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Indoor Putting Green Review: Putt-A-Bout 9 Foot Mat

Who said you can’t get better at putting from home? I absolutely love working on my golf game from the convenience of my house and it’s why I invested in the Putt-A-Bout Indoor Golf Putting Mat. It’s one of the great training aids a golfer can use during winter to practice putting drills indoors.

This putting green is 9 feet long and 3 feet wide which makes it great for working on your putts inside of 10 feet. And if you’ve seen our golf academy program, we preach the importance of spending most of your time practicing putts inside 10 feet if you want to lower your golf scores quickly.

Before we dive into the review of the Putt-A-Bout Putting Green, make sure you download our free list of golf drills to build a strong short game!

Best Features of the Putt-A-Bout Indoor Putting Green

First let’s talk quality of material which is important if you’re trying to simulate a real practice green while indoors. This particular indoor putting mat is made of a high quality putting surface that stays smooth (no wrinkles) and is manufactured in the USA. The product also notes its manufactured from PET resin.

The design of the green is kidney shaped to add some challenges and make the putting alignment process important. It comes with 3 different hole options so you can adjust your angles accordingly.

The one downside is there is no ball return feature. But on the flip side, it doesn’t have the unrealistic raised platform down by the cups, making putts go uphill at the last second.

This allows you to get a more true roll and feel for distance control without having to give it extra power to get it up a fake hill at the end like the ball return putting greens typically have. Maybe this is just personal preference but I like the flatter layout of this green and don’t mind walking to get my balls like I would on a normal practice green at a golf course.

Pricing is also very affordable for this indoor golf training aid. You can pay around $39 on Amazon here.

Lastly, they built in some sand trap cut outs to penalize you for missed shots. This can add some challenge and make this indoor putting mat more fun.

Invite over some friends for a sports game on TV and during commercial breaks have mini competitions with your buddies.

If you want more indoor golf drills to practice this winter, check out our 21 day practice plan that also comes with exercises and workouts as a bonus to help improve your golf fitness.

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