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How Much Do Women Golfers Make? LPGA Income

Women’s Golf Income/Pay

Women’s golf has not gained as much popularity as men’s golf has. However, there are professional lady golf players who are earning a decent living and have a luxurious life from golf.

A salary of $1 million or more is what most top female golfers take home. Others take part in various endorsements earning them extra dollars.

Just like the men’s golf, salaries vary with their level on different golf tours, increasing gradually from amateurs to professional players at LPGA.

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Income from LPGA

According to the LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association) list, the average income of all players is $141,428.

The top ten players have an average of $1,320,900 having played in a minimum of 20 tournaments. The professional players and top-earners also benefit from sponsorship contracts and lucrative merchandising.

More opportunities for the players depend on how LPGA adds new tour events every year, which comes with an increase in the prize money.

This means more earnings for the players who win the most tournaments. In the most recent year, the total prize money was over $68 million.

Salaries also vary with tournament and country. Other golfers play part-time while others only participate in less competitive tours which do not have high prize money.

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Top 10 List of the Highest-Paid Women Golfers

  1. Anika Sorenstam

Anika Sorenstam is currently the highest-earning LPGA player. Her golf career has made her about $20 million in tournament prize money. The famous golf player also makes money from sponsorships.

  1. Kerrie Webb

Webb has earned over $18.5 million in her career as a golfer. All these are a result of the dedication and the love that Webb has shown for golfing ever since she became professional. She has won up to seven major champion winnings.

  1. Lexi Thompson

Lexi Thompson is listed among the top 10 highly paid lady golfers by the LPGA. Even though she initially earned most of her money from endorsements, Lexi’s golf career isn’t doing badly at $13 million net worth.

  1. Christie Kerr

Kerr is among the top-earning women golf players currently accumulated winnings worth $15.1 million. Her hard work and dedication has earned her a lot of tournament prizes and made her rank among the best female golf players worldwide.

  1. Michelle Wie

The 28-year-old LPGA player also enjoys huge earnings from golf tournaments. Wie is currently at a net worth of $12.8 million which are from LPGA tournaments. Mitchel also signed endorsement deals with Callaway earning her more income.

  1. Na Yeon Choi

Na Yeon Choi is an LPGA golfer from South Korea who is also earning huge money in her golf career. Her estimated net worth is $8 million. The lady golfer earned almost $1.9 million in 2010 playing 22 tournaments in the LPGA Tour.

  1. Yani Tseng

Tseng is the youngest lady golfer to win a major championship. She is listed among the top 100 most influential people in the world and has golf winnings of up to $ 9.4 million under her name.

  1. Paula Creamer

Paula has won herself up to 12 professional championships with 10 of them being under the LPGA Tour. Paula has accumulated up to $10.8 million in her golf career.

  1. Suzann Petersen

Susan has a net worth of $11.8 million playing golf. She is among the top-ranked female golfers in the world and has won up to 12 professional championships.

  1. Se Ri Pak

Se Ri Pak is a South Korean LPGA Tour player whose golf career have earned up to $12.8 million. At the age 36, Pak has won several professional championships making her a name as one of the highest-earning female golfers.

Other ways of earning for Women Golfers

Sponsorship contracts.

  • These are limited to the golfers who make it among the top 20 or 30 players. The earnings can be equal to their tour earnings or exceed.

Product endorsements.

  • Lexi Thompson is one female golfer who apart from playing golf earns from endorsing products. Currently, she has endorsed a multi-year deal with Bridgestone to promote their Golf line of high performance balls.

Appearance fees.

  • Professional golfers get paid when they agree to show up and play for a tournament. This fee is paid whether the golfer wins or misses the cut.

Tournament Winnings

In 2019 the U.S. Women’s Open had a purse of $5.5 million, $500,000 increase from last year. Of all women’s golf, this is the largest purse.

The winner will take home a $1 million check for the first time.

However, it will not be the highest this year for the woman golfer who will win as the CME Championship will give out $1.5 million later in the year.

Professionals will get a portion of the purse. Participants who are amateur will get a reimbursement for expenses incurred during championship week travel.