Review: Cleveland Golf Women’s RTX-3 Cavity Back Wedge


Cleveland Women’s RTX-3 Cavity Back Wedge Review

Today, I’m excited to review the Cleveland Women’s RTX-3 golf wedge which is a great option if you are in the market to buy a new wedge this year.

Short game as you know is super important to your round of golf and can save strokes off the scorecard. Buying a wedge that suits your playing style is important to make your performance in the short game department much easier.

Once you purchase a new golf wedge, get to work practicing some drills to quickly improve your short game. Here is a great chipping drill to practice with your new Cleveland RTX 3 golf wedge

Below we will review the technology that has gone into the new Cleveland RTX-3 Wedge that makes it a perfect fit for most women golfers!

RESOURCE: Download my How to Break 80 Golf Practice Plan

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Cleveland Women’s RTX-3 Wedge Technology

womens rtx 3 golf wedge

Cleveland has come out with some impressive innovations in their women’s RTX-3 golf wedge. The technology combined with a larger cavity back shape will help boost your confidence when this wedge is in your hands and help you chip your golf ball closer to the hole. You’ll also feel the forgiveness built into this golf wedge!

Technology Features:

  • Feel Balancing Technology
  • New V Sole Grinds
  • Rotex Face

Feel Balancing Technology

What makes this wedge stand out is the reduction to shot dispersion. In other words, when you hit the same chip shot over and over in practice, you’ll notice more consistent results each time.

This is due to redistributing weight from the hosel of the wedge to the head of the wedge which puts the center of gravity closer to the impact zone for better consistency.

You’ll love the improved feel when this Cleveland Women’s golf wedge is in your hands and it will help you master control over your chip shots quickly.

V-Shaped Sole Grinds

Another way Cleveland has created exceptional feel and control in a golf wedge is through the use of V Shaped Sole Grinds. They crafted 3 tour proven grinds into a V shape that gives the leading edge more bounce.

This allows the wedge’s club head move through the grass better at impact to create a crisper feel and produce more consistent results for you around the greens.

RESOURCE: Download my How to Break 80 Golf Practice Plan

New Rotex Face Increases Spin

Cleveland went to work on this third generation RTX wedge face. It now features a new Rotex micro milling pattern designed to increase spin to give you more control with your wedges.

Each wedge is built with a different refined grooved shapes from the laser etched micro milling pattern depending on the wedge’s loft to optimize performance for that particular loft setting. More on that next.

Loft Specific Rotex Micro Milling Pattern

Cleveland’s RTX-3 wedge features a micro milling pattern that is gone over 2 times to ensure proper design on the wedge face for increased performance.

It’s engineered to increase friction and is directionally enhanced by the particular loft of the wedge. For example, the wedges with lofts between 46 degrees and 52 degrees have a circular pattern that straightens as you near the leading edge to create variety of shot performance across the entire wedge face.

RESOURCE: Download my How to Break 80 Golf Practice Plan

On the 54 degree to 64 degree wedges, the pattern is aligned towards the toe instead of the leading edge since most golfers open up the wedge face. This matches the pattern angle to the swing path golfers typically use to create increased spin and optimal performance in your short game.

Mid Bounce Grind

The Women’s RTX-3 wedge has a V Shaped sole with a mid bounce. This mid bounce was chosen because it’s most suitable for the widest range of golfers and grass conditions.

The goal was to create a wedge that keeps the leading edge near the ground when players open the face for increased loft like on flop shots, while the sole then helps provide the needed lift to get the club head through the grass with ease.

What Loft Options for the Women’s RTX 3 Wedge?

This Cleveland golf wedge is available in 7 different lofts; 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60. They all have 64 degree lie angles but varying bounce angles of either 8, 9, 10, or 11 degrees bounce.

Here is a chart with all the specs so you can compare lofts and bounce angles.

womens rtx wedge specs

How Much Does The Cleveland Women’s RTX 3 Wedge Cost?

Currently, this wedge is available for sale on Amazon at $75. This is an affordable price for a golf wedge considering many wedges start out well above $100. Cleveland has since released the RTX-4 wedge so this helps reduce the price of the prior generation RTX-3 golf wedge.

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