taylormade gapr review

TaylorMade GAPR Club Review (Fills the Gap Irons and Woods)

GAPR, which is pronounced as “gapper” is the newest type of club release in the market by TaylorMade. The GAPR line consists of the GAPR HI, GAPR MID, and GAPR LO. It’s intent is to fill the gap between your golf irons and your fairway woods.

TaylorMade has manufactured each of these clubs (GAPR Hi, Mid, Low) to meet the needs of golfers at different levels.

They may have the same name, but they differ in various aspects starting from the shape, center of gravity, and all are made explicitly for a different range of handicappers.

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Technological Similarities

Each one of the GAPR clubs contains a 450 stainless steel body and a C300 stainless-steel face that is durable and thin. Every hollow body of the GAPR has a new and improved Speed Foam to enhance the feel and sound at impact.

The sole comes with a hollow body design that offers plenty of face flex for added ball speed as well as a perfect combination of forgiveness and distance.

The hosel is adjustable enough to permit the decrease or increase of loft to one and a half degrees, which help golfers bridge their gap and attain optimal carry distance.

The clubs have a non-adjustable weight at the sole; this places the center of gravity at a specific position for each model of GAPR.

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Review of the GAPR HI

The GAPR HI’s size and shape of the head resemble the TaylorMade M3 hybrid. Similar to the M3 is the Loft Sleeve that is adjustable.

This allows golfers to tweak lie and loft settings as they wish. It has a non-interchangeable center of gravity on the sole hence providing a higher trajectory and better distance.

GAPR HI targets the high-handicappers. The three, four, five, and six irons have been replaced by four right-handed lofts of 19, 22, 25 and 28 degrees respectively. Left-handed players have only the three and four lofts to choose from.

As TaylorMade puts it, GAPR HI is meant- to fill the gap between a player’s shortest wood and longest iron to provide the best-golfing experience.

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Review of the GAPR MID

The target players for GAPR MID are mid handicappers. The right and left-handers have the three-iron and four-iron lofts while the five-iron loft is only for the left-handers.

GAPR is more of iron than hybrid. It has a wide sole to fit the CG weight, which is non-removable. It also features the TaylorMade’s Speed Pocket that tapers into a wide topline.

GAPR MID comes with a low center-of-gravity sole center. This feature offers a lower spin and a lower ball flight than that of the GAPR HI.

The GAPR MID has a closed back and filled with TaylorMade’s Speed Foam in place of a cavity in the back.

The GAPR MID does not look like a standard iron though it has some features that are reserved for game-improvement irons.

TaylorMade assures players that the ball is shaped like any other iron but with added forgiveness and distance.

Review of the GAPR LO

Of the 3 GAPR designs, the GAPR LO is the smallest though at first sight resembles the GAPR MID. Despite its size, this club still comes with remarkable features.

It has a narrower front-to-back footprint and a smaller profile which is mostly desired by elite players for workability and shot-shaping.

The low-forward position is where the center-of-gravity is located, and this ensures better distance and trajectory for better penetration.

Professionals and low handicappers are the target group for this club. The GAPR LO offers left-handers with two-iron and three-iron lofts while the right-handers have two-iron, three-iron, and four-iron lofts.


GAPR HI is for single figure golfers, the model to go for if you want to take your game to the next level.

Its ultra-low center-of-gravity offers maximum distance and a trajectory with higher penetration. To ensure the gaps between your woods and irons are covered perfectly, get the GAPR fitted well on a GC Quad.

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