greens in regulation to hit to break 80

How Many Greens in Regulation Do You Have to Hit Per Golf Round?


How Many Greens Hit Per Golf Round to Break 80?

Looking for insight into how many greens in regulation you should be hitting to break 80 in golf? No worries. This video on our YouTube Channel will highlight the statistics to aim for based on your skill level and handicap.

And the trick to hitting more greens in regulation can be found in this article here.

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Check out these common questions about hitting greens including what it takes to break 100, 90, 80, 70. And at the end I’ve got a practice plan for you from my Foy Golf Academy website.

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Common Questions About Greens in Regulation

What is a Green in Regulation?

A green in regulation or GIR is the term for a golfer who hits the green in the required number of strokes for that hole. Every hole is either par 3, 4, or 5 and you subtract 2 strokes off par to calculate GIR.

  • Par 3 you are expected to hit the green on your tee shot
  • Par 4 you are expected to hit the green on the second shot
  • Par 5 you are expected to hit the green on your 3rd shot.

Why Greens in Regulation Matter?

The GIR statistic is used on the PGA Tour to track how well pro golfer’s can hit greens on their approach shot, even after a bad tee shot. If you’re great at hitting greens, then hitting fairways becomes less important as it’s greens in regulation that ultimately make it possible for pars and birdies.

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How Many Greens in Regulation Do You Need to Hit to Break 100?

To break 100 in golf you should be hitting at least 1 or more greens but you can hit 0 greens and still break 100

How Many Greens in Regulation Do You Need to Hit to Break 90?

If you want to break 90 in golf, the average golfer usually hits 3-4 greens per 18 holes. You need to make bogey on every hole to score 90 so technically you don’t need to hit any greens in regulation as long as you get up & down for par on at least one hole.

How Many Greens in Regulation Do You Need to Hit to Break 80?

To break 80 you’re going to need to hit several greens in regulation. We suggest aiming for half so 9 greens out of 18 holes. This leaves 9 greens you miss and potentially bogey putting your score at 81. But out of the 9 greens you don’t hit, we expect you to make par on at least 2 of them bringing your score back down to 79 from 81.

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How Many Greens in Regulation Do You Need to Hit to Break 70?

To break 70 you’ll need to miss very few greens. The more greens you hit the more birdie chances you’ll have which can help you get under par for the round of golf. It also reduces the number of up & down conversions for par needed, helping you to avoid costly bogeys.

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