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Anti-Flip Stick Impact Golf Training Aid Review

Today’s review is about the Anti-Flip Golf Stick which helps your hands avoid “flipping” during the golf swing which is a common problem most beginners face.

When the hands start flipping the golf club at the ball instead of swinging through the ball, this can result in slicing and hooking. The Anti-Flip golf stick training aid is designed to prevent the hands from breaking down at impact.

Since the rod sticks out of the butt end of your golf club grip, it will make contact with your arms if you trying flipping the hands during the golf swing.

It will teach you how to lead with the hands, as shown in the photo above, which when done properly will keep the stick away from your arms.

The reason you need to learn to lead with your hands through the hitting zone is that this promotes consistent, ball first, solid impact and will help you lower your golf scores from consistently hitting the ball straighter.

The Anti-Flip Golf Hitting Stick is an easy training aid to set up. It fits all standard grip sizes so you just pop it into the hole in the butt of your grip so that it sticks out about 12 inches.

Practice with it in the backyard or at the driving range. If it makes contact with your side of your body, you get instant feedback and awareness that your wrists broke down.

It also helps you work on the correct set up, proper takeaway, proper swing plane, and proper body turn.

We recommend practicing with this golf swing training aid at least 5 minutes per day. Consistency over several weeks will start to show the more you work with the Anti-Flip Golf Stick.

It’s very affordable as well and endorsed by some of the top instructors in the game of golf. Learn more via the link.

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