real feel golf mats review

Real Feel Golf Mats Review (Buying Guide)

Golf mats have come a long way since the beginning of their journey. There was a time when mats caused all kinds of problems to the players. It included showcasing misleading information, wrist pain, club damage, and whatnot.

While these things are still true for cheap mats, you can get away with most real feel golf mats. Coincidentally, there is a brand called Real Feel who revolutionized the golf mat industry forever.

It designed mats to mimic the feel of a real grass turf as much as possible while keeping the price still relatively affordable.

In this post, we’re going to look at the best Real Feel golf mats you can buy on the internet. We’re going to highlight the features that helped them get on our list. After we’re done with the reviews, we’re going to share a buying guide as well. We’ll include the information that you need to keep in mind before you finalize a purchase decision.

But before that, let’s get you educated on different types of golf mats and what they are.

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What are Golf Mats in General?

Just as the name suggests, golf mats are artificial grass mats that you use to hit your balls. They’re a common finding at driving ranges. All of the player stations have designated mats for the players to stand and play.

However, those mats take a lot of beating due to the commercial environment. When you get the same mat for your home, it’ll last a very long time.

So, what are the types of mats golfers usually invest in? Let’s find out.

Driving Range Mats

These are the most common type. These mats are widely used in the driving ranges. Hence, the name. They are fairly inexpensive. You can usually get them in tee finish.

Also, the artificial grass is often quite thick to accustom to the harder shots. Most ranges tend to use the Country Club Elite series from Real Feel.

Fairway Practice Mats

These are very similar to the ones we’ve already talked about. However, fairway mats feature thinner grass in most cases. As the real fairway on a golf course has nice maintained patches of grass, the goal of these mats is to mimic them.

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Rough Mats

As outrageous as it may sound, there are rough mats that you can buy! If you’re just starting out with golf and don’t know what a rough is, it’s an area around the fairway where the grass is not as maintained.

It means you’ll get long grass if you decide to go with these ones. Also, these mats are quite large in size. So, if you’re going with this one, make sure that you have enough space.

Putting Mats

These are the smoothest mats in the category. If you’ve been to a golf course before, you know that the putting area is very tightly mowed and they feature a very smooth surface. You can expect the same with the putting mats.

About Real Feel Golf Mats

Real Feel is a website catering to the needs of golf players like you. Jay McGrath is the mastermind behind this website. He is a 1988 Penn State University Graduate with a deep passion for golf. His company developed the legendary Country Club Elite series of golf mats back in 2005.

Since then, these golf mats and various putting mats have been the go-to for driving ranges and individual players. Currency, the office of Real Feel is located at J.R Mats, Inc., 1519 McDaniel Drive, West Chester, PA, 19389.

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Who Needs a Golf Mat?

Now that you know about the different kinds of golf mats, who are they designed for?

Well, as you’re looking into the Real Feel golf mats, you should know that these are made for people who are serious with their purchase.

It might be for you if you don’t get enough time to visit a driving range or a golf course even if you want to. You might be too busy with your family or work that you haven’t got the chance to pick up a club in months. A real feel golf mat in this case will help you get on with your passion once again!

Another scenario is when you’re building a golf simulator at your home. Simulators are often used by PGA professionals and very serious golf players. If you’re one of them and making a simulator setup, you may want to look at the Real Feel golf mats.

Golf simulator packages usually come with pre-determined mats. However, most reputed system integrators will allow you the opportunity to custom-fit your mat. And there is no better option than Real Feel.

The last case we want to look at is the weather. You might live in a location where the weather is very unpredictable. Or worse, it may only be good during a specific time of the year. As golf is an outdoor sport, you can’t play in bad weather.

Under such circumstances, what you can do is get a real feel golf mat in your home along with a launch monitor to keep your skills polished. When the weather is finally good again, you can get an edge over your friends at the course because you kept the practice going!

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Things to Check Before Buying the A Real Feel Golf Mat

So, what are the things that you need to keep in mind before you purchase your first Real Feel golf mat? If you haven’t noticed yet, we’re emphasizing ‘real’ feel every time, because there are other cheap quality mats that are not good as well. No matter what type of mat you choose, just make sure that you take them from a reputed manufacturer like Real Feel.

