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How to Control Golf Ball Trajectory?

Most golfers think controlling golf ball trajectory is something that is for professionals or experienced amateurs.

When you have this valuable skill, you can hit the ball low and high on command. It will prepare you to deal with new conditions that may arise on the course.

Many players think trajectory control is far too complicated. There’s no need to deviate from your golf swing very much to get a lower or higher flight.

Making a couple of adjustments will help you achieve great results. Keep reading the guide to learn how to control golf ball trajectory.

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Hit The Golf Ball High

Hitting the ball higher is nearly the opposite of hitting it low. Both trajectory and spin will increase by swinging fast. The ball will go up more when you swing down and go up faster when you make your swing steeper.

You need to take one club less instead of clubbing down when hitting into the wind as you are swinging faster. It would help if you made a divot to make the golf ball go higher.

How to Set Up to Hit the Ball Higher?

First, adjust yourself to attain a balanced position. If you’re a right-handed player, most of your weight must be on the left side to hit down the ball correctly.

It would be best if you had maximum length, so you don’t choke up on the golf club, and align the golf ball more forward in the stance to hit it higher. If you do not adjust your weight forward, it will not work. It could lead to sculling shots with your weight back.

Remember to tilt the shaft angle backward as it helps you not press the ball forward as you do with wedges and irons.

At last, slightly drop back your shoulder down to adjust the shoulder tilt.

Now, usually swing on the backswing and then think about finishing high on the follow-through to let it fly.

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Hit The Golf Ball High Drill:

  1. Put the golf ball slightly forward from the center.
  2. Take your hands back while set up.
  3. Make your follow-through longer and think about finishing higher.
  4. Try to swing harder to make the golf ball go higher.
  5. Tee it higher when hitting off a tee.

Now you know how to hit the golf ball high, it is time to learn the opposite. Here’s how to hit the ball lower.

Hit The Golf Ball Low

When hitting the ball low, golfers make several mistakes. The first one is to position the golf ball too far back. It makes you hit the ball higher instead of hitting it lower.

Your swing gets steep when you position the ball too far back in the stance. It makes you hit down on the golf ball, resulting in finishing high. It also provides a ton of backspin to the ball, and no player wants it when trying to hit the golf ball lower.

It’s better to carry an extra golf club and swing smoothly. Don’t think slow. Think smooth and swing slightly slower to keep the ball low.

Use this technique to minimize the ball spin rate to have a lower trajectory of the ball. Lower spin rates reduce the chances of a ball flying high. Here are some other tips that allow you to hit the golf ball lower.

How to Set Up to Hit the Ball Lower?

First, adjust yourself to attain a stable position, so you can take full advantage of your swing to hit the ball lower. Once you finish the setup, choke up on the grip to generate a more balanced swing.

It helps the golf ball travel with a more piercing trajectory through the wind. It would be best to keep the ball once back from your normal position so it won’t back off from your right foot. At last, slightly drop down your front shoulder to adjust the shoulder tilt.

If you think about finishing low, you will hit the ball low. Make sure not to take the club higher than your rib cage during the follow-through. We already know swinging high takes the ball higher.

You may feel like swinging midway back and halfway through. Always think about swinging smoothly instead of hitting the ball hard.

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Hit The Ball Lower Drill:

  1. Put the golf ball slightly backward from the center.
  2. Take your hands forward once you set up.
  3. Keep your backswing short.
  4. Make the follow-through shorter and think of hit and hold.
  5. Try to swing smoothly to make the golf ball go lower.
  6. Tee it lower when hitting off a tee.

How to Hit a Draw?

Additional FAQ

Why Do You Need to Control Your Golf Ball Trajectory?

Most golfers don’t even give importance to golf ball trajectory. As a result, it makes their game even harder.

Hitting the ball too high in the wind will give you a miserable experience. You will also struggle to keep the ball on the greens with wedges and irons, resulting in bad scores.

If the ball trajectory is too low, you may face opposite problems. Hitting the golf ball low might help you in the wind, but on regular days, you might get into trouble by missing the greens long.

So, learning how to control your golf ball trajectory helps to hit more fairways. It also benefits you in the bad weather as your game will remain consistent.

Remember, working the ball low or high is the most valuable tool you can have in your arsenal. Keep practicing different types of shots (draws and fades) off course, lead to saving strokes when playing the game.

Which Type of Shot Do You Recommend?

I recommend playing a high ball flight because you can easily hit it lower than a low ball hitter trying to fly the ball high. A high shot also gives you more options for birdies and pars.

Try these tips when you’re practicing, as it is the key to success in learning how to control your trajectory.

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