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How to Find the Sweet Spot on Your Driver

How to Find the Sweet Spot on Your Driver

Let’s cut right to the chase before getting into some golf swing tips. To find the sweet spot on your driver, you’ll want to purchase some club face stickers designed to show you where you’re hitting the ball on the face of the club.

They come in a roll depending on which training aid website you buy them off of, but you’ll peel one off and place it on the face of your golf driver.

From there, hit several range balls on the driving range and then check where you’re tendencies are on your club face.

But most importantly, hit range balls until you hit some that feel like you nailed the sweet spot on the driver face. On the shots where you can feel you hit the sweet spot, stop and see where it was on the tape.

Every driver has a different sweet spot zone.

Now compare this with the spot you’re hitting most frequently on your club face.

If the spot you’re hitting most frequently on the club face isn’t the driver’s sweet spot that gets you maximum distance and nice ball flight, then you need to figure out how to adjust your golf swing to start hitting the sweet spot more.

Below we’ve got some general swing tips to help you hit longer drives. But as far as hitting the sweet spot on the club face, you’ll likely need to make adjustments on your own through trial and error or see a swing instructor to get your club face square at impact and hitting that sweet spot more consistently.

Here are some golf swing tips to help you hit bombs off the tee:

#1: Tee the golf ball higher

Most drivers place their sweet spot higher up on the face. Teeing it higher can help give you more room to get the sweet spot on the ball at impact. If you tee to low, you never give yourself a chance of hitting it on the sweet spot.

#2: Keep the face as square as possible at impact

It’s easier said than done and it’s also why we recommend seeing a swing instructor. But once you can get consistent with squaring the club face up at impact, you’ll have a higher chance of hitting the sweet spot. When the club is open or closed, you’ll end up with heel and toe shots as well as slices and hooks.

#3: Rotate the body through impact, don’t slide

Many beginners have bad weight-transfer with their lower bodies and hips. Most try sliding their hips toward the target instead of rotating the lower body toward the target.

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