Here are the things that go into making an informed decision.


You’re going to stand on the mat. You’re going to place your golf ball on the mat. You’re going to address the ball with your club on the mat. So, yes, the material the mat is made from matters a lot.

In general, nylon is the go-to for the majority of manufacturers when it comes to golf mats. The same goes for Real Feel.

The base layer is made from rubber. The rubber is used to mimic the cushion of the soil and to provide grip to the mat.

The top layer of mats is made from either Nylon, Polyethylene, or Polypropylene. If you find any other material, you should stay away from it. These three are considered safe materials for golf clubs.

Out of the three, Nylon mats last the longest. Hence, most manufacturers use them on higher-end mats. Both Country Club and Country Club Elite series mats are made from Nylon.


Just like it is with all the equipment, you need to consider the size of your real feel golf mat. Depending on where you plan to place it, you need to have enough space to house the mat.

There are all kinds of sizes available when it comes to golf mats. You can even make your custom size if you manage to get in touch with a manufacturer.

The problem with smaller mats is that you will not have enough space to stand on them and place your ball. You may have to stand on a different surface to house the ball.

That’s not a good thing because when you’re at the course, you and the ball will be on the same surface. Going with small mats may cause you to misinterpret your skills.

Large mats, on the other hand, will have more mass. And more mass means more weight. It’s a hindrance if you have plans to move the mat around from time to time. Or, you may have limited space so you need to tuck away the mat after you’re done with your practice. All of these are going to be hard with large mats.

The bottom line is, going with a size like 3’ x 5’ or 15 sqft would be an ideal choice for the majority of the players.

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Surface Features

When talking about surface features, we’d like to focus on the alignment lines. Many real feel golf mats nowadays come with alignment aid lines to help you dial in the proper stance. This is particularly true for driving mats because the distance and accuracy of a drive shot depend on your setup.

Another surface feature would be rubber guides. Most driving mats have them. Their purpose is to hold the tee without damaging the grass surface or the rubber underneath. The Country Club is the first of this kind!

Manufacturer Warranty

Just as it’s true with the majority of the golf equipment, real feel golf mats are not cheap. When you’re paying a premium for a premium quality product, you should always look for warranty coverage from the manufacturer.

Always make sure that you have clear communication with the sellers and you preserve the receipt until the warranty period is over. Real Feel mats come with a 3-year warranty!


Coming to one of the most important aspects of any purchase, the budget. When your goal is to get a real feel golf mat, we recommend keeping aside at least a few hundred dollars. Because mats that cost $100 or less usually don’t last very long and they are not up the par with the quality of the top-notch real feel mats.

It’s never a bad idea to pay a little more for the comfort of your mind and your wrist. Remember, when it comes to golf equipment, you get what you pay for.

Best Real Feel Golf Mats Review

In this section, we’re going to look at some of the best golf mats that money can buy from Real Feel right now. We’ve considered a lot of factors when compiling our list. You can know more about these after we’re done with the reviews. Or, if you’re willing to learn as much as possible before you read the review, you may want to check out our buying guide.

Here go the best real feel golf mats.

#1: Real Feel Country Club Elite

The first feature on our list from Real Feel is the Country Club Elite. The name has a distinct realism to it. Coincidentally, many independent reviewers have also given it very high realism scores.

This golf mat has been one of the best sellers for years thanks to its spectacular quality. Also, the name ‘Real Feel’ goes a long way in terms of quality. Many professionals use this particular model for their home simulator setups and outdoor practice sessions.

However, some players have complained that the turf or the artificial grass is too dense for their liking on the base Country Club variant. It sometimes causes problems for players with joint issues. It can also cause wrist pain in amateur players.

To combat this issue, Real Feel has come up with the Elite version. The Country Club Elite is available starting from 20 square feet to 50 square feet. They have 3 years of warranty from the manufacturer, are quite easy to carry, and most importantly, you can use a real tee!


