How to Get Better at Chipping FAST (Golf Practice Hack)

If you want to get better at chipping in a short time period, follow this method and you’ll see a huge improvement in your golf short game skills.

Step 1: Find the Right Golf Course Practice Area

I want you to find a local golf course nearby that is open to the public for using their practice area.

Their practice facility should include a putting green that ALLOWS chipping too. If you see signs that say no chipping, find a different golf course as this one won’t work.

You want to be able to hit a chip shot onto the practice green and then go putt it into the hole. You can’t do this if they require separate greens for chipping and putting. Lame.

Step 2: Complete this Chipping Practice Routine

Use a set of 5 golf balls so you can hit more chips per hour than practicing with 1 ball or 3 balls. I recommend 5 balls if the green is busier with people but if it’s empty and open, you can step up to 10 balls at a time to get more chips per hour.

When looking at the practice green, identify the North, South, East, and West sides of the green.

  • Start by picking a spot on the North side of the practice green to chip from.
  • Set down your 5 golf balls in the rough a few yards from the edge of the green.
  • Pick a hole on the green to chip to.
  • Hit all 5 balls to the hole, trying to get them as close as you can (preferably within 3 feet or less)

Once you’ve hit all 5 chip shots, walk onto the green with your club and use it to measure which balls are within 3 feet (1 club length) of the hole.

Keep track of how many points you scored out of 5.

Now go back and complete 4 more sets from the same location you just chipped from here on the north side of the green.

This in total will be 25 chips from the north side of the green to the hole you’ve chosen.

Once those are complete, head to the East side of the green and find a spot in the rough to chip from. You’ll be chipping to the same exact hole again but now a new location around the green.

Complete 25 chips from this East side location.

Then find spots to chip from on the South side and West side to complete 25 chips at each location.

In total you’ll have completed 100 chips after you’ve done your 25 chips from the North, East, South, and West sides around the chipping/putting practice green to the same exact hole.

This will give you experience chipping to the same hole from various distances away and different angles so you can learn how slope and break affects your chips as you change locations around the practice green.

If one of the sides of the green to the hole was a shorter chip, then the opposite side of the green will make it a farther chip, so you get experience with longer and shorter chip shots as well.

After 100 chips, how many points did you score today? How many chips got within 3 feet or less of the hole, earning you points?

Record this number in the notes of your phone.

Step 3: Repeat this for 30 Days in a Row

Here’s the part where I lose 60% of you. I want you to do this chipping routine every day for 30 days in a row.

At the end of the 30 days, you’ll have completed 3,000 chipping reps (30 days x 100 reps per day).

This is how you’ll quickly improve your chipping. It’s the consistency aspect!

Showing up every day like you do to your job or to school is how you continue to learn and improve and get better. You gain experience and you’ll make adjustments and before long at the end of these 30 quick days that fly by, you’ll be much improved at chipping.

How Long Does 100 Chipping Reps Take?

I’ve tested this myself as well as with students I coach and it’s not very long to complete 100 reps of chipping. The key to making it go faster is using more golf balls so you get more reps in each set.

You should be able to achieve 25 chips per 15 minutes on the slow end of the spectrum while my student was able to achieve closer to 50 chips per 15 minutes.

At these rates you’re looking at 30 minutes to 60 minutes to complete 100 chips.

In total for the next 30 days, you’ll spend 15-30 hours chipping and this is how you quickly improve.

If you have more time to practice, then do 200, 300, 400 reps of chipping practice each day and you’ll gain improvement even faster.

Overall, this is a simple, easy method for chipping practice that will give you a variation of chip shots during one practice session so you’re not hitting the same chip shot all practice. You’ll learn different distances, lies, slopes, breaks while getting in 100 quality reps each day. The key is showing up 30 days in a row and not skipping this part.

Give yourself 3,000 chip shots and you’ll be much improved compared to where you stand today.

Be great today,

Nick Foy Golf

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