Putting Practice Routine: Golf Ball Speed Control Drill


Putting Practice Routine: Die The Golf Ball in the Hole

Whether you’re tired of 3 putting or just wish to gain better control over long distance putts, this article today will help you learn some tips and drills to better your speed control with your putter. Start with this video learning how to stop three putting on the golf course.

In today’s putting practice routine, you’re going to develop distance control over your golf ball on the putting greens. This putting drill you’ll be setting up is challenging and will take at least 1 hour to complete so make sure you’re ready for the challenge before starting so you can see it through to the finish.

But first, what does it mean when golfers say “die the golf ball into the hole”?

When putting, there are two ways to make the putt. You can die it into the hole by hitting with enough speed that its final few revolutions drop it in the hole. This requires playing maximum break since the ball will be rolling very slow at the end allowing break to take effect on it.

You can also hit the putt with more speed, sort of “ramming it” into the hole. This requires playing less break since the speed will overpower the putt.

We can talk more about ramming putts into the hole in another golf putting drill since new rules allow you to leave the flag in when putting and Bryson Dechambeau has shown the reasoning behind this for ramming close putts.

Today however, let’s show you a putting drill to develop your distance control and feel so you can sink hard putts that require perfect speed and break.

Putting Routine

Drill #1: Flat Putts

  1. Pick out a hole to putt to on the practice green
  2. Measure 6 feet away from the hole to begin
  3. Find a flat putt to start with and work on breaking putts after
  4. Stroke the putt trying to hit with the right speed that it dies into the hole
  5. The ball should not hit the back of the cup, if so it had too much speed

Drill #2: Hard Breaking Putts

  1. Find a hard breaking putt that really breaks as the ball gets close to the hole
  2. Set up again from 6 feet away and hit putts to learn the proper speed so the ball falls into the cup from the side door
  3. Make 10 putts from one side and break type before moving to practice opposite breaking putts

This drill really trains your distance control when putting because too much speed and the ball misses on the high side. Too little of speed and it breaks to much before the hole, missing the putt on the low side.

If struck with perfect speed for the amount of break you have to play, the ball should enter the hole from the side (high side) and fall in. This is called making a side door putt.

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Thanks for reading our blog post today on an easy golf putting routine to practice your speed and distance control. Give it a try. There are more great putting drills inside these resources.