ping g410 irons review

Ping G410 Irons Review (Reasons to Buy vs Not Buy)

Ping G410 Irons Review

With the high success of Ping’s previous G400 model, golf lovers were eagerly waiting to see how the G410 irons were going to beat their predecessor in every aspect including forgiveness and distance.

As a game improvement iron, the Ping G410 is true to its purpose coming with an improved visual appeal, reduced size and packing all the forgiveness features from the G-Series iron.

The biggest change that this iron comes with from the previous model is the removal custom turning point from its cavity.

This enables the iron to give every golfer the ability to custom weight and also encourage more face flex and raise the MOI inside the hosel. Let’s get into the full review below.

G410 Iron Features

Re-shaped for distance and forgiveness

The face and the cavity of the iron are restructured to give faster ball speed and save weight expanding the perimeter weighting.

More weight saving is concentrated on the hosel and the toe to give it an 8% MOI for increased forgiveness and consistency. The face flex gives better ball speeds for great distance and maximum height.

Core-Eye Technology

The G410 employs the Core-Eye technology which works together with the cascading sole design and the top-rail undercut to power the performance of the iron.

The technology has also contributed to the increased golf speed with an easier and a higher launch.

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The Look

Ping G410 comes with a clean, refined shape inspired by a shorter blade length which creates an inspiring blade-iron-style look. It also features a resilient hydropearl 2.0 finish that gives it an attractive appearance.

On the length, the cast 17-4 irons look slightly longer that i210 and i500 irons. They are, however, shorter than the G700 and the G400. They also appeal to more golfers with their reduced topline and the less offset.

The Feel and Sound

The sound and feel of G410 iron are inspired by the full-cavity, the elastomer badge and the co-molded aluminum that absorbs excess vibration created at impact hence delivering a powerful and reassuring sound and feel.

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The Performance

The combination of the thin face, the multi-material badge, and the 360-degree undercut cavity are the backbone behind the iron’s performance. The Core-Eye design gets thinner around the edge of the hitting area helping to generate more ball speed.

The undercut cavity on the back of the head saves a significant weight which is repositioning in other places for better performance. The weight is shifted on the toe and the hosel to add them more mass for boosting the MOI and provide stable off-center hits.

The 360-degree undercut design pulls down the center of gravity (CG) from the hitting area resulting in higher-flying shots that are the pride of every golfer.

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Ping has made a lot of improvements on G410 starting from the visual appeal, improved off-center forgiveness and maintaining the speed from the previous models.

The iron appeals to players who are looking for more distance and forgiveness and still maintain the look.


Pings G410 irons come at a recommended retail price of $1,429.00.

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