, you won’t lose your speed.”

Other golf swing tips the Pro’s mentioned include hitting the ball with a 3 wood instead of driver on the tee box. Amateurs usually hit their 3 wood better than the driver and thus can get more distance due to the straighter ball flight.

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Jason Day likes to tee his ball up in the center of the club face so if he happens to mishit it he knows where he mishit from and can adjust. When you start off teeing it in line with the toe or heel of the club it makes it more difficult to square up at impact.

Day also mentioned swinging wide on the back swing where your hands get further away from the head. But on the downswing he brings the swing back in narrow with power, meaning the hands get closer to the body at impact.

For Dustin Johnson, it’s about the knee flex. Here’s what he says “It’s amazing how just maintaining the flex in my right knee is a cure-all. My hips feel more restricted on the backswing, which makes my arms stop swinging when my shoulders stop turning. That’s what it means to be connected. The club shaft is in a perfect parallel position at the top.”

It really comes down to swing speed. Learn how to generate more speed with your driver, fairway woods, and irons to get maximum distance!

We also wrote this golf article sharing 4 tips to help you hit the golf ball farther. It’s worth a read.

Overall, golf is an individual sport for a reason. We all have our own unique swings habits and many of the swing tips mentioned above may or may not work out for you. The best tip is to find what works for you through lots of trial and error.

You can also seek out a professional swing coach to give you lessons and monitor your swing changes on video over time until you find a swing that works for you.

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