Scotty Cameron Face Balanced Putters

Scotty Cameron creates the best putters in the world by using the finest materials. The company believes that they are the vital part of golf equipment that completes the golfer’s stroke. The Scotty Cameron putters come in various styles and shapes. Some are toe-balanced, while others are nearly face-balanced.

If you are looking for the best Scotty Cameron face balanced putters that fit your golfing style, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll guide you in picking the best face balanced putter by Scotty Cameron.

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Best Face Balanced Putters – Scotty Cameron

#1: Phantom X 6

Golfers with a limited rotation in their shots find Phantom X 6 more suitable. The dark aluminum wraps the semi-open steel wings and proceeds to the crown under the face and head. It also has a dual alignment that appeals to those who look for bright colors.

There are three neon yellow dots for the sweet spot alignment, while the sight lines located on the flange provide vertical and horizontal posture guidance.


  • Forgiving and balanced
  • Made from 6061 aluminum and 303 stainless steel
  • Minimal face rotation
  • Dual-purpose alignment
  • Available in three lengths
  • Pistolero plus grip


  • It may not have a pure aesthetic look.

#2: Phantom X 5

Phantom X 5 comes with a more compact head and simplified alignment aids. It has traditional alignment with a visible top-line and three dots that guide the way. In addition, this putter is integrated with stainless steel weights and an aluminum soleplate.

It is an upgraded model to the previous Futura models having a wingback shape and a more compact profile. In addition, its single bend shaft and sightline on the top come with darker alignment to simplify the setup.


  • Three shaft lengths
  • Pistolero plus grip
  • Solid aluminum face
  • 6061 aircraft aluminum sole component and 303 stainless steel face
  • Wing-backed mallet with a raised leading edge


  • Price
  • High-pitched sound
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#3: Phantom X 12

Phantom X 12 is the most technically advanced Scotty Cameron face balanced putter line to date. It’s engineered to take performance to the next level. The solid milled aluminum face is integrated into a stainless steel head with an advanced vibration dampening technology.

It is also the flagship model of the phantom X series. The model features even weight distribution resulting in a higher MOI. Another best thing about the putter is its alignment that makes it more comfortable to hit the ball. This model also features a new Pistolero plus grip for a better and smooth putting stroke.


  • Vibration dampening technology
  • Increased MOI
  • Optimized weight distribution
  • More compact and sleek
  • Five high-tech multi-material heads
  • Solid face technology


  • Price
  • Comes with only one neck option

#4: Phantom X 7

It comes with a single mid-bend shaft to create a near-face balanced setup. In addition, the phantom X 7 has a heel-to-toe tapered aluminum face sculpted into the flange to provide a connected and continuous surface from the leading edge.

The model also features multiple shaft bend options to minimize the arc’s amount to aim directly down the target line. In addition, Scotty Cameron creates the putter face from the aircraft-grade aluminum for optimal weight distribution and a softer feel.


  • Solid face technology
  • Pistolero plus grip
  • Multiple shaft bend options
  • Continuous alignment
  • Good forgiveness


  • Nothing so far

#5: Phantom X 8

The phantom X 8 comes with a continuous alignment with three slight dots with two neon yellow lines to frame the golf ball. In addition, it features aircraft aluminum for a softer feel and provides overall weight distribution for better forgiving performance.

Golfers can also add 10-20 grams of weight to customize the putter’s head weight to set their swing weight preference. The precise visual guides help align the golf ball to the right spot and keep the putter on the line. This model also features a new Pistolero plus grip for a better and smooth putting stroke.


  • Pistolero plus grip
  • Mid bend shaft technology
  • Precise visual guides
  • Tour preferred design
  • Continuous alignment


  • Expensive

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It is one of the best Scotty Cameron face balanced putters that is classic and special. The flowback 5 features an integrated 6061 aluminum soleplate that helps in optimal weight distribution. In addition, the near-face balanced setup helps to limit toe flow for a more mechanical, straighter stroke.

Flowback 5 is a special line series putter with three red dots and a black line on the center for alignment setup. Its soft tri-sole design makes it even more convenient for golfers to hit a putting stroke.


  • Soft tri-sole design
  • Pistolero plus grip
  • Available in three lengths
  • Mid bend neck configuration
  • Solid milled construction
  • Performance balanced weighting


  • Expensive when compared to other models

#7: FUTURA 6M Putter

The last one in this list is FUTURA 6M putter that comes with a multi-material technology, advanced stability weighting, and vibration dampening system. It also features enhanced alignment options to increase your confidence.

The vibration dampening system helps to improve the feel of this model by giving golfers a soft but solid feel. In addition, its advanced stability weighting system features two removable weights that you can place on the putter’s head.

With increased weight on the putter’s head, it becomes easier to hit a straighter shot as the weights are perfectly aligned with the putter’s head and shaft light. It means that the putter will remain face-balanced even when the loads are applied to it.

With its stability feature, it becomes easy to reallocate the putter’s weight, resulting in increased MOI. It means the putter has more forgiveness. The Futura 6M putter also has a new Pistolero plus grip for a better and smooth putting stroke.


  • Vibration dampening system
  • Enhanced alignment options
  • Multi-material technology
  • Advanced stability weighting


  • Better options available at the same price.

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