pxg 0811x golf driver review

PXG 0811X Golf Driver Review: Is It Worth the Money?

The PXG 0811X golf driver is the best on the market for hitting longer, straighter, and more forgiving golf shots. But it also is one of the most expensive drivers so you’re going to have to pay for this performance improvement.

The first thing many who test the PXG 0811X golf driver realize is it produces lower golf shots with low spin. You won’t have to worry about losing shots high and to the right with this driver’s consistent boring low ball flight.

However, it is an adjustable driver which can be controlled by manipulating the hosel and adjustable weights to position the driver on a golf setting that fits your swing best.

Let’s dive into today’s PXG 0811X Golf Driver review and share the technology, design, and other specs you’re looking for before making a buying decision!

pxg-driver-0811x review

The PXG Driver Face Design

PXG uses thermoplastic elastomer in the driver face just like they do in their irons. The reason is that it weighs less than metal and performs more efficiently. PXG engineers layered the elastomer right above the sole to control sound and to save weight for a faster swinging driver.

The crown of the PXG 0811X is matte black and it’s shape is long from toe to heel when looking at it visually during address. The soles are also matte black with silver adjustable weights.

The crown is made of carbon composite which also helps save weight on this driver and create lower spin than previous PXG driver models.

Overall verdict for face design is that it’s sexy, matte black, and lightweight which PXG prides itself for. In the words of owner Bob Parson’s these drivers are “the duck’s nuts.”

PXG 0811X Performance Review

I was fortunate to get a chance to hit balls with this driver at a golf club sales show and my opinion on it may persuade you one way or the other so I encourage you to still do your own due diligence and test out this driver for yourself to see if you vibe with it.

As far as feel, the club face has a large sweet spot to make most golf shots feel good. But a lot of times when I felt like I hit the sweet spot, the ball still didn’t look to great in real life from a ball flight and performance stand point.

It was hard to tell if I actually mis-hit it or not, but judging by the outcome of the shots I could tell they weren’t my best drives sometimes. Whereas with my current Titleist driver, I know almost instantly based off feel that I mishit.

As far as sound, it doesn’t have a high pitch ping sound like most drivers. Instead it’s more muted and comes off more like a clicking sound than a ping sound.

Ball flight was indeed low. I tend to hit lower driver shots already so I tested the 10.5 degree to try and get some extra launch but my swing still produced low flying shots with lots of roll.

While I’m used to low driver shots, I would honestly prefer to find a driver that helps me hit higher shots so I can actually feel like I bombed my drives instead of watching a low running ball.

Control was okay for me. I still had my occasional hook like I do with my own driver. It seemed a little more severe but likely due to the low ball flight. You give up control when your launch angle goes down hence why wedges and higher lofted irons tend to fly higher and straighter than woods and drivers.

Overall, the performance wasn’t bad. Distance was great, club speed was high and ball speed was high. But for the price tag, I can’t justify buying this driver for myself. I prefer upgrading to another brand’s driver like Callaway, TaylorMade, or continuing with Titleist at a much cheaper cost. (more on that below!)

What Loft Options Does the PXG 0811X Golf Driver Offer?

You can select from three options; 9.0, 10.5, and 12.0 degrees loft. Using the adjustable hosel you can also change the loft plus or minus 1.5 degrees. Since this driver is designed to produce low ball flight and low spin for longer distances, an amateur golfer may be better off choosing a higher loft option like the 10.5 or 12.

How Much Does the PXG 0811X Driver Cost?

The current street price is $850 but as new drivers come out, this price may drop. It’s one of the most expensive driver’s on the market and PXG is considered a luxury golf brand, but the performance is definitely something to consider if you have the budget.

Other options are available around the $500 range such:

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