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Kirkland Golf Balls Review (Costo Golf Ball Worth the Money?)

Costco’s Kirkland Golf Balls Review

One of the more recent excitements in the golfing world was the release of Kirkland Golf Balls by big brand Costco. We normally think of Costco as a big retail store where you can buy food and items in bulk at discount, but so allows you with golf balls too.

Kirkland is the signature golf ball and has multiple options available just like you can buy multiple versions of Titleist or TaylorMade golf balls.

Why are Kirkland golf balls generating so much buzz in the golf industry? For many golfers, they feel they are getting a professional, high performing golf ball but at a fraction of the cost of most professional grade golf balls.

In the review below we will highlight the different Kirkland golf ball options you can choose from when shopping for an affordable, budget friendly golf ball that still features performance and quality.

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Kirkland Signature Tour Performance

Here are 3 reasons to buy the Costco Golf Ball:

  • Good Ball for Beginners
  • Durable and Cost Effective
  • Great Performance

Good Golf Ball for Beginners

One of the best things about this Costco Golf Ball is that it helps beginners hit the golf ball whenever they are on the course. The ball is soft and its green allows the ball to move throughout the course.  It makes it easier to swing whenever you are in the field.

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Durable and Cost-Effective

Costco’s Kirkland Golf Balls are known for its durable urethane cover. This cover gives off the soft premium feeling.  The urethane cover is known for its soft but durable layer. It keeps the ball from breaking even after several tees.

Great Performance

Kirkland Balls are designed to give the best distance and spin for beginners and mid-handicappers. This is due it to its 4 layers that make this ball much more impressive compared to its 3-piece version. Its outer exterior is made from urethane.

This urethane cover gives the ball a premium look. Apart from that, it also has a mantle, outer, and larger core. These layers make the ball have a better spin and reach.

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Kirkland Signature Performance Plus Golf Ball Review

3 Reasons to Buy the Signature Performance Kirkland Golf Ball:

  • Improves Accuracy
  • Durable
  • Cheaper than Others

Improves Accuracy

Although this Kirkland golf ball doesn’t possess the golf ball tour performance, it is still considered one of the best in the market mainly because of how it improves accuracy. This type of ball makes it easier to hit the tee even from a distance.


Its Urethane cover is one of the reasons why this golf ball can withstand longer games. The 338 dimple exterior stabilizes the spin while its dimple also helps the ball’s distance.

Cheaper than Other Golf Balls

Unlike other brands, the Kirkland 3-piece golf ball is more affordable. Thise brand costs around 1/3 than other tour performance golf balls in the market.

However, many professional golfers may not like the lack of stopping power of this ball. Nonetheless, it’s a perfect alternative to your more expensive tour performance golf balls.

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Kirkland Performance One Golf Ball

  • Tour Performance Caliber
  • Durable
  • Unique from other Golf Balls in the market

Tour Performance Caliber

Like the Kirkland Tour Performance, the Performance One has a 360 dimple cover which helps improve the performance of the player. This ball has a mid-high spin and can cover longer distance just like the Tour Performance ball.


Just like the previous versions, the Performance One also has the same urethane cover that most golf balls of this brand.

Unique from other Golf Balls in the market

This golf ball is considered unique because of its unusual construction. Most balls are categorized into the layering level. However, the Performance One is a 4P-SC-3C.

This means that this ball has the capacity of a 4-piece layer and has a solid center. It also has a triple cover to ensure that the ball can sustain longer games.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Costco Golf Ball Review

Why Shift to Kirkland Balls?

Kirkland Balls are more cost-effective than the other tour performance balls in the market. Apart from that, these balls make it easier for you to practice. If you are planning to play on higher handicaps, these balls can help you hit better distance and improve accuracy.

How do I choose the best golf ball?

There are several factors that you need to consider before you buy one. The price and its construction are often the factors that you need to consider. If you are unsure of which ball can help optimize your performance, you can go to a golf ball fitting. The golf ball fitting helps you choose which layered golf ball will fit you.

What do the numbers on the golf ball mean?

Most people can see numbers on the golf ball. These numbers can be its identification, compression level or the dimples numbers. If you see a single-digit on the ball, it means that this number is used for identification. If the numbers are in double-digits, the number is the compression level of your golf ball. For three-digits, these are the number of dimples that your ball has.

What can you tell from the number of dimples on your golf ball? How does it affect your gameplay?

The dimples on your golf ball can actually help you in terms of distance and spin. Balls with dimples around 300s are usually good for beginners and mid-handicappers. It helps you focus more on the accuracy instead of distance and spin. However, golf balls with the dimples number of 400s and 500s indicate that it has better spin and distance compared to balls with 300s dimples.

How about the Dimple Patterns?

If you are new to golf, you might think that most dimples follow the same pattern. However, these patterns differ from one another.

The dimple patterns actually help you tell the flight pattern of your ball whenever you hit them from the ground. If you plan on buying them, make sure to check the dimple patterns. You can see the information on the dimple pattern on its box.

Why Kirkland Golf Balls Are the Perfect Alternative for Beginners and Mid-Handicappers

Golf is one of the most expensive sports. As a golfer, we know how much it would cost us to get the best-golfing equipment. One of the most important equipment that we use is the golf ball.

Golf balls are usually expensive due to their materials. Cheap golf balls often break in just a few swings or so. On the other hand, the sturdier ones can be more expensive but they are more durable.

Kirkland golf balls are one of the best brands of golf balls for beginners and mid-handicappers mainly because of their durability and weight. If you happen to be a newbie in golf or are just looking for the best golf ball make sure that you check out the Layer chart below.

Golf Ball Layer Chart 

2-Piece Golf Balls

This type of golf ball has a thin but sturdy exterior layer. The ball has a large and solid core which makes it durable for constant use. Spinning is highly minimized on this ball thus improving the distance it covers.

3-piece and 4-piece Golf Balls

This ball is made up of 1 soft exterior cover, one or two intermediate parts, and a solid/liquid inner core. This type of ball has a better spin rate and distance coverage compared to 2-layered golf balls. These balls are usually used in tournaments because of its spin and distance. They can also create draws and fade shots.

5-piece and 6-piece Golf Balls

These balls were created around 2010 and basically have the same functions as the three-piece and 4-piece balls. However, they have higher spin rates and distances compared to the three-piece and four-piece. Many golf ball manufacturers have been adding these balls in their ball designs. These balls are best for experts and professional golf ball players.

Thanks for checking out the Kirkland Golf Balls Review for Midhandicappers. If you’d like a practice plan to follow with proven drills and routines to improve your short game and golf swing, check out these options below:

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