  • Realistic fairway finish
  • Variable sizes are available
  • Easy to maintain
  • Portable
  • 3 years warranty
  • Affordable pricing
  • Outdoor compatible


  • Too dense for players with a steep angle of attack

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#2: Country Club Elite Twin Combo System

It’s the exact same composition as the product we’ve already talked about. But in this case, the mat is split into 20” x 36” chunks of artificial grass to make it more portable. You’ll stand on one piece while placing your ball on the other piece.

This one is designed for players who have space limitations. Getting a small mat will cause a height difference between the player and the hitting surface. That’s why the Twin Combo system is a lifesaver. You get the same quality of materials and the same feel while hitting. Most importantly, you’ll be able to save a lot of space on the go.


  • Same top-level quality as Country Club Elite
  • Divided into two pieces for better portability
  • 20” x 36” pieces
  • Can be used both parallelly and perpendicularly


  • Not suitable to use with drivers

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#3: Country Club Elite Hitting Strips

Taking the legacy of the Country Club trademark forward, we have the hitting strips. If you haven’t guessed the pattern yet, these are also the same in terms of quality as the full-sized one. There are various sizes of hitting strips.

Most players use them to accompany them to the driving range. The driving range mats are often too harsh on the joints and the wrists. When you lay a Real Feel hitting strip right next to the driving range mat, you can do a huge favor to your body.


  • The same level of professional quality
  • Perfect for a hitting surface
  • Very portable
  • Quite affordable


  • Cannot be used as a standalone mat

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#4: Quick & True Putting Turf

Coming out of the fairway style golf mats, we have the putting mat from Real Feel. It’s known as the Quick & True Putting Turf. The manufacturer has apparently put over 12 years of research to come up with this product.

It has the best fiber bled which will give you the smoothest feeling of rolls. The putting turf is available in various sizes starting from 1’ x 10’ and goes all the way up to 4’ x 15’! All of these sizes are great when your target is to make an indoor putting station!


  • Smooth putting rolls
  • Available in all kinds of sizes
  • Great for indoor usage


  • Quite expensive

#5: Odyssey Putting Mat

If you’ve been looking for an affordable option for putting with Real Feel, you may want to check out the Odyssey Putting Mat. It’s only 8” wide but 8’ in length. You can simply place it anywhere in your home where you have 8’ of space and start putting!

The great thing about this Real Feel golf mat is that you can very easily roll this in and out. You can practically get ready for practice in under 1 minute! This is a great choice for offices or picnics as well!


  • Very affordable
  • Comes with movable cups
  • Innovative sizing
  • Perfect for indoors and outdoors

Check out this Golf Mat on Amazon here

Real Feel Golf Mats FAQ

In this section, we have thought about the questions you may have regarding the mats and we’re going to try and answer them as best as we can.

  • How long do Real Feel mats last?

Answer: According to the manufacturer, even driving range units can last up to 3 years despite the heavy abuse. So, you can easily stretch the lifespan over 5 years with personal use. You can make them last even longer if you use them indoors only.

  • What do I need other than the Real Feel mat for my simulator?

Answer: The mat is a big part of the equation. Once you dial it in, you’re going to need a simulator device, a practice net, a launch monitor, a projector, and a screen.

  • Why should I go with Real Feel golf Mats?

Answer: The reason why people trust Real Feel blindly is the fact that they make the most ‘real feeling’ mats. Many manufacturers have tried for years to mimic the quality but they all failed. That’s why if you have the budget to spare for the top-quality mats, look no further than Real Feel.

  • Will I see green paint on my club face?

Answer: When the mats are new, you probably won’t. Real Feel mats are made from Nylon and nylon generally has a very high melting point. However, as the mats degrade over time to the sun and weather elements, you may start to see green residue on your club face.

Final Words

Real Feel is like the crème de la crème of golf mats. They have been making the best quality mats for players, PGA professionals, instructors, and even driving ranges. The Country Club and Country Club Elite are two of the most popular lineups of products by the company.

It has all been possible due to the sheer will of Mr. McGrath who considers himself a true golf enthusiast. Looking at the quality of the products his company makes, we couldn’t disagree.

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