ping g25 irons review

Ping G25 Irons Review

The new Ping G25 golf irons are a sweet set of sticks. Ping has always been a market leader in producing quality golf irons helping it gain many fans worldwide as well as success on the PGA Tour.

The G25 irons are built for all skill levels of golfers. There isn’t anything particular to set them apart as mid-handicapper irons or high handicapper irons.

You’ll enjoy their forgiveness as well as distance performance. Let’s dive into the full review to look further into the tech, look, feel, sound, and performance.

Ping G25 Irons Technology

The biggest thing that separates the G25 from other Ping irons is the custom turning point (CTP) technology.

The CTP has an integrated bottom into the sole of the club hence saving up to fifteen grams of weight moving the extra weight to the hosel and lower toe.

It also lowers the center of gravity and drives up the MOI.

The increased moment of inertia (MOI) helps the face twist less at impact, keeping your ball flight straighter, thus why these are more forgiving irons than previous models.

The main aim of the new design is to reduce the sole size and keep forgiveness and launch conditions up for optimal performance.

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Ping G25 Iron’s Visual Appearance

The first thing you’ll notice when you take a glance at the G25 irons is their dark, gunmetal-like finish.

If you flip the iron over, you’ll be embraced with a tech-like cavity with clean lines contrasted with satin, black, and the gunmetal finish.

They also come with a slimmer top line which is an improvement from the previous Ping series.

The slightly smaller top line and sole width do not affect its performance. It’s still a forgiving iron that appeals to golfers of low, mid, and high handicaps.

Feel and Sound of Ping G25

Feel on the Ping G25 Irons is great and very similar to a forged iron thanks to the new vibration dampening medallion located on the back of the club face.

Feedback is also excellent across all irons in the set, which is great considering the face is large and the cavity back structure are two features that usually reduce your feel ability in your hands.

Overall, feel gets a good rating. Sound is also lighter and more of a “thwack” which is appealing compared to a high ping or metal sound like you get on some irons.

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According to Ping, the G25 irons are made with a high trajectory, forgiveness, and distance in mind. If you have doubts about this, then you only need to test the clubs to believe.

They give a higher than average ball flight with a soft landing. The penetrating ball flight can be attributed to the custom tuning port and stability bars placed behind the face, which also makes the feel, amazing.

The forgiveness is incredible with minor distance loss on mis-hits.


Everyone expects a game improvement club to come with some changes compared to your average tour iron.

Ping did not disappoint on the changes they made on this iron to make the game more enjoyable for the average and beginner players who don’t find much success swinging a tour level set of irons.

The performance enhancement features Ping added include the thin top line, a thinner sole, and a reduced offset. These all work together to make the iron a good choice for every player who wants to improve his or her game.

Overall, the iron is true to its purpose of inspiring distance and forgiveness.

How Much Do Ping G25 Irons Cost?

Ping G25 Irons can retail for $429.00 but you also may find cheaper with resale sites like eBay.

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