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Jordan Spieth Grip – How Will It Affect His Future Success on the PGA Tour

Jordan Spieth Grip – Analysis of His Quirky Golf Grip

The Jordan Spieth Grip is certainly creating talk around the world by PGA Teachers and Instructors. Breaking down Spieth’s grip, you’ll notice it’s a derivative of the standard overlapping grip 98 percent of PGA Tour players use and the interlock used by Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods.

It certainly isn’t your standard textbook golf grip by any means. So why is Spieth’s grip so different?

Instead of resting the little finger of his right hand on top of his left index finger or linking his pinkie and index fingers, Spieth lets that left index finger ride on top of the right hand and slightly interlock with his right pinkie.

With that finger position–and an overall weak grip in general–Spieth doesn’t have any trouble hitting draws or fades on command.

By overlapping his left index finger, Spieth probably gets even more feel in his right hand.  The reverse overlap gives him that extra feel and control in his right palm.

The Jordan Spieth Grip: Hand Position

In terms of hand position, Spieth’s left hand is in a relatively weak position, or rotated toward the target while his right hand is somewhat strong (rotated away from the target).  Spieth’s right hand stays under the golf club’s grip, thus keeping the clubface square for longer.

When you compare it to Rory’s right hand, you’ll notice Rory’s is more turned-over.

It’s a subtle but important distinction. It may hurt Spieth down the road if courses continue to lengthen and favor big-hitters like Rory, Dustin, Bubba, etc. But in the mean time Jordan continues to perform well in most statistical categories and should continue to pull in victories each season on the PGA Tour.

The Jordan Spieth Putting Grip

On the putting greens, the Jordan Spieth grip consists of a standard cross handed configuration similar to Jim Furyk.  Spieth’s putting grip works because it eliminates wrist movement during the stroke.

We’ve all seen the statistics to back his putting grip up, as he’s consistently ranked at the top for different putting statistics, especially long range makes.

Here is a quick video sharing more tips on the Jordan Spieth Putting Grip

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