wilson d200 golf irons review

Wilson Staff D200 Irons Review

Wilson Staff D200 Golf Irons Review

In today’s golf review post, we take a look at the Wilson Staff D200 Golf Irons and highlight the technology that makes these some of the best irons to buy in 2019.

Wilson is renowned for creating some of the best golf irons in the game and in fact Wilson irons have been used to win more major championships than any other golf brand since the 1920’s.

The point is, you should feel great buying a set of Wilson irons as they are built with quality and proven for high performance on the golf course.

wilson staff d200 irons review

What’s New with the D200 Golf Irons?

If you follow Wilson golf clubs, then you’d know that the previous model to launch was the D100 irons and the D300 irons have launched since. At some point we can expect D400 if Wilson continues this series.

Comparing the D200 and D100 irons, you’ll notice that the face is a bit larger on the Wilson D200 irons because the grooves are wider from heel to toe. The actual head size on the irons is the same.

The face was designed to flex faster on the D200 irons. Wilson took where the cavity meets the face and made it thinner. The MOI increased 5% compared to the previous D100 set.

Let’s get into the actual specs and tech you’ll find in the Wilson D200 Golf Irons.

Wilson D200 Golf Iron Features

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Speed Sole Technology creates a thin face-to-sole transition, yielding a driver-like CT of 234. This cutout allows the iron face to flex, especially lower where most impacts occur, for extreme distances


Heel and toe weight pods provide a larger sweet spot and more forgiveness. A satin finish on the pods show where the weight is positioned on the exterior of the club head


The Right Light Technology, which uses the limited available mass to create a balanced, solid-feeling club, allows Distance players to swing faster with the same effort


Recoil Technology within the stock UST Mamiya Elements Chrome graphite shaft optimizes the spring effect and promotes the most efficient energy transfer from butt to tip to maximize ball speed and reduce ball dispersion

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How Much Do the Wilson D200 Irons Cost?

Currently, you can purchase this set of irons direct from a variety of golf outlet stores online but we always recommend checking prices first on Amazon. Right now on Amazon they are selling for $299 but price is subject to change if the new D300’s get a price reduction or if Wilson decides to launch D400 irons.

Check the D200 Prices Currently on Amazon 

What Irons Come in the Set?

When you purchase a set of Wilson D200 Irons you are getting the 4 iron through Pitching Wedge. They also have a set of irons with 5 iron through Gap Wedge if you’d prefer that instead. Shaft options are regular shaft and uniflex. Shaft material is made of steel.

Here are the different lofts of this iron set:

  • 4 iron – 21 degree
  • 5 iron – 24 degree
  • 6 iron – 27 degree
  • 7 iron – 31 degree
  • 8 iron – 35 degree
  • 9 iron – 39 degree
  • PW – 43 degree
  • GW – 47 degree

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