Ping G410 Driver Review – Plus & SFT Versions (Release Date)

Ping G410 Driver Review – First Look

Ping is launching their G410 Driver in 2019 and it’s highly anticipated, with new and improved technology from their G400 and G400 Max Drivers.

The new drivers will have two options (1) Ping G410 Plus and (2) Ping G410 SFT.

The SFT is a draw bias driver to help golfers fight a slice. Both are more aerodynamic to promote faster swing speed, longer distances, and more forgiveness on mishits.

Let’s take a look at the features of both drivers so you can decide which one may be best for you.

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Ping G410 Plus Driver Review

ping-g410-plus-driver review

The first difference between the plus driver and the SFT driver is the movable tungsten weight. In the G410 Plus, the tungsten weight is movable while it is not moveable in the G410 SFT driver.

What’s unique about this 2019 driver is it’s the first one in the history of Ping to offer a moveable weight. The tungsten weight is 16 grams and it can be swapped out in three different locations in the back of the sole.

  • Back of the sole – draw bias setting
  • Back of the sole – fade bias setting
  • Center – neutral setting

Why did Ping add the new tungsten moveable weight?

After analyzing PGA Tour players, Ping realized many had customized their drivers to include a hot melt in the driver head which is a mass like injection.

Ping wanted to bring that type of customization to recreational players so the idea to release the first every moveable weight was born.

Ping’s weight is located where the back of the club joins the sole and crown. This helps the driver maintain a high moment of inertia (MOI) regardless of the setting you choose.

What’s Changed, What’s New?

Ping claims the new G410 driver is one of the most forgiving to help you hit straighter shots on mis-hits.

In the Ping G410 Plus driver you’ll notice that the Turbulators (fang shaped ridges) near the leading edge have been shifted back slightly in the driver head. These turbulators enhance aerodynamics to increase club speed of the G410 drivers.

The reinforcements in the crown have been redesigned as well to provide a more powerful face to hit longer drives.

For example, the Dragon Fly beams (that provide structural support) have been updated to look more subtle. The smaller ribs in these beams extend from the back to help align your club better with your target.

The titanium crown is 0.017 inch thick. The body of the clubface is Ti 8-1-1.

Which Loft Options Will the Ping G410 Golf Driver Come With?

You’ll be able to select from 9 degree, 10.5 degree, and 12 degree loft versions. You’ll also be able to adjust the loft by 1.5 degrees increase or decrease thanks to the adjustable hosel.

Ping G410 SFT Driver Review

ping g410 sft driver

The Ping G410 SFT has a non-moveable tungsten weight in the heel to create a larger draw bias. This is great for golfers who have a slice and want to off-set it by using a draw biased driver.

The G410 SFT has been made using the same body and crown technologies as the 410 Plus, but instead of having a movable weight in the back, it has a weight that stays in the heel area.

And this weight is actually deeper in the heel area as compared to the draw setting on the G410 Plus.

By placing the weight deeper in the heel, you’re able to close the face angle on the downswing easier and reduce the severity of a slice.

What Loft Options Are Available for the G410 SFT Driver?

The G410 SFT golf driver is only available in a 10.5-degree version. It’s a non-adjustable driver as well so you miss the ability of adjusting the loft 1.5 degrees like you get in the G410 Plus.

However, 10.5 is a standard loft that can help you launch drives higher so it shouldn’t impact many customers.

How Much Will the Ping G410 Plus & G410 SFT Drivers Cost?

Pricing will be competitve with other drivers launching from other brands in 2019, but Pings G410 driver is slightly more expensive at $540. For comparison, Cobra’s F9 is priced at $450 and at $500 are both Callaway Epic Flash and TaylorMade M5/M6 drivers.

Driver Shaft Options

The new Ping G410 drivers will come with the follow shaft options:

  • Ping Alta CB
  • Mitsubishi Tensei CK Orange
  • Project X EvenFlow Black shaft

Both drivers come standard with a 45 3/4-inch, counterbalanced Ping Alta CB shaft, but the Project X EvenFlow and Mitsubishi Tensei Orange are also available with no upcharge.

Grip Options

Both the G410 Plus and G410 SFT come with the Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grip


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