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5 Best Women’s Golf Shorts Review

Shopping for a new pair of golf shorts doesn’t have to be hard. Use today’s review guide to give you several suggestions on the best women’s golf shorts on the market.

With any of the pairs on this list, you are bound to remain comfortable and to perform well in every round of golf you play.

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Top 5 Golf Shorts for Women

Puma Golf 2017 Women’s Pounce Bermuda Shorts

DryCell Technology

Looking for a high performance pair of shorts that guarantee ultra comfort in every round? Then these Pounce Bermuda shorts from Puma Golf are just for you. Some of the best features about the pair of shorts that would draw you to purchasing them include:

This technology draws sweat and moisture away from your skin keeping you dry, and maximizing your comfort for the entirety of your game.

This highly advanced feature is essential when playing under hot conditions or if you are prone to sweat a lot when undertaking moderate to high impact physical activities.

Deep Front Pockets

You will love the deep front pockets on this pair of shorts. Your whole hand can fit into the pocket, and you can confidently put tees and golf balls inside them without fearing they will fall out when you sit.

You can also place your smartphone in one of these front deep pockets without you having to worry about it falling out, or it obstructing your movement.

Performance fit

The shorts are designed to enhance performance and mobility while on the course. They are designed to fit perfectly especially around the waist area, and they do not leave a gap at the back.

Shorts that leave gaps around the back area can prove to be very uncomfortable, and might affect your performance.

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Adidas Golf Women’s Ultimate Bermuda Golf Shorts

 The Adidas Ultimate Bermuda women’s golf shorts have several important features women golfer’s find attractive. Here they are…


The pockets are lined with micro-mesh, which promotes the circulation of air for maximum breathability, as well as cooling. This way, you do not overheat while playing, which can seriously hamper your comfort and the effectiveness of your swing.

Water Resistant

These shorts come with a waterproof stretch to maximize your comfort during those hot days on the course when you are more likely to sweat a lot. This feature also comes in handy when playing under wet course conditions, and for those who like playing a round of golf early in the morning when there is still dew on the grass.

By wicking sweat, moisture, and water away from your skin, the shorts are able to keep you dry, maximizing your comfort and the efficiency of each of your swings.

Ultraviolet Protection

The pair of shorts also comes equipped with ultraviolet protection factor of more than 50, which keeps you protected from UV radiation throughout your rounds on the course. With this feature, you do not have to worry about the sun’s harmful rays coming into contact with your skin.

Slim fit

A slim fit will enhance your movement, as well as give you that added flexibility that you will need when you make your swings.

The slim fit also flatters the shape of the body, creating a sleek silhouette. Hence, you get better athletic performance, while at the same time, maintaining a highly stylish appearance.

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Callaway Women’s 19” Opti-Stretch Shorts

Whether you are a competitive golfer, or just play the game casually, the highly advanced features that come with this unique pair of shorts will definitely take your game to the next level.

Some of these innovative features include:

Opti-Dry Technology

This highly advanced technology ensures you remain dry throughout your rounds by wicking away any moisture including sweat from your skin. Such a feature is essential when you are playing under hot conditions, and if you are prone to sweating a lot.


The pair of shorts comes with maximum stretch that provides you with full range of motion, and flexibility.


This pair of shorts from Callaway is made using a fabric that has effective sun protection capabilities. With an SPF of 50+, you are guaranteed of maximum protection from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays whenever you are on the course.

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Tail Women’s Forever Forgiving Mulligan Short

Are you looking for shorts that come with extra protection from the sun’s harmful rays? These pair of shorts from Tail are exactly what you need. The features about the pair of shorts that I found highly impressive include:

UV Protection

These golf shorts feature advanced UV protection capabilities with an SPF rating of 45+. With such a high rating, you are guaranteed of efficient protection from the sun’s harmful rays throughout your stay on the course.

If you are planning to play under hot course conditions, then a feature such as this is paramount in the shorts you choose to wear on that day.

Slim fit

A slim fit ensures there are no gaps between the shorts and your body. This allows for maximum comfort with every swing as well as unencumbered mobility.


Mobility while in this pair of shorts is made even more effective because it comes with sufficient amount of stretch. This will guarantee you a comfortable and flexible swing in every round.

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Nike Women’s Golf Tournament Bermuda Shorts

This pair of shorts from Nike combines style, comfort, and functionality to help raise your performance to the next level. Some of the features that I found most impressive about this particular pair of shorts include:

Regular fit

The fit is regular, meaning it is not too tight or too loose,  translating to enhanced comfort as you move around the course.

Dri-FIT Technology

The fabric features Dri-FIT technology, which helps to keep you dry throughout your rounds on the course. The Dri-FIT fabric also plays a huge role in keeping you comfortable all day regardless of the course conditions.

Multiple pockets

If you are looking for extra storage on your person as you golf, then this is the right pair of shorts for you. This pair comes with a number of pockets including back pockets and hand side pockets where you can store items such as golf balls, your smartphone, or tees.

In addition, there is a front pocket that is dedicated to the storage of keys.

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