adidas powerband boost boa golf shoe

Adidas Powerband Boost Boa Golf Shoe Review

Adidas Powerband Boost Boa Golf Shoe Review

If you’ve ever imagined yourself walking the 18-holes wearing the best brands of golf shoes, then the Adidas Powerband Boost Boa is going to make your dream come true. The shoes are constructed with durability, lightweight and extra cushioning in mind.

The Adidas Powerband Boost Boa golf shoe come in spiked models and feature a very youthful look and a beautiful feel once you put them on.

The BOA lacing technology is just at its right place, and if you don’t know yet, this is the latest trend in town and what every golfer is looking for. The new L6 BOA closure system is located at the center tongue to ensure more customizable micro adjustability.

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Unlike the previous Adidas brands, the BOA version is made with steel wires that replace the traditional lacing system. You need to turn the dial of the padded tongue when tightening the laces.

The beautiful shoes are made with the Boost technology which runs through the heels down to the mid-foot. Under the foot comes a different Bounce foam with a level of comfort similar to that of the removal midsole.

The boost technology gives Powerband Boost golf shoe the title of being the best golf shoes with the most comfortable sole system. It gives the bouncing feel as you walk and good stability while you swing.

The Powerbands have a 6-spike TPU outsole construction with secondary lugs for added grip and stability. This means you don’t have to worry about sliding on slippery grounds or not being stable while pulling out that swing you’ve been practicing for weeks.

The shoe combines both supportive materials with boost foam for extra cushioning. It features a Climaproof stretch microfiber leather material that ensures durability and easy care and ensures the sure is remains lightweight for comfort.

The bounce foam located in the forefoot ensures enough cushioning for a soft feel. The Fitfoam PU sockliner also provides excellent cushioning for comfort.

The L6 version of the Powerband Boost replaces the straight lace as the wires tighten at the same place as a bow. You only need to pull the dial to tighten the BOA, and you’ll put the desired pressure on your foot.

One of the most notable advantages of the BOA lacing system is the simplicity that comes with it and the ability to maintain the pressure even after too many movements.

The Powerband BOA Boost does not look that sexy for those who want a sense of style. However, if you care more about the comfort and the performance, the shoes are sure to impress you.